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An essay on Gay marriages and the difference in perspective

There’s no union in this world which is more profound than getting married to someone you love. A marriage is not just a union of two partners; it is the confluence of love, feelings, emotions supplemented with highest levels of respect and loyalty towards the partner. A marriage is not just a ceremony, it takes a couple to a new level of commitment towards each other. The “meaning” and “history” of marriages have changed and evolved over the years. Also, with Globalisation, there has been a paradigm shift in the concept of marriages. There were times when marriages were performed strictly between same races, but now the times have changed. As the concept of marriage became more dynamic, slowlyy but eventually interracial marriages and the same sex marriages have also come to existence.

Now, the question is, why does this sound awkward when we hear someone had a same sex marriage? The very thought of same sex marriage brings a repulsive expression on the faces of many. Only a minor part of the population has been able to accept the fact that the current concept of marriage has changed. The so called marriages that were limited to “traditional” values, have now evolved and new choices and preferences have evolved and includes the idea of same sex couples. The concept of same sex marriage has been debatable topic over the years now. Before making any conclusions on this union of same sex marriage, let us take a tour into the history of Gay marriages. This article will also help you to know the various views that people of the society hold about sex couples. Also, it will introduce you to the struggles that same sex couples have been facing over the years to attain a pinch of dignity and respect for their lives.

Definition of Gay Marriage

Our society is full of evil minded people. At one place, where there are saints and positive people who love to spread the word of love and brotherhood. There are others, who think only about their individual benefits. These are the self- centered people. One obnoxious act that money minded beasts do is to involve little children in the employment activities. They make such children do laborious tasks in the mining, cracker or construction works. These people take away the very childhood from the lives of these children. Many people also forcely make children to indulge into sexual, begging or house help activities. They snatch away the ingenuity and childishness from the life of children and dominate their everyday lives.

Controversy is not about marriage, it is about the fact that it is a marriage of same genders. Somehow people do not approve of this even after knowing the fact that they are together by mutual consent and bond of trust and love. Let’s go back few decades to understand the legalisation of same sex marriage and how the fight to legalise the same sex marriage has evolved over the years

Definition of Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage and its history

The history goes back to the early 1970’s. The first major wave to legalise same sex marriage started as an agitation by gay couples to oppose the frequent raids on gay bars by police department. This agitation led to Stonewall riots and from here the fight for the rights of gay couples got a kickstart. ("Stonewall Riots", 2020). Same sex relationships were illegal and there were few bars where they could express their love for partners. Since the police kept on raiding these bars, these couples had no place to express their love for each other in public and they were constantly harassed in the bars as well. The stonewall riots acted as a catalyst in starting this movement for the dignity of gay community (2020).

In was then in 1971, when a same sex couple named Richard Baker and James McConnell were denied the marriage certificate because they were same sex couple. On further appeal, the upper court upheld this decision as well. The states were given their own jurisdiction to pass laws in this context. Year after year, many states started to pass orders stating gay marriage as “illegal”. Maryland was the first state to pass such orders, followed by Virginia, Florida and California and so on(2020).

Early 1980’s gave a new hope to the importance of gay rights when Harvey Milk became the first ever gay to be appointed at a public office(2020). The first signs of optimism were visible when San Francisco board passed an ordinance that homosexual couples are allowed to register their domestic relationships and were provided hospitalisation rights. Similar ordinances were then passed by some other states as well. This was a marginal win for the gay couples, but still they were deprived of the major government benefits(2020).

A definite achievement was thought to be finally made when highest court of Hawaii broke shacklesand legalised the same sex marriage in 1993. But soon this hope vanished when in 1996, President Bill Clinton passed the Defence of Marriage act (DOMA). This act not only banned the same sex marriage, but it denied the gay couples to get any benefits from the government(2020). It also stated that, if any other state makes the gay marriages legal, still the gay couples will not be allowed to reap the governmental benefits. The ups and downs were frequent in the movement and another hope started to arise in 1997 when Hawaiian court allowed the gay couples to apply for licence. But this again was a very short lived happiness as in 1998 again the ban got imposed on same sex marriage. ("Guides: A Brief History of Civil Rights in the United States: A Timeline of the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage in the U.S.", 2020)

As the new decade started, this was the time when the winds of the movement were blowing high Vermont was the first ever state to legalise same sex marriage and the marriage licences were started to be issued although the coupleswere still denied of their governmental benefits. In next 5 years, many modern states passed their orders in the favour of the same sex marriage while the the conservative onespassed the law against it. Years after years, the states kept on passing orders in the favour of same sex marriage, but DOMA always restricted the governmental benefits to them("Guides: A Brief History of Civil Rights in the United States: A Timeline of the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage in the U.S.", 2020).

