A solution-driven stress MGT analysis of multiple working sector

Much has been talked about the convenience of the customers, clients, the service takers, but nobody talks about the other end of the table- the service givers. These are the people who are accountable for delivering perfection in every single service they offer. They are required to provide each service of their respective industry with a considerable amount of precision and ensure accuracy as a paramount of the parameters of delivery. This demand for excellence creates a lot of pressure on the minds of the workers of every sector.

Neither are many employers considerate about their employees’ vulnerabilities to stress and burnout and nor do the clients care. But the fact is that workplace stress is for real, and employees across industries put up a brave front every day to give their best despite the constant feeling of stress that no one is sensitive to. Let us look at some credible statistics to validate the same. According to a 2020 survey by the American Institute of Stress, more than 40 percent of employees reported that their jobs are extremely stressful. Moreover, around 25 percent of employees feel that their jobs are their greatest sources of stress. To add, more than 60 percent of employees witness work-related neck pain at the end of the workday. More importantly, more than 50 percent of employees feel that they need assistance to be able to cope with and manage workplace stress. All these statistics conclude that workplace stress is not being addressed by many workplace cultures, and it can have detrimental effects on employees’ health and their productivity.

Besides, the COVID-19 pandemic, the fear of job loss, and health-related apprehensions linked to the pandemic have only made things worse. Even though remote working or hybrid workplace models have emerged as viable alternatives in the pandemic, they have their own share of challenges. As cited in the findings of a recent survey by Monster, more than 65 percent of remote workers are experiencing symptoms of burnout. To add, people are working for more hours in a day while telecommuting than they usually did in the pre-pandemic era. Hence, even though it is forecasted that telecommuting is the future of work, in the lack of emotional support from co-workers and social isolation, employees will be exposed to new verticals of stress and burnout.

This blog is meant to focus on the inconveniences faced by the service providers and the stress they go through throughout the day in the process of ensuring smiles on the faces of their audience. To have a deeper insight into the employment sector, an outlook of various types of industries and their service segments are provided. Then further the problems of the relative sectors are discussed, and solutions to the same are proposed to lower down the stress levels of the employees working in every institution of the world.

#The service sector

Considered as the most important pillar of the world economy, this working sector comprises few of the brainiest minds, who come together to provide solutions to the trickiest of the economic issues. These aim to facilitate efficiency to all its customers in the form of consultancy, data security, professional and management services. It complies with people working in the tallest of the buildings of the world, burdened with the huge piles of files to be processed speedily.

  • Dilemma about them

    The skilled and qualified office workers are generally termed as the white-collared employees. These are professionals who are highly paid and are entitled to multifarious perks. They are believed to work in air-conditioned offices with a much comforted and luxurious lifestyle.

  • The fact

    Though there is no denying the above-stated facts about white-collared jobs but no one thinks why these people are given such precious treatment, why their salaries are so high, and why they are constantly enraptured with uncountable perks on a daily and monthly basis. The only hard-hitting answer to this is that their minds are burdened so highly throughout the length of day and night that to bear this uncontrollable pressure, the big companies and organizations allure them conscientiously. All this is done with the sole motive to boost the performance of the employees and keep them directed towards the goal of generating maximum profits from them. In the midst of all this, the employees go through a protracted pressure of work, which is certainly tough to handle. Following is a list of difficulties that are faced by the employees working in the offices.

  • What are the sources of stress for office employees?

    There are a number of reasons which collectively contribute towards the increasing pressure on the office workers, which results in creating a troublesome environment for them. These are the factors that are accountable for the added burden on the minds of the individuals and thus put them in a state of stress. Though every individual has separate problems that hinder their path of success at their workspace, the following is a generalized mention of the adversities that are faced by the office employees on a daily basis.

Leading causes of workplace stress

  • what are the sources of stress for office employees?

    • High load of work

      The problem of high pressure of work has become so prevalent in every sector of the economy that it is leading to hundreds of health issues in the present society. It is mostly due to the very belief of every employer that the employees working under him are machines. He believes that he must utilize the full potential of the employees as he is investing a larger amount of money in them. This leads to the overburdening of work on the employees, which creates undue pressure on the minds of the workers. As per the Health and Safety Executive, UK, the workload is the primary cause of stress among 44 percent of workers.

