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Detailed Marketing Analysis of Tengri


Tengri is London based winter clothing brand. It is a local, social and global business which was founded by Nancy Johnston in March 2014. The company obtains its raw material from Mongolia and the mountains of Khangai. It offers different products in the category of Fibers, yarns and fabrics. Fibers are made from Mongolian Yak wool. It has sustainable, transparent and ethical supply chain to deliver the products at a large scale. It is concerned to diversify their products into fashion and lifestyle articles. These products are 100% natural and environment friendly. Tengri is the company known for its sustainable products and practices.

Marketing mix of Tengri

The marketing mix of Tengri is defined as below -

  1. Product - Tengri offers enormous variants of woolen clothes for both men and women produced using 100% original yak wool. The products of this company are extremely warm and soft as cashmere. These products are thermal regulating, breathable, hypo allergic and resist odour and water. The enormous variety of products include-
  • Classic ribbed scarfs
  • Hand knitted sweaters
  • Tuck stitch beanie
  • Ribbed and weave socks
  • Fringed blanket and
  • Hand knitted throw
  1. Price - The pricing of the company is premium as compared to other companies. The price range of Tengri Beanie starts from 165 pounds to 175 pounds and throw & blanket starts from 1150 pounds to 1950 pounds. It does not charge any shipping fee from their customers. On the other hand, The products of Merino clothing start from 4 pound to 594 pound. Thus the pricing strategy of their competitors are as low as compared to Tengri.
  2. Place - The fibers of this company are produced from Mongolia and Khangai mountains. Apart from this, Tengri makes collaboration and partnership with different companies for distributing their products. It has partnership with Savoir beds to produce the finest handcrafted sleep system. Tengri also makes partnership and collaboration with Selfridges to produce the luxurious fibers.
  3. Promotion - Tengri promotes their products through its official website. Customer can generate any information regarding the product through the official website of the company. It also promotes their products through online media and there is no shipping fee charged by the company from its customers.

Explanation of the case and synthesis of theory

  1. Product strategy - Under product strategy of Tengri, it follows Eco- friendly product The green technology is used by the company to maintain its sustainability. The products of the company reduce pollution and protect biosphere. Eco- friendly is the new type of products which gives opportunity to the company for its development in the market.
  1. Promotion strategy - To promote their products, Tengri follows both Above the line and Below the line promotional strategies. In Above the line strategy, it follows official websites of the company and digital marketing media. In Below the line strategy, it adopts the online media to promote their products. Company does not charge any shipping fee from their customers in case of online selling
  2. Distribution strategy - Tengri adopts both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) strategies to sell their products. In the case of B2B strategy, it makes business with Savoir beds, Selfridges and Huntsman. In case of B2C strategy, it sells their products to number of top quality consumers.
  3. Pricing strategy - The Company adopts Premium Pricing strategy to offer the high quality products to their customers. Tengri charge higher prices as compared Merino clothing. The pricing of Tengri falls from 165-1950 pounds and the pricing of merino clothing has been falls from 4- 594 pounds. Thus it has been shown that Tengri follows Premium pricing strategy in the UK market.

Positioning analysis of Tengri against its competitors

Premier Textiles and Merino Wool Clothing are two major competitors of the company. Premier Textiles known for its low quality and high price products and Merino Wool Clothing known for its low price and high quality products. In the comparison of these competitors, Tengri known for its high price and high quality products.

Sustainable Marketing Principles followed by Tengri

Sustainable marketing can be considered as the needs and wants of the organizational stakeholders. It includes the investments for the marketing which should not affect the natural resources and maintain the ecological balance. Tengri known for its sustainability as it follows the following sustainable marketing principles. The principles are

  1. Social and fairshare business model
  2. Innovative sustainability approach
  3. Partnership with the sustainable partners
  4. Sustainability pillars
  5. Interconnected sustainability community
  6. Sustainable Technology

Improvement area of Tengri in respect of the principles

The principles of Tengri is successful in some aspects. As the company makes its annual sale of 1,20,000 pounds to 1,50, 000 pounds in their by-products. Tengri uses an innovative approach for reducing excess wastage. This approach supports the livelihood of suppliers. Tengri creates different partnership contracts and builds the value of trust among them. It follows the three sustainability pillars as Environmental, social and economic pillar. It also offers employment opportunities to the academic students and herders of Mongolia. It uses Green technology for maintaining the sustainability effectiveness in the company. Apart from these benefits, the company needs some improvements in their small areas. Certain improvements in regard to Tengri are -

  1. Tengri should create brand awareness among the community by enhancing the customer engagement level. It should identify the needs of the customers regularly. It should establish referral program software to become proactive in social media marketing.
  2. In addition to this, Tengri should reduce the usage of Angora fur in its products. Angora fibre is not naturally elastic. To enhance the sustainability in its products, the use of angora fur should be eliminated by the company.
  3. Tengri should also avoid the animal testing of their products. It should reduce their animal testing rate to zero. By eliminating the animal testing, company can make better goodwill and gain better brand image in the market (Meigs, 2018).

These are the above recommendation which must be followed by the company to increase its effectiveness. By following these recommendations, can enhance their reputation in the market against its competitors. The company can also maintain the sustainability practices of its products by taking the above steps.

In nutshell, it can be concluded that Tengri adopts the Sustainable marketing approach. The report tells that Tengri offers different products with high quality and high prices. Further, The report elaborates the marketing mix of the company in terms of its 4P’s. The synthesis of theory tells that the company