Netherland had already legalised same sex marriage in 2000 and the some more countries supported the same. The battle for the rights of gay community was reaping the fruits. But for the citizens of the USA, there was still a long battle left.

It was then in 2011, when president Barrack Obama declared DOMA as unconstitutional and New York stepped up to legalise the gay marriage. The half won battle was supported by favourable legalisation from other countries as well. The battle was finally won in 2015, when US Supreme court gave a landmark judgment to legalise the same sex marriage, along with all the benefits that every citizen of USA is entitled for. It took more than 45 years for the gay community to get themselves a status as equal as the other citizens. This historical change lead to a new beginning of their lives

("Guides: A Brief History of Civil Rights in the United States: A Timeline of the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage in the U.S.", 2020).


Although now gay marriage has been legalised in US, but still it stay a very controversial topic of debate that whether it should be given the legal status or not. Many studies have been conducted and many surveys have been brought into light to put arguments for and against the legalisation of gay marriage. It is the need of an hour to understand both points of views for a better understanding of the facts that are being circulated in this controversial debate. Given below are the points that puts lights on both sides of the coin:


Types of Child Abuse
  • Rights of the Gay Couples

    First and foremost valid point in the favor of same sex marriage is that banning same sex marriage is against the rights of the gay community. Marriage is a complete freedom of the expression of love and emotions. A gay is also a human being and it is his personal choice to be with the same sex. In fact, no one has the right to stop him from expressing his love and support to its partner. It is their personal freedom and they have all rights to choose whom they want to spend their lives with. Banning same sex marriage restrcits them to use their right of freedom, which is against the constituion ("Should same-sex marriage become legal? (Our Turn column)", 2020).

  • Discrimination against gay community

    Banning same sex marriage is an example of discrimination of people on the basis of their gender. This is again unconstitutional and it hampers the rule of equal rights for gays. It also takes away their right of receiving government benefits. This forces them to struggle for their livelihood and restricts them to have access to basic necessities. A person cannot be restricted to have access to equal rights and opportunities ust because a person wants to spend life with the same gender.

  • Positive impact on employment opportunities

    There are no doubts that if same sex marriage is legalised, the gay couples will be able to get equal chances of employment as well. Same sex marriage has the potiential to contribute towards the economic growth. According to a study, it has been estimated there there would be an approximate increase of 2.4 percent in the employment of gay couples, if the same sex marriage is legalised ("Same Sex Marriage, Employment and Discrimination. Guest post by Dario Sansone'', 2020).

  • Decrease in divorces

    Some studies have shown that that if citizens are allowed to choose their partners, there will be a lower number of divorces. As per a study conducted by New York Times, divorce rates have actually lowered in the states which have legalised the same sex marriage. For example, Massachusetts has legalised gay marriage since 2004 and there has been a significant drop of 21% in the dovicrce cases since then. On the contrary, Alaska banned gay marriage in early 1998 and the divorce rate has crossed 17% since then ("Should Same-sex Marriage be Legalized?", 2020). These numbers are themselves evident of the fact that legalisation of same sex marriage is not against the development of the society.

Hence, the above mentioned points,along with the sufficient facts and data clearly leaves no doubt that same sex marriage should not be banned. Gay community constitutes of humans like every other human community. Like every other citizen, they have an equal part in contributing towards the growth and development of the economy.