    • Short deadline

      The intensity of the overload worsens when the employees are commanded to produce the work within short deadlines. These things together aggravate the toil that gets created in the passionate minds of the office employees. Moreover, each and every employee of the organization is meant to work as per daily targets, which further limits the time that is to be dedicated to every single task, which needs to be accomplished through the length of the day. As per a 2020 survey by SHRM, prolonged working hours and unrealistic job expectations are among the top causes of work-related stress.

    • Perfection in every task

      Another adversity that comes along with the short deadlines and the tiresome load of work is the expectation of achieving perfection in each task that is given to the employees at work. Further, no employer is ready to accept documents or files, which stand anywhere down the mark of excellence. They simply do not understand the fact that not every day is equal, and there are times when a human brain does not work to its full potential. Thus, this unrealistic preconception of consistent error-free efficient results from the workforce puts additional pressure on the minds of the employees and leads them to a troublesome situation.

    • Team management

      Every human being is different and so are his preferences, abilities, and style of work. This is the reason that leads to difficulties within the organization. These are the challenges that create unmanageable situations for the managers and put them in a state of difficulty. Further, the uncertainties of the employee behavior pose additional hurdles for the managers, which adds to the job stress of the employees placed at the higher level of the organizational chart. Besides, while managing teams or handling workplace relationships, organizational ethical dilemmas too can be a major cause of stress. Employees often find themselves in situations when they have to choose between their co-workers and the interest of the organization. Or it may happen that an employee has to make a tough choice between ignoring and reporting the misconduct of a team member.

    • Ensuring innovation at every step

      Now, this is certainly imperative for every employee that is linked with the service industry. They are needed to bring out steps that can attract or captivate the attention of the customer in a matter of seconds., for this, they have to work upon the innovation of measures that are truly creative in nature. At the same time, these steps are meant to be accompanied with authentic and practical commitment. This implies that the process of conception and the actualization of the measures or services idealized should be achievable and should carry a high percentage of adaptability by the common man.

    • Emotional imbalance

      Giving long hours of work, taking additional mental pressure, and working on short deadlines, usually reduces the family time for the employees working at offices. They are left with relatively less amount of time, which they spend with their family members and children. This creates an emotional void in them, which further results in an emotional imbalance in their hearts and minds. Further, due to this disproportion, the employees tend to lack the skill of adequacy which puts an additional burden on their minds and they exhibit signs of high-stress levels. In fact, in contemporary times, employees expect greater empathy and emotional support from their employers and executives. To substantiate, as cited by the State of Workplace Empathy Report 2020, around 76 percent of employees feel that their employers need to be more empathetic.

    • Inadequate training

      Additional incompetence that results in burdening young minds is the lack of training provisions. The employees at the offices are often not giving appropriate training for the type of work they are required to undertake at their workplaces. This often lands them in difficult positions, where they are not certain about the steps to be taken for the completion of the tasks assigned to them. Thus, this helplessness of the employees to finish the work in hand, with limited information, puts extra work-related stress on them.

In short, all the above-mentioned factors result in portraying unmanageable chaos in the mind of the employees, which further stresses them up to the core. In fact, many a time, these complications even act as the catalysts for many health problems that are being faced by the office goers these days.

Next, this post sheds light on the stress issues related to the industrial sector, which is known to be the source of bread and butter for the maximum population of the world.

# Industrial workplace

Industries, factories, or production units are the places where the workers are made accustomed to the industrious style of working. They are the backbone of every working sector, as they give life to the thoughts and ideas of the service industry. It is due to the virtue of the laborious tasks they perform in the taxing conditions of factories, that a common man gets to take advantage of the inventions being conceptualized by the professionals and the innovators. These include the engineers, taskmasters, and manual workers who are adroit at working in their respective fields. Despite the excellence they produce at work and the dependency of the marketing and production sector on their services, their working environments add to the stress levels their mind has to go through. A few of the additional reasons, which result in troublesome working situations for the industrial workforce, are detailed in the following sections.

Industrial workplace
  • Challenging working conditions-

    The factories or the industries of the world require the workers to make use of heavy machinery and tools, which tests their physical abilities. Along with posing a question on their physical power, the tasks assigned in the factories, also require the workers to get involved in laborious tasks. This gets really challenging for the employees as they have to employ their physical energy in the production of steel and iron tools, appliances, equipment, instruments, vehicles, and utensils.

