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Animal rights and emotions' understanding

Life is nothing but a vicious cycle, where every living being is dictated by the words of God. He is the one, who gives everyone the right to live and breathe. Rest each species on this earth is answerable to the almighty. Whether humans, animals, mammals, or birds, each one is accountable to God. Moreover the life journey of every living being is designed by God. No one other than him possesses the right to give or take life of any living being. The same is the view of the activists supporting animal rights. However, many people disagree with the fact and say that animals do not have any rights. There is a divided opinion on this and people generally refrain from the very discussion.

Should animals have rights?

Animals like every other living being breathe, watch, listen, speak and express. They can feel and see in similar manners like a human does. Also, their basic needs for survival are also in many ways similar to humans. They seek love, sympathy, affection and care in the same manner as the human species. Additionally, they reciprocate these feelings in a much compassionate way as humans do.

So, the answer to this question is a definite yes. Animals should have certain rights given to them. It is because of the apparent facts that have been mentioned above. Moreover, the endless love and affection that animals shower on humans and nature, make the human beings owe their life to this species. Not only care and safety, animals give their inside out to ensure the survival of the human species.

The sacrifice made by animals can never be paid back by humans. At least, by devising certain laws for the betterment of animals and their safety, humans can in some way repay the good done by animals. In fact these are the special creatures of God, which are meant to be caressed with lots of love and warmth. Thus, to keep the animal species alive and secure, it is mandatory to form certain laws, which assure their safety of the animals. Furthermore, it is also imperative to safeguard certain species from extinction, which adds more weight to the need of making strict laws in the favour of animals.

The number of endangered species is rising

Arguments for animal rights

  • Animals are also living beings

    The believers of animal rights say that animals are also living beings. They are conscious that they exist and also suffer from pain when hurt. Not only this, life is precious to animals as is to human beings. If you try to kill a cockroach or any other insect, it runs away to save its life. This proves that animals value their life. So, just like human beings, it is their right to live freely without any fear or torture and this cannot happen without them having some specific rights.

  • Animals have a soul too

    It is a common belief that we all have a soul. Not only us, all the animals, birds, plants and other living creatures also have a soul. Further, it is also said that the soul is a fragment of the divine. This implies that hurting or troubling animals is equivalent to hurting the divine. So, human beings have no right to hurt or ill treat animals. But, as all human beings do not restrict themselves from troubling animals, there is a need for animal rights to safeguard and protect the animals (Coleman, 2018). This way, many supporters of animal rights justify their stand.

  • Animal rights are essential to prevent human cruelty against them

    Animals do not understand the cruel intentions of human beings. In fact, they are so innocent that they get easily trapped in the clever traps set up by human beings. For example, in a recent incident which happened in Kerala, India, a pregnant elephant was fed with a pineapple laden with explosives. (Politics, 2020) As soon as the elephant ate it, an explosion took place in its mouth, after which mother elephant ran into a river and died there in excruciating pain. Such incidents of cruelty make the existence of animal rights a must.

  • Animals cannot raise their voice against injustice without animal rights

    Human beings can raise their voice against injustice done to them because they have some rights. They know how they should be treated and how they should not. The same is true for animals. No doubt, even after the provision of rights, animals cannot raise their voice against injustice themselves, but these rights empower sensitive human beings to raise the voice against injustice done to animals. Thus, animal rights are really important.

  • Animal rights are essential to maintain ecological balance

    Every creature on this planet plays an important role in sustaining the ecological balance on Earth. For example, the carnivores like tiger prey on deer, sheep and other animals which keeps their population in control. If there will be no tigers to control their population ecological imbalance will take place as overpopulation of deer and other such creatures can disturb vegetation and forests (Lin, 2019).

On the contrary, if there are no prey for the carnivores to hunt, they’ll start praying on human beings. Thus, any disturbance in the ecological balance is dangerous and needs to be avoided. For this, the existence of animal rights is a must. Otherwise, activities like hunting and poaching will lead to severe ecological imbalance.

Arguments against animal rights

  • Animals are meant to serve human beings

    Of many types of arguments, one on which many people agree is that human beings are more intelligent and powerful than animals. As a result, they lie at the topmost level of the hierarchy of beings and all other animals as well as creatures lying at lower levels of hierarchy are meant to serve them. So, they can use animals in any way they wish to. This implies that animals should have no rights of their own. Human beings have the right to treat them as they wish. Further, they also say that animal rights are a threat to human supremacy. Thus, they argue that animals should have no rights.