Now many professional associations have given some critical points in favor of banning the gay marriage. There have been different studies and surveys which have been quoted by these associations. Given below are some of the view points given by them:

  • Child’s need of Biological Parents

    Gay marriages create a different class of children who are not raised by father or mother (Council, 2020). For example, in the case of lesbian couple, their child would always want to know about his father and want to spend time with him. This keeps a child deprived of a genuine complete family. The child will always want to experience the love and affection of a father. Hence, same sex marriages are not in the favor of children because a child needs love of both father and mother for proper emotional and psycological growth of thoughts.

  • Genetic or Sexual disorders

    Studies have proven this fact that children who were raised by same gender couples experienced genetic disorders and differences in their masculinity (Council, 2020). Furthermore, it was also observed that children of same gender couples tend to have same gender liking as well. Hence a child’s life should not be put in jeopardy for the sake of freedom of choice.

  • It defeats the purpose of Marriage

    For years, marriage has been said to be a relationship of a man and woman. Marriage has been considered to be a spiritual bond of love and emotions between a male and a female. According to the opponents, a same sex couple will not be able to give birth to a new child. Thus the overall meaning, concept and purpose of marriage gets defeated in the case of same sex marriage. Also, marriage supports procreation, but same sex marriage defeats the same purpose ("Gay Marriage - Pros & Cons -", 2020).

Hence these were some of the major arguments put forward by the associations who are against same sex marriages. On the contrary, there are other studies as well which have shown opposite results. According to a report, the childrens of gay couples have shown better emotional, sexual and social optimisim towards the soceity("Why Not Allow Gay Marriage?", 2020) . Therefore, it should be left to the choices of the individuals with who they want to be.

It is further important to understand that with modernisation, the concepts of marriages have also evolved. Various countries have started to understand these dynamic changes and have taken steps to legalise the same. These countries have given a clear message that no person can be denied from their choices and rights on the basis of gender. Here is the list of the countries that have legalized same sex marriage

List of Countries legalising Same sex marriage

Netherlands was the first ever country that legalised same sex marriage in the year 2000. In addition to this milestone achieved, Netherlands also gave gay couples right to have marriage ceremonies, divorce and also gave them the right to adopt children. Further, in 2003, belgium came up with the law to legalise same sex marriage and also provided tax and other benefits to the gay couples. Adding more power to the cause, in 2005 Spain and Canada passed respective laws to legalise the same sex marriage ("Gay Marriage Around the World", 2020).

Keeping in view the rights and choices of the gay people, South Africa also legalised the gay marriage in 2006. This was followed by Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Argentina, and Iceland in the years 2008 and 2009 and then Denmark in 2012. After 2013, a new wave started and multiple countries showed their support by legalizing same sex marriage. In 2013, Brazil, Uruguay, France, New Zealand passed favourable laws for gay marriages. A major breakthrough came in 2015 when United States also held that it asunconstitutional to ban same sex marriage and hence it got legalised. Along with the United States, Luxembourg and Ireland also passed the law in the same year. In 2016, Columbia legalized same sex marriage and the same laws were passed in 2017 by Finland, Malta, Germany and Australia ("Gay Marriage Around the World", 2020). Recently in 2019, Austria, Taiwan and Ecuador also legalized gay marriages and in 2020,Costa Rica and Northern Ireland gave their consent on the legalisation of Gay marriages ("Gay Marriage Around the World", 2020).

Same sex marriages essay

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Same sex marriages- a way ahead to positivity and happiness!


Love has no boundary nor does its expression have. The essence of love remains the same, irrespective of the changes that our society has gone through over the years. With the changes in the technological developments, our approach in general has also taken a shift from orthodox to a reformed and an unorthodox one. We have today become more open to change. In fact, we happily accept the changes that give us happiness and spread harmony. Also, love as an expression has evolved in recent times. It would not be wrong to say that we, the people of today have started to appreciate and accept love in every form. Not to forget that it is a result of our being more open towards modernisation and the concept of happiness. One such change that has driven our society to a more happy place to live in, is the approval of gay marriages and compliance with homosexual couples. Though, it took ages for this legalisation to come into existence but slowly many parts of our world today are giving their nod to gay marriages. This essay discusses the fact why it is important for the same sex marraiges to have an equal place in the society as the other hetrosexual couples.