  • Long-standing hours

    The very need of producing heavy and strong tools for the use of the common man, offices and other workplaces, require the investment of long hours at work. In fact, the workers at the factories are required to stand for long untraced hours which puts a burden not only on their bodies but on their minds also, to ensure perfection in the work they do. These long hours of work, further put a toll on the health of the workers, as their body is always restless and they do not get enough time to give rest to their minds.

  • Unpleasant environment

    Along with the challenging working conditions, the workers employed in the various sections of the factories have to bear unpleasant smells and noises and even racial differences. These often become a part of their daily life, because of which their mind and body get exposed to a number of chemicals and annoying sounds, which increases the level of mental and physical stress they are forced to go through every day. To add to the hardships, in some steel or chocolate factories, the workers have to wear heavy dresses, which safeguard them from being burnt or getting hurt. Further, these dresses are quite heavy to be worn, which again acts as a troublesome challenge for them.

  • Nature of work

    Moving further, the nature of the type of work, which the factory workers have to get involved in, as a part of their job is an additional aggravating their work stress issues. These workers are required to put a lot of focus on their work, with the help of which they produce excellent results in the form of machines or utensils. Also, most of the time, the nature of their work demands them to work in mines or extreme hot/ cold situations, most of which are highly tough to handle. Thus, such taxing situations are humanly tough for every being to handle and work in them for long.

  • Uncertain job security

    Job security is a major consideration for every professional and in industrial setups, job security is often uncertain. Every day, employees work in the fear of losing their jobs because of a drop in productivity or other external factors. It has been seen in the ongoing times of the COVID-19 pandemic that many small and medium companies could not sustain the economic impacts of this global health emergency and had to shut down. Consequently, a large number of industrial jobs were lost and even big corporations like Coca-Cola had to lay off some of their workers to compensate for the pandemic losses. As per Reuters, more than 22 million jobs were lost in the United States as a direct ramification of the COVID-19 outbreak. Even in the future or even under normal circumstances, industrial workers will always be vulnerable to the stress related to job security and livelihoods.

  • No use of creativity

    Furthermore, the factory jobs do not use the creativity of the worker as the employees are forced to act in accordance with the predefined processes being devised for the employees. They are supposed to work strictly as per the rules and regulations of the factories and are not allowed to use their creative bend in any of the possible ways. This repetition of the same tasks puts the minds of the workers under great physical and emotional stress and the monotony rules out their freedom of thinking. Thus, the creativity of the workers begins to deplete with time and they start acting as machines or robots.

  • Intolerable behavior of the seniors

    Adding to the severity of the working conditions, the workers of the industries are made to listen to the harsh words of their seniors. This comes as a negative effect of the positions of work, they are being placed at, in their factories. Moreover, not only one, but these workers are answerable to a number of seniors, which further increases the burden of difficulties for them, leading to the production of additional stress at work and in their lives.

  • Distancing from the family members

    Of all the above-mentioned factors, one aspect, which tests the patience level of the workers, is their ability to withhold their longingness for the love and care of their family members. Due to the long working hours and the location of the jobs at distant places, the workers are required to live in rented accommodations at faraway lands. This takes them away from their families and loved ones, eliminating the only source of a breather from their tensed lives.

  • Low salary packages

    Last but not the least, the complexities of the life of the workers are set to witness an overloaded hardship due to the low packages they are being paid. The comparatively low salary packages of the employees restrict them to limited resources and even puts monetary limitations on their expenditure. They are further not easily able to eat much healthy food, which affects their nutritional health and even deteriorates their mental peace wellness.

Next is the turn of listing out the stress issues at the educational sector, which creates imbalance in the teaching patterns and the effectiveness of learning sessions in the class.