  • Animals don’t behave morally

    This is another argument presented by people who are against animal rights. They say that rights are based on moral behavior. Human beings have their rights because most of them behave morally and are considerate towards their fellow human beings. But, animals don’t behave morally (Lin, 2019). They have no idea about moral values and ethics. They kill each other and also human beings in their rage. So, as animals don’t behave morally, they don’t have the right to be treated morally. This way, they argue that animals should not have any rights.

  • Animals don’t have the ability to contemplate their actions

    Animals don’t have the ability to contemplate their actions. They do not know anything about right and wrong. Even if they do, their right and wrong is only focussed on themselves. They may find it wrong if someone hurts them, but they don't find it wrong when they hurt others (Chugh, 2020). This implies that they don’t have the right ability to contemplate their actions. This is what the people against animal rights say. Continuing with their arguments they also add that when animals do not contemplate on their actions, why should others contemplate on their actions when dealing with them. This way, they justify their stand against animal rights.

  • Many animals are predators, human beings are also animals, so why exempt them from preying

    This is one of the most common arguments presented by the opposers of animal rights. They say that there are many animals who hunt and prey in the wild. There are no laws binding them from hunting other animals. Then, why should human beings be bound in chains of animal rights and restricted from preying as humans are animals too. So, the opposers of animal rights demand answers for the partial nature of animal rights.

  • Rights and duties go hand in hand but animals understand none of them

    Many people say that rights and duties go hand in hand. This implies that to avail the right of not being treated in an unfair manner, one should also perform his moral duty of not treating others in an unfair manner. But, in the case of animals, even if they are given all the rights to be treated well, they can’t be obliged to treat other creatures like human beings in a good manner. They can still harm human beings anytime they wish. So, as animals cannot shoulder their duties well, they don’t deserve any rights (Chugh, 2020). This is how the opposers of animal rights justify their stand.

The above mentioned points give you a detailed line of thoughts which you can include in your essay while planning how to write an argumentative essay for your college assignment.  

Animal rights vs Animal Welfare

It is the right of every living creature to love and be loved. Not only nature gives the right to breathe but also to live life without boundaries. The same is applicable for both the animals and humans. However, in alliance with animal rights, two terms are said to be in discussion. One is animal rights and the other is animal welfare. This section differentiates the two terms and what marks the distinction between the two.

Animal RightsAnimal Welfare
Animal rights say that animals are entitled to certain rights which can not be traded off. It says that whether the trade is for human or any other benefit, it simply does not justify the unfair attitude towards animals.It believes that animals have rights but these interests can be traded off. These are applicable in case the trade is for the benefit of the humans.
This states that animals are not ours and they can not be used as food or for clothing, entertainment or experiment purposes. According to animal rights, no one has the right to sell or purchase the animal skin or body for any business or personal benefit (Janssen, Busch, Rödiger, & Hamm, 2016).On the contrary, it states that animals can be used for food, clothing, entertainment or conducting experiments as far as the said things are carried under the ‘humane’ limits.
The activists of animal rights believe that all the livestock production should be brought to an end. There should be no business done with the involvement of animals or animal skin.The supporters of animal welfare believe that certain benefits can be drawn from animals. These can be done, keeping in mind that all the exercises are carried out in a humane and legal environment.
There is no positive relief given for the use of animals. These are strictly against the usage under any circumstances.Animal welfare has granted 5 freedoms known as the golden standards. These are globally recognised by all business dealers and animal lovers. These include the freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from pain or injury, freedom from any kind of discomfort, freedom to express and seek love in any natural form and freedom from fear and distress.
The actual goal of animal rights is to bring an end to the breeding and interaction of animals with humans. It does not believe in improvising animal welfare at the cost of offering them as food to humans.The association of animal welfare works on the concept of improving the life of animals. It allows the usage and trade of animals for the good of humans but under certain humane conditions.

Animal rights essay

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Right to freedom- a birth right of every living being!


Love and warmth of animals is a universally accepted fact. They are referred to as the most kind and gentle species on earth. They not only offer their services to humans but it has often been experienced that animals give away their own identity for the safety of their humans. In addition to this, animals have always provided best trade opportunities to human beings. It has become a business on a whole. Although, the use of animals for the trade purposes has always been a question of concern. There are groups with a divided approach. In the midst of all the views that people possess, animal rights is one emerging topic. This essay discusses the view of both the groups, one which says animal rights is the need and no animal should be used for any human benefit, while the other states that animal services can be rendered to humans under given humane circumstances.

