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3 Types of Approaches to Write an Argumentative Essay

What is an Argumentative Essay?

In an argumentative essay an argument is presented and discussed. Two sides of argument are supported with evidences. Author speaks in favor of one and against the other, and evidences are given for both. The main thrust of an argumentative essay is that every statement is present with supporting facts and evidences.

You can buy argumentative essay if you find any difficulty in the structuring the essay. The common structure is;

  • Introduction
  • Thesis statement
  • Arguments
  • Refutation
  • Conclusion

There are 3 Types of Approaches to an Argumentative Essay.

1.Rogerian approach
2.Classical approach
3.Toulmin approach

Rogerian Approach for Argumentative Essay

In Rogerian approach, the author shows sympathy to both sides of the argument. Although the author ends up favoring one side. Students often buy argumentative essay for having an idea of Rogerian approach.

This type of approach doesn’t has any specific type of structure. The purpose of this type of essay to provide more and more information to the audience.

Example: Abortion should be legal in every country and fundamental right to terminate pregnancy or not must be given to the women. On the other place it is very painful for the foetus and abortion is killing of a human being.

1.One argument states, The US Supreme Court guarantees the fundamental right and empowers women by giving the choice of reproduction and having control on body.  

2.The counterargument says, abortion is killing of human which defies the word of God. Also life begins at conception, hence unborn babies are also human beings with right to life. So abortion is equal to murder.

In the above arguments, the author seems to be sympathetic and in favor of both arguments.

  • But the rule of Rogerian method is to end up with one favorable side.

3.In conclusion, the essay ends up in favor of legalization of abortion. The foetus is not counted in US census, hence unborn baby is not consider as a person. Therefore the right to life is not applicable on foetus also abortion is not murder. Thus a woman must be provided the right to terminate pregnancy by her choice.

Classical Approach for Argumentative Essay

The classical approach is the most common approach and it includes of introduction with thesis statement. This is very easy to write hence many cheap essay writing services in USA provides assistance to students in learning this common approach. Then the argument is presented in which is favored by the author and then refutation leading to the conclusion.

Example: Cannabis is legalized in Canada to reduce the availability of weed and crime involvement in sale of weed.

1.An effective introduction is the first step of the essay. You need to provide a background on the subject. An early study that depicts the increasing criminal involvement must be provided to show a back ground picture. Also provide with the long term effects if it would not be legalized.

2.Elaborate the main arguments and provided evidence in support of it. First begin with the counterargument. It will help you to convince the reader more effectively when you provide evidence and facts in support of the argument you are in favor of.

3.The opposing side should be briefly refuted. It should be proved not to be valid.

Example: After the cannabis is legal, researches show that the cannabis marketing is mostly done by sellers and suppliers who do not have any ties with criminal organizations. There are no large scale suppliers and people get their drugs through social networks, according to global studies.

4.The conclusion presents a summary or suggestion for scope further studies that should be conducted in the future.

Toulmin Approach for Argumentative Essay

The Toulmin approach is the third strategy that is useful in polemical arguments. This strategy seeks to find common ground with an argument and eliminate superfluous arguments. This approach explores the most essential issues on both sides of the argument. If you are new to this method prefer to buy argumentative essay from a professional essay writer, in order to learn how the essay is processed by the writer.

Example: Should alcohol be legal?

1.As an advantage, the argument states that by legalizing the drugs the criminal or illegal peddlers are weakened

2.On the con side the consumption of alcohol increases.

  • By the end of the essay, the both sides are reconciled and validated.

3.There are benefits to the society in terms of reducing crime and allowing people for treatment of addiction. Some regulations should be implemented to limit the amount of consumption and sale to ensure safety and more responsibility.  

  • Once you are finished with your essay. Take a break and then go back to proofread your essay with fresh mind. Pay close attention to the following things:

1.Every argument should be clear in words.
2.Verify your thesis statement and make sure it is strong enough that someone could not argue against it.
3.Set best examples, evidences and facts by proper research to back up your arguments.
4.Check if you have successfully presented and refuted the counterargument.
5.The conclusion should be compelling to the audience to believe in the argument you favor.

It is not difficult to achieve a successful argumentative essay. Do your research, choose the approach according to the topic, write a well-organized outline and in the end go through editing process of your paper rigidly. You can avail cheap essay writing service for getting assistance in writing, but make sure you seek help from a professional only.

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