#Educational sector stress

Educational institutions are considered to be the building blocks of the world economy. It is by the virtue of the constant efforts of educational professionals that the students of the entire world get unprecedented education round the clock. In the endeavor of assisting excellence in education, the professionals of the educational world have to undergo a lot of pressure. There are a lot of stressors for educators and teachers to add to their stress diary. This burdened atmosphere creates stress on the minds of the teachers and the influencers. In addition to this, there are a number of factors that result in creating a stressful environment for the professionals of the education sector. It is noteworthy that as per the Alliance for Excellent Education, around 500,000 teachers quit the profession per year. The high rate of burnout in teaching and constant stress are the leading causes of high attrition in the sector. Also, the burnout rate among teachers is almost 50 percent higher among educators of Title 1 schools. Also, the latest challenges of online teaching, remote tutoring, and hybrid classrooms are adding to the profound stress that teachers face.

Educational sector

8 reasons of stress in the life of a teacher

  • Unfocussed students

    For a teacher, it gets really tough to handle the class, if the students present in the classroom are not ready to listen. In fact, getting the attention of the students is a real task for the teachers, as the students of the present generation are busy in their socialization efforts. Thus, it gets really challenging for the teachers to gather the interest of the students in the class. Further, the students are not highly focused on their aim of accelerating high in their career goals. This makes it troublesome for the teachers to make students concentrate on the lessons of the class.

  • Intolerable work pressure

    Being a teacher is simply not an easy task. It does require a lot of hard work and constant mind-boggling into creating solutions for the problems of varied students. It may seem like a daunting task to keep evolving novel active learning strategies to ensure high student engagement. This results in putting extensive pressure on the minds of the teachers, who work continuously to shape the career of the students. In addition to the duty of serving multiple needs, a teacher has to stand true to the expectations of the student as well as the school or college administration. This further puts him under a lot of tension, where he is often not able to serve two masters.

  • Long teaching hours

    To be able to catch the students' attention and manage them properly, it is highly important for the teachers to stand and teach. This is not only for one single period or lecture but for the entire day and throughout the timings of the school or the college. The effects of such long hours of standing do put a toll on the health of the teachers, which further stresses their minds and body. Additionally, the teachers are required to take walks inside the class and exhibit highly confident body language in front of the students, displaying which becomes quite hard when a teacher has a number of tensions going in his head.

  • Extra paperwork

    Though everything in the world has become technology-driven making notes, taking exams, practicing exercises, or exhibiting good writing standards, are definitely valued high when practiced in the traditional form. In fact, many schools and colleges of today get the attendance and the admission works done via paper. All this together puts an extra burden on the teachers, who along with fulfilling the teaching tasks, are required to perform the administration tasks as well. Also, it can be evidently seen that during the times of admission or results or some events in the educational institutions, it is the teachers only, who are made to perform the extra tasks and manage all the things single handedly. Therefore, at the end of the day, the teachers have to go through a number of paperwork centric activities, which demand greater attention and writing work from them.

  • Unmatched learning needs

    Moving further, an important fact with respect to the teaching field, which cannot be denied is that every student is different and so are his learning needs. In order to match the different learning needs, a teacher has to instill various teaching methodologies in his style. These assuredly include numerous tonal experiments and voice modulation strategies that command control over the students along with teaching them effectively. Thus, the teachers have to ascertain that their teaching is directed towards the easy comprehension of the subjects by the students. In the process of making it assured, it gets relatively tough for the teachers to meet the multiple learning needs of the students.

  • Use of multiple communication tools at a time

    The advancements of today are making the world reach a stage, where technology has become an inseparable part of everybody’s life be it a teacher or a student. In fact, the students of today have got highly dependent on the changing technological tools, which are posing a challenge in front of the teachers to quickly adapt their teaching styles in accordance to the developing learning needs. Thus, this accelerating need for time management is pushing teachers into the stress corners, where they have to indulge in doing extra hard work to shape their skills accordingly.

  • Inability to cope with the technological trends

    Further to the above points, not every teacher of today, has the ability to learn and practice technological advancements. This is the reason they face added threats and pressure from their own professional fraternity for the enhancement of their career. Moreover, teachers of the regional languages of the old professors, many a-time do not possess the capability to stand true to the technical needs and confront a greater challenge from their fellow colleagues about their job security.

  • Non- supportive parents

    In the end, one of the biggest sources of stress in a teacher's life is the non-supportive nature of the parents. In most cases, the parents are highly protective towards their children and always safeguard their children from facing any problematic situations. This is even during the cases when the teacher asks the parents to become extra careful about the study schedule of the child and the parent does not put much effort in monitoring and managing discipline in the life of the students. In such cases, the teacher has to go through dual pressure of producing extraordinary results for the school as well as the uncooperative parents expect their children to learn everything from the school itself.