Thesis statement Love is simply unmeasurable, whether it comes from animals or from humans. However, the ones who cannot speak but shower their immense love on humans deserve high care and protection. They are the part of the natural world, who cannot speak for themselves, but give their best to serve mankind. For such beautiful souls- the animals, it is of utmost importance that strict laws should be made. These ;aws are to protect the identity of the animals and save them from the cruel hands of animals. This essay supports animal rights and reasons why it should be implemented in every country.


First and foremost, animals are the beautiful creatures of God. Though, these cannot speak much alike humans, but they have a voice of their own. Their eyes, gestures and body speak for them. Ignoring or unhearing their requests is like going against the voice of God. Alongside, it has always been referred in every religious book of the world that animals have souls too. And souls are sent by God, they cannot simply be tortured or misused just for the individualistic purpose. Therefore, doing wrong on them, or taking taxing work from them is not only against the humanity laws but also against the laws of nature. If proper laws are made for their safety, then the supporters of animal rights can actively voice against the wrongs and save animals from being cut or served to fire. (Rollin, 2011) considered animal rights as a mainstream phenomenon and defined that treatment of animals in several areas of human use has become a major ethical issue. This has emerged as a considerable problem in the past four decades. The author also defined that there is a need for new ethics for animals in order to express social concerns and provide better safety in all aspects.

Secondally, animals do not belong to the world of humans. They have a natural habitat of their own. They should be left there only and God has given them the potential to take care of themselves. No human intervention is required in the name of animal welfare to take care of animals. The intelligence, sensing and acting power of animals is much sharper than humans. They have high potential to lead their life in an independent manner. Making animals do taxing jobs and using their skin for trade on the name of animal welfare is no less exploitation of the animals. Instead of this, more green areas should be built for animals to let them enjoy natural habitat. Also, animals should be sent to forests or green belts which are the perfect ways to give them solace and happiness.

Thirdly, there is a natural cycle that God has made for animals and humans. This cycle should not be disturbed. It is only when these animals are left alone in their natural form then they can reproduce better. Making mutations and carrying out breeding experiments on animals is no way to do justice with their identity and presence in this world. The animals need to be left on their own, in their very natural habitat. This is the only way they can connect with their world and grow. Moreover, the extinction of animals is another big concern for the human race. Soon, the very common animals will go uncommon because of overuse of animals for trading as well as for food consumption. In fact, (Cochrane, 2007) also, elaborated that animals are also used by humans for experiments due to which they suffer a lot. This is also because many people do not consider moral concerns and animal rights while putting animals into use for experiments due to which many harmful consequences can occur. To deal with this, the use of animals for the shooting of movies or for circuses is inhumane and must be discontinued at any cost.

On the other, there are supporters of animal welfare. These people believe that animals can be used for the benefit of humans provided all the practises are carried out in humane conditions. For this, they have formed five golden rules that are applicable across the Globe. These include freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from any sort of pain or injury, freedom from any discomfort, freedom to exhibit and seek love in any natural form and freedom from fear and distress. With giving due concern to these freedoms, a human can bring animal services to his business use. Same has been advocated by (Rollin, 2011), and he believes that all types of freedoms can prove helpful to meet animal rights and treat them in well -manner.

One other point, the activists of animal welfare claim that these people aim to work for the benefit of animals. They provide better food and living standards to animals by adopting them and bring them to their personal use. The high and refined quality of food and the environment in which these animals live is outstanding. It is with the help of educated and caring humans that animals can develop their natural skills. In fact these can also be polished with human intervention. The farms or the animal care centers which man has made for animals have much better facilities and offer advanced care and comfort to the animals. Moreover, the cross breeding of various animal breeds also prevents many races from extinction.


On the whole, it can be said that animals also have souls. Humans have no right to intervene in the natural process which has been made by God. He himself is a creation of God and he should not disturb the natural cycle. A human does not possess the right to experiment the very existence of animals and conduct risky practicals on them. Moreover, just on the name of science and humane treatment, a man cannot do unjust on the unspeakable. Though, the efforts of some humans are appreciable with regard to the improvement of animals, but not at the cost of their skin or lives.

The right to live with freedom is a gift of God. No human or any other force can claim to grant this already existing right to the unspoken beings. Therefore giving the already given is out of question. In fact requests should be made to all human beings to let animals live their life and not intervene in their natural process of growth.

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