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McDonald’s Australia Case study solution


Case Description

McDonald’s is the worldwide corporation which has more than 36,000 restaurants in 119 countries. The first McDonald’s restaurant was opened in Australia in 1971. The company has more than 90,000 employees who works in more than 900 McDonalds’s restaurant and serving more than 69 million customers globally. The most successful arms of the Chicago-based Fast – food empire is the Australian business of McDonald’ s.  In the McDonald’s corporation, Australia has been considered as a Market leader. Example – In 1993, McCafes launched in Melbourne’s Swanston Street and have been adopted in other parts of the world. Australia is also considered as a leader in the nutritional labelling. The Chief Executive Officer in Australia is Andrew Gregory who stepped into the position in 2014. In the year 1992, Gregory started part time job in the company as a teenager crew member of serving customers and cooking French fries. It was a way for Gregory to earn an extra money while studying. After Graduation, Andrew Gregory becomes an Accountant of McDonald’s corporation, Melbourne. In the year 2006, he becomes a regional manager by managing the McDonald’s business in Northern Territory and Queensland. He took the position as an executive position in McDonald’s Japanese business in 2010. After the massive tsunami and earthquake that struck in Japan in 2011, Gregory plays an important role for leading the Japanese business. He returned to Australia after recovering the activities of Japan and then took the role as a Chief Executive officer and Chief Financial officer in April, 2014. As become the CEO of McDonald’s Australia, Gregory is now responsible for managing the public affairs, business planning, operations, marketing functions and supply chain. Apart from it, Gregory will need to compete the McDonald’s Australia with its old competitors named KFC, Red Rooster, Subway and Pizza hut as well as new entrants such as Oporto and Salsa’s Mex Grill, Guzman and Gomez. However, Transforming is the style of leadership that helps the chief executive officer to follow innovation for the edge of the sustainable competitive advantage of the company. McDonald’s Australia is trying to introduce the experience “create your taste” by giving the opportunities to customers to make custom burgers by setting up customer learning labs and using touchscreens. From Gregory’s point of view, ‘McDonald’s innovates and improves their products to meet the needs of their customers’. He said that some changes will be necessary for improving the work culture and strong interaction between staff and customers.

Purpose of McDonald’s

The purpose of McDonald’s Austrailia is to introduce ‘create you taste’ experience to the customers in order to allow them to make their burgers according to their taste and fresh food preferences. The main aim of the business is to offer instant services and high standard food to its potential customers. 

Organizational structure

McDonald’s has a hierarchical organization structure where all the people, process and technology has been organized in an effective manner. Apart from it, the Franchisee of the company are followed and organized by the same hierarchical structure.

Role of Andrew Gregory in McDonald’s Restaurant

Andrew Gregory is the CEO of the company and is responsible for operations, marketing, public affairs, supply chain and business planning. Along with this, he is responsible for leadership which influence further development of McDonald’s Australia. Further, the role of Gregory is to managing the working of the restaurant and administering the payrolls of the McDonald’s.  

Activities needed for managing the operations of McDonald’s Australia

The activities that are taken by the Andrew Gregory for managing the operations of the business are that he will need to compete their business with its old competitors i.e. Domino’s. subway, KFC and Pizza hut and will also need to navigate with the recent companies named Oporto, Salsa’s Mex Grill and Guzman and Gomez etc. through the challenging market environment.

Role of Assistant manager at McDonald’s Restaurant

The role of Assistant manager is defined as –

  1. Monitors the shift
  2. Store security and safety
  3. Store the entire performance management
  4. Fulfil the standards of the organization
  5. Safe and Healthy food
  6. Help manager to plan every shift
  7. Build team performance
  8. Cleanliness of the Restaurant
  9. Local and corporate marketing
  10. Maintenance of equipment

Managerial role of Andrew Gregory

The role of Andrew Gregory is to define the activities of the employees that is valuable for the customers. The activities of the employees thus focus on the commitment of the customers by building strong relationship between customers and employees. The product of McDonald’s must be economically, technically and operationally feasible by Andrew Gregory. Along with this, CEO is responsible to produce the products that have high probability to meet the expectations, taste and preference of the consumers. The common responsibility of Gregory is to develop the weekly conference with the management of the company. To meet these responsibilities, CEO must follow the transformational leadership style for maximizing the customer experience and sustainable competitive advantage of the company.

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