Moving further, the following section details the stress factors faced by the hospitality and the recreational sector of the world. This industry is highly important as its functioning is crucial to ensure smooth client servicing and on table customer dealing.

#Recreational and hospitality centers

The common man after doing their jobs moves towards the recreational centers to earn some relaxation and family time for himself. Moreover, the monetary gains made by them in the working spaces, give them the freedom to spend their money in a much-required way. This is the reason that most people direct their preferences towards fun or health centers, which give them some personal space to rejuvenate in one way or the other.

However, in their part of getting quality services from such entertainment spaces as gyms, spas, malls, gaming zones, restaurants, hotels, and other resorts, these people often mistreat the staff of these rehabilitation centers. They do not realize that these people are also human beings, all they think is that they have paid for the service and they ought to yield excellent benefits of the same. In many ways, they try to spill out the frustration of their professional work on such workers, irrespective of the level they are working at.

Along with this intolerable behavior of the customers, the employees of the recreational and hospitality centers have to go through a number of difficulties, a few of which are listed below:

Recreational and hospitality centers
  • Rude behavior of the customers

    The discourteous attitude is a common scenario, which can be seen being practiced at the majority of the retail counters including the malls, restaurants, and shops. In spite of this, the shopkeepers have to constantly keep a smile on their faces, regardless of their personal moods and their willingness to serve a particular type of client. To add more difficulties to the shopkeeper's inconvenience, the customers exhibit rude behavior at the shops and malls and treat the servicemen as their servants. This very unacceptable behavior puts a lot of stress on the minds of the service providers and they feel embarrassed, a situation which they cannot vent out in any of the actionable forms.

  • Unexpected targets

    The shopkeepers or the attendants at the malls, shops, or hotels are required to fulfill abrupt targets, accomplishing which is not always easy for them. Thus, they have to go through an intense process, which judges their caliber in the hardest of its forms. They are not only expected to utilize their marketing tactics but are also expected to lure customers in exceptional ways. All these things together impose oppression on the minds of the service providers and they go under extreme pressure to finish off the set targets within the given timeframe.

  • The race to meet the targets- internal competition

    In addition to the above-discussed factor of achieving targets, one other thing that aggravates the impact of stress on the minds of the service provider is the internal competition that goes in the form of cold waves between the staff members of the same shop/ store/ restaurant/ hotel. In the race of attaining targets before the time, the internal staff members develop a lot of friction in between them and it tends to add more depression in their daily life. This further creates an unwelcoming atmosphere inside the working arena, where everyone feels like playing a match with the other employees.

  • Maintaining the quality of the service

    Moving further to the measures which add more difficulty to the life of the staff providers, each action that delineates the steps of the work process, needs to be accompanied with a lot of perfection. For this, the staff members have to ensure precision at each and every step of the delivery of the service. This enforcement to bring out the best in every service poses an additional responsibility on the shoulders of the service providers. This is the reason, they face stressful situations in their life and their mind is generally filled with a number of worrisome thoughts pondering throughout the day.

  • Keeping the brand image high

    In continuation to the above-mentioned factors, one seriously important responsibility of every employee in any small or big organization is to keep the image of its brand high. It is believed to be the utmost duty of every worker, of whichever level, he is employed at, to stand true on the image-building proclamations of the company. The people of all levels have to additionally make sure that no loopholes are left to ascertain the very name and image of the organization. For this, the person has to play a number of mind games and manipulate his words hundred times a day, which becomes a reason for his added stress in life.

  • Blame game by the top management

    In the case of the retail sector, there is a lot of constraint on the lowest level of the employee, who is supposed to take the maximum pressure of work. It is due to this very assumed certainty, the people employed at the lowest level will take all the burden on their shoulders, that the managers play the blame game. Therefore, this imposition of all the wrong puts extra encumber on the heads of the service providers and when the level extends, it takes the form of intolerable stress on the minds of the workers.

