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Assignment Solution to Case Study VideoDev Ltd 

VideoDev Ltd

VideoDev Ltd is a company that is video and production development company which works for clients. The company is operating in two countries, Australia and New Zealand. The company is quite concerned about moving its infrastructure to be moved on cloud. The objective of moving to cloud is that it wants to increase the company’s flexibility and responsiveness. Also, the company is willing to save its cost of maintaining their ICT infrastructure.  In context to the infrastructure of VideoDev, it is having application servers running in Sydney and Melbourne, along with datacenters as well. These are responsible for providing video processing capabilities for their staff. The servers of company are highly customized and are responsible for handling heavy loads during video processing.

The company is having staff of 100 which are employed for video production, engineering and support who works on different projects of clients. Also, the company is facing challenge due to long queues of jobs that are waiting to be processes. These are creating backlogs in completion of the jobs on time. So, moving to cloud is considered to be a good option for eliminating the challenge of these backlogs.  Further, VideoDev is willing to facilitate its staff with SDOE, Standard Desktop Operating Environment. The Board of company wants its employees to use the office services via SDOE environment from anyplace. In context of providing SDOE, VideoDev is looking for either Amazon Workspaces or Windows Virtual Desktop as a replacement of its present desktop environment.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a concept of ICT which has been used widely since a decade. It operates similarly as that of web-based email clients where it allows the clients to access the files without much of hardware required for it. The key feature of cloud computing is resource pooling and elasticity. This means that a large number of clients can be served at same time with same number of resources. Therefore, it will be beneficial for VideoDev as it can serve its employees with number of cloud services at same time. In many cases, company fails to understand that where its resources are residing and faces job allocation challenges. This case is similar with VideoDev as the company is facing challenge of long queues of jobs that are waiting to be processes. So, in this case, Cloud Computing will add elasticity in the resource allocation process and it will change as per the needs and requirement of the company. Further, Cloud computing is on demand self-service where the users can use the resources on demand and on multiple devices as well. This will allow VideoDev to provide its employees with flexibility of accomplishing business processes from anyplace they wish too.

IaaS and PaaS

IaaS and PaaS are cloud delivery models which has its own characteristics. PaaS offers the clients with certain components on demand which are used for developing third party applications. This model is mainly used by the developers so that they can develop customized applications. In this type of service model, servers, storage and networking is handled by cloud provider, however, developers can manage the applications only. The benefit of this model is that it eases development and deployment of apps and make this process cost effective. Also, this model automates the business policy and facilitates easy migration to hybrid model.

The concept of PaaS model is based on virtualization technology which can be easily scaled up and down with the change in business needs. Also, in this model, the web services and databases are integrated with one another. On the other hand, IaaS is a cloud service model which provides infrastructure as a service. The infrastructure includes all computable resources such as storage, networking, computers and other services which is delivered through virtualization technology. The cloud servers are offered via API or dashboard where the cloud clients have complete control on the infrastructure.

The major advantages of IaaS are that it is flexible cloud service model and it automates the deployment of storage, servers and computing power. The cost of each service varies as per the service and cloud service provider as well. Though there are certain limitations such as security issues of cloud computing, but its advantages outweigh limitations.

Amazon workspaces are fully managed and secure cloud desktop service.  This service facilitates thousands of desktop to workers of a company. This service eliminates the need of managing hardware inventory, OS versions and patches and provides a virtual desktop. The major benefit of this service is that it reduces cost of corporates in buying desktops and laptop by facilitating on-demand access to the cloud desktops. Also, it allows the client to have complete control over the desktop resources.

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