First and the most important fact of the universe is love. It has no boundaries or shapes. It never came defined to us. It is the right of every individual to love the one he wants and the way it suits him. None of us can bond another human or stop him from loving another one. Whether it is hetrosexual or homosexual, every single act of love is equal in the eyes of God. If he has given a human being with such sex orientation, then we as humans cannot question his creation. We are meant to follow and respect each of his creations. The purity of love cannot be questioned and raised with an eye upon. In actuality, the values and the emotions of every human being should be respected with the same integrity. The voice should be raised against it only if their act intends to defame any other human being.

Secondly, it is with a legal status of marriage and togetherness that gay or lesbian couples can gain the same respect in the society. Also, marriage from ages has been defined as the union of a man and a woman. This is the very reason, we, the people of the society were unable to accept the gay marriages. However, on June 26, 2015 US supreme court passed the legislation for the approval of the gay marriages. It became a historic accomplishment for the homosexual couples. This particular judgement agreed upon the homosexual marriages across the US nations. (Research, 2020) This legal status has brought in significant difference in the lives of the gay as well as the lesbian couples. They have not only been able to live more freely but can openly pronounce their status of individuality in front of the people.

Moving on, it is the legal right of each one of us to live life, the way we want. This right was incomplete for homosexuals until the introduction of gay marriages legalisation. This very law has brought in equality and righteousness in the behaviour of the people for the homosexuial couples. They can now live with more freedom and respect in the society. No more their identity and marital status will be questioned. Also, with the passing of the Gay marriages act, the lives of the gays and lesbians will come almost to an equal track as of the normal married human beings. In addition to US, many other countries are also coming up with the legalization of homosexual marriages. Taiwan is the first country after US, which has enacted upon the need and accepted the homosexual marriages. (Research, 2020) In fact, today more than two dozen countries have noded their legal yes to the same sex marriages.

Furthermore, the acceptance of the same sex marriages paved the path of normalisation for the homosexual couples. They can now adopt a baby, sponsor their spouse, handing over the attorney in case of crisis like one of hospitalisation, social security, taxes and life time benefits. In addition to this the law of gay marriages have also made it possible for a homosexual spouse to inherit the property, in case the death of the other. Along with this, burial decisions and the respective clauses have also been well clubbed with the effect of this very encouraging law. (Geggel, 2020) This curates the assurance of a very dignified lifestyle for a homosexual couple. They no longer have to fight with the evil eyes of the people around. They can live their life in peace and happiness without the fear of being abandoned from society. Moreover, the fulfilment of living a family life is truly a dream come true for the same sex couple. It turns out to be a blessing when they actually live it after walking the aisle together. (Geggel, 2020)

However, there are many people who stand against the same sex marriages. These are mostly the religious communities and the orthodox societies, who do not want to evolve in any way. Many people also see same sex marriages as a threat to the sexual promiscuity. They also feel threatened by the thought of rebellious changes in the views of the coming generations. These people believe in the old traditional cultures and do not want to evolve with time. Moreover, they feel insecure with women becoming independent. Also, they feel cheating can become a quite common practise with the revolutionary changes in the sacred system of marriage. Further, they insist that it is against the God will that two people of same sex can indulge in sexual acts or marriage. They feel that it will destroy the authenticity and purity of their religious practises if the children of their society will get involved in such unacceptable acts. This is the reason they refrain their children from getting indulged into any modern act or anything that is according to them against their religious values and beliefs. ("Why people oppose same-sex marriage", 2020)


To conclude, it can be said that couples are made in heaven, it is just the formal reconciliation of their marriage that is carried out on the earth. It is a decision made by God. We as humans cannot question the verdict of God, neither should we try to intervene. Same ways same sex marriages are for the happiness of the people, who are also the children of God. Marrying other religions or with same gender people does not make them inhuman. We, as the society and the people of the world should pay the same regard and give equal status to their marriages in the world. We have no right to look down upon them. Moreover, they have all the rights to live their life freely and with all their heart and happiness. Our wrong intentions and interventions can only make life worse for them and us both. So, we should adapt to the newness of the world and welcome the changes which bring smiles and add value to the dignity in the lives of all the people around us.


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