  • Long servicing hours

    In addition to all the difficulties faced by the workers in the hotels, restaurants, malls, and other retail shops, the long working hours at these workplaces take a toll on the health of these employees. This comes as an added factor, which poses a threat to their physical as well as mental health. As a result of serving the needs and demands of their customers for longer durations, they face extreme outcomes, which showcases on their bodies.

  • Suppression of the views- the customer is always right

    Moving further to the bossy attitude of the customers, this builds an even negative situation for the workers, as they are not allowed to speak their mind and are always expected to listen to the customer views and nod in agreement to the points spoken. Thus, this practice of repressing views creates a total breakdown situation for the employees and they feel suffocated with their own negative thoughts eating up their brains.

Last but not the least, this blog in its next section is going to entail the list of problems that are faced by the ‘Living Gods of the world’- the healthcare professionals.

#Health care industry

This is the most selfless sector of society, which works round the clock for the betterment of every individual who is in need of their services. It includes an uncountable number of hospitals, clinics, research centers, clinical labs, and healthcare divisions, which are employed at every hour of the day to serve the healthcare needs of unhealthy people. Their generous behavior and the very altruistic nature, which they are honed with during their educational years, make them devoted to the cause of their service. In spite of the very benefit they provide to the people of the various societies, they undergo a lot of burden and stress management issues during the course of their service. The mental stress which they have to bear becomes unconditional because of the following mentioned factors:

Health care industry
  • Undefined working hours

    Workplace stress is highly prominent in the healthcare sector because of the working hours that these people have to invest in their profession. Moreover, there is no definite time duration for which the healthcare workers, be it doctors, nurses, pathologists, scientists or attendants have to work in their respective offices. It entirely depends on the severity of the situation for how long and to what stretch they have to continually keep lending their medications to their patients. This uncertainty of their time involvement and their unbroken chain of services put them in a condition that is far away from peace and mental relaxation.

  • Unfavorable working conditions

    One courageous act which the healthcare workers proudly carry off well is the handling of uncomfortable situations. They are viable at tackling the blood-soaked scenarios quite well, which people otherwise restrain from. It is the brave and audacious nature of these people, which puts them in the very situation to affirmatively manage such cases well. Still, there is a limit to which their body allows them to deal with such situations. In case of an overdose of such inadmissible situations, the healthcare workers land themselves in a state of mental and physical stress.

  • Societal and peer pressure

    The pressure to accomplish high in the career is something which acts as a slow poison and eventually kills the person. This pressure can be evidently felt by the medical professionals not only from their parents but also from their seniors and the society around. It can also be counted as a part of the career race, which pushes every person to achieve the best. This creates a lot of stress on the minds of the professionals and in order to fulfil the dreams of their parents and peers, they sacrifice their own tranquility and mental health.

    Societal and peer pressure
  • High expectations

    The tag of being God, which the doctors and the healthcare workers have got from the common public, puts high hopes on them. These unprecedented anticipations from the common people put them in the trouble of exhibiting high standards of work in each case or service they handle. They have to maintain their codes always high, so as to make sure that the services they provide are yielding maximum benefits for their patients.

  • Burnout- emotional exhaustion

    This has come out to be a new phenomenon, which is witnessing a greater percentage in the medical professionals. The people here are believed to have reached at the stage of emotional exhaustion due to the above discussed reasons. Further these reasons collectively put a lot of pressure on their physical well being, due to which, the time which they get for themselves, can rarely be spent well. Additionally, this situation can be commonly observed in the field of medical professionals, who are known to have become the prey of emotional, mental and physical stress due to their prolonged nature of work.

  • No time for self or family members

    This is one of the biggest drawbacks of the healthcare industry, which takes the practitioner away from his own self and his family members. This much seen situation occurs in the life of most of the healthcare professionals, who spend much of their day and night time in serving the health needs of the people outside. Also, it is due to their committed involvement and highly loyal nature with their work profile, that these people serve every demand of their patients with a constant smile on their faces. However, this distancing from the social connection drains out their motivational self and they are not able to self- master themselves and therefore face extreme stressful conditions.

Now, is the turn to enlist collective and common solutions to all the problems of the various industries of the world, discussed in the previous sections. Therefore, the following column will brief 10 possible solutions implementing which industries can ensure smoothness and positivity in their respective work cultures.

