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Students are assigned to different types of assignments and project management is one of the main concepts, which is called as a difficult task to do by the students. For this, they are seeking for online project management assignment writing help services so that it can become easy for the students to complete their assignments and homework accurately. The project charter is the main concept of project management which refers to the statement of different objectives in any project. The document of project charter assists the project manager to communicate with all the team members as well as describe to all the participants of the team about the need for the project.


MOV also called measurable organizational value which is defined as an entire projects goal as well as a measure of the success. In the field of information technology (IT), it should align the goals, objectives as well as the mission of the organization named RALS. The project charter for RALS is documented in which MOV is one the main topic and students face many difficulties while doing this. The MOV should be:

  • Measurable
  • Offer value to the company
  • Be verifiable
  • Be agreed upon

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MOV Criteria

Every decision of the project should be created only after considering its impact on the verifiable as well as measurable organizational values. Each decision of the project should create the project or the end project more functional, faster, better and cheaper in different manners, which is a major requirement of any project.

The MOV (measurable organizational value) must be based on as well as support the goal and strategy of the organization. There are six basics steps that involve the development of MOV, and these six steps are as follows essentially for making the project charter for RALS.

Step 1: Detect the desired area of impact such as

  • Strategic
  • Financial
  • Operational
  • Social
  • Customer

In this, the impact area should be defined that how the new project impact on these given areas of RALS.  The ranking should be given to all different aspects of MOV which will be helpful for understanding the impact of this desired project on RALS and its business as well as operations.

Step 2: Detect the desired value about the project of RALS

  • Cheaper?
  • Faster?
  • Better?
  • Do more?

Step 3: Development of an effective and appropriate metric

In this, an effective and appropriate metric must be developed which will be very helpful in setting the target as well as the expectation of all the stakeholders involved in the team of the project. It will be helpful in understanding the goals of the project as well as achievements within some specific time-frame.

Step 4: Determine the time frame for MOV achievement

In this part, you need to define the all aspects of MOV along with the timeframe, i.e. the total time set to achieve any goal of the project in the context of the customer, operational, financial, strategic and social.

Step 5: Summarization of MOV

In this part, you need to summarize the MOV in clear and concise statement that how the project will become successful at the end.

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