#10 viable solutions to manage workplace stress of different industries

10 viable solutions to manage workplace stress of different industries

The above discussed problems are imposing great challenges for the working-class people all around the world. In other words, it can be stated that the professional or the work-life is putting a lot of pressure on the minds of the workers, due to which they face multiple stress issues. These difficulties at times put them in a situation where the employees are even required to take the medical care due to pervasive stress issues. To help industries come out of the problem of work-related stress, a list of measures has been proposed below. These measures can be taken by companies of all strata and work nature including the names of educational, healthcare, industrial, hospitality and other retail sectors.

  • Properly defined working hours for each sector

    This is the first and the foremost requirement of any working organization to have a scheduled working time for its employees. It has been seen at many places that the employees work continuously for 12-14 hours, which gives additional burden to the body as well as to the minds of the employees. Therefore, the provision of clearly defined working hour systems will create a lot of ease for the employees. This is one simple step, which is super easy to adopt and which can give leverage to employees of all working classes and sectors to take out time for self and family.

  • Proper resourcing and allocation of the talent

    Many organizations have few heads on which the working of the entire company is dependent. They are the people who are believed to be the brainy heads and they are accountable for managing the working structure of the entire framework. This puts the entire burden of profit generation only on those few heads, leading to disparities in the working culture. Thus, it is the utmost duty of the Human Resource team to ensure the hiring of people who are equally capable and exemplify much-required capability to manage the task in a highly efficient manner. This would divide the work between people and there would be associates on whom the brainy heads and the management of the factory, industry, institution or the company would be able to depend upon easily. By having more people of similar caliber in the working arena, particular management would be able to rely on any of the respective beings and would ensure the peace of the others.

  • Shifts at work

    This is further to the point of allocation of quality talent at work. Once this is done for every sector, the working hours can easily be divided into shifts. It is because of the reason, that there are many sectors of employment, which demand 24*7 activeness of the employees. This is to serve the round the clock needs of the customers. This includes medical services, online education, tele calling services, food production and supply, industrial development and many others. Thus, if the HR ensures the adequate hiring of the resources, then the required talent can be easily divided into shifts as per the need. This would ascertain the allocation of the rightful resources in each part of the company or the institution and during all servicing hours, without putting excessive burdens on single individuals.

  • Creating positive and motivating environment at work

    In addition to the divided distribution of work in a balanced way, what next is required is to add positive vibes in the working environment. It is certainly highly imperative for every working space to sustain positivity and thus ensure the maintenance of a truly optimistic environment at the place of work. This can be done by extending motivational support for the individuals and giving them training to be able to cope with the difficulties at work. This can go for every kind of working environment or working space, which is present in economies all around the world. Moreover, few words of motivation do not harm anyone, in fact these act as sources of charging the individuals with more enthusiasm and building more sense of interdependence within the organization. Additionally, there are many ways of motivation which can be adopted for teachers, employees at office, healthcare professionals or even workers at factories, which can ensure a smile on their faces while working. Few of the motivational ways are mentioned below to help companies achieve the same:

    • Monetary motivation

      This can be the biggest motivation for any employee as monetary satisfaction can give a great relief to the employee’s mind. The people of the world have a great bent towards monetary benefits, which gives them a boost to work better.

    • Give short term goals

      This again can work for every sector as short term goals gives the person a timeline, after which he is assured to be free and take his mind off from the tensions at work.

    • Give them a pat at the back

      Words of appreciation can do great wonders in terms of producing positive results for the individuals. This practice should be carried out for single beings rather than for the collective teams.

    • Let the trust grow

      The firm bond of faith can help employees or workers form a great bond between each other. This even helps the employee to communicate transparently with the employer and establish an authentic connection.

    • Adding up the gleam

      This can be done by brightening up the workplace with a lot of positivity. It should be thoroughly practiced in every kind of work place, be it educational or healthcare institutions, factories, offices or retail outlets, as happiness around the workplace, is cherished by everyone.

  • Flexible working hours- work for some industries

    Employers can make the employees feel more comfortable at work by making a provision of flexible working hours, wherever possible. By introducing this freedom, the employees are given an opportunity to work, according to their comfort. This works effectively at reducing the levels of workplace stress in the employees. Along with this, permitting the employees to work from home, when needed, is another way for the management to achieve a reduction in their employees’ stress levels. No doubt, working from home might not be possible for certain professions like teaching, but it is advisable to permit remote working wherever possible.

  • Giving human treatment to employees

    Every human in the world deserves humanly treatment, irrespective of the level or class he is employed at. This needs to come from the employer who along with this needs to ensure exhibition of ultimate care and love every time his employees come across him. In addition to this there should be a practice of having friendly relationships within the workplace. The managers should promote a healthy work culture, where there are no misunderstandings and every human being is treated equally.

    In addition to this, in the work fields, where there is a demand for long standing hours, the practice of limited working hours and shifts must be implemented. This especially needs to be worked in for the teaching institutions and factories, where employees are expected to produce profitable results by standing for undefined hours. Therefore, by incorporating the culture of working at shifts, a teacher or a laborer in a factory can easily distance himself from the causes of stress in his life.

  • Giving them space for self

    Much of the work related stress which breeds in the employees, results from their inability to find a personal space for themselves at work. Every employer, who deems to eliminate work life stress from his employees’ life, must make it a point to let his people enjoy their space for themselves. This means that the employees must be allowed to work in their very own way. The management can always set targets for the employees, but it is always better to let the employees decide the strategies which they wish to follow, while working on their goals. Additionally, when the employees feel themselves being devoid of the freedom to work in their own way, they become severely stressed. This further leads to a negative impact on the working of the entire organization. Therefore, the employers must make it a point to give the employees some space for themselves.

  • Adding recreational activity break

    Further moving towards adding peace and complacency to the life of the employees, the employer should work upon some recreational measures for the employees. Studies have shown that long and continuous working hours play a significant role in elevating the levels of workplace stress in employees. This clearly points out at the importance of adding recreational activity breaks in the work schedule. Thus, the employers have to take the charge of stimulating all their employees to actively participate in these activities. For this, the employers must themselves make it a point to participate in group recreational activities. Apart from acting as effective means of providing stress relief, these activities also give an impetus to the promotion of teamwork among the employees at various levels of organisation.

  • Providing emotional support to the workers, irrespective of their level at work

    Furthermore, studies have shown that extension of emotional support leads to a sharp reduction in the production of cortisol, the major stress hormone, in the body. The employers can thus use emotional support as a way to help employees deal with stressful situations in their life. It is really important to cultivate a warm and cordial environment in the organization, as it is the place where employees spend most of their time. In addition to this, emotional support acts as a means of promoting a work culture of mutual concern, which is beneficial for the overall growth of the organization. Therefore, by ensuring implementation of such grateful efforts in every type of firm or industry, it gets relatively easy for the companies to ward off stress from the life of the employees.

  • Conducting stress management programs

    In addition to all the above mentioned proposals, another crucial execution by the various working sectors, which can ensure the reduction of mental pressure of its employees, is the conduction of stress management programs. These measures are dedicated towards providing relief from stress by fostering the development of a defense mechanism against it. Employers around the world can thus use them as a means to help their employees cope with workplace stress. In order to derive maximum benefit, it is advisable to conduct these programs at regular intervals of time. It is important to highlight that there is a strong correlation between stress and physical exhaustion. The higher the levels of stress, the stronger are the feelings of physical exhaustion in employees. Thus, stress management programs induce both physical and mental relaxation in the employees, by helping them develop a strong resilience against stress. This can further help in generation of high profit numbers by the workers, which proves to be truly constructive for the growth of the company.

To conclude, it can be said that company officials are required to take progressive steps which can help a company move forward with an advantageous orientation. Further by eliminating the stress causing factors from the life of its employees, a company can ensure the prevalence of a highly positive and stress free atmosphere in all its working units.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Stress management is the art of handling stress in order to save the person from the negative effects of stress on the human body. Further, it is very important to manage stress so that a positive balance can be achieved in the work as well as the personal life.

  • Laughing out loud, exercising regularly, staying positive, eating healthy and keeping a positive viewpoint on things around rather than the negative helps the person in staying healthy and away from stress.

  • Stress management is certainly an important exercise as it saves the person from drowning into the sea of stress and depression. By following happy and effective stress management techniques, a positive change can be witnessed in the life of the person and the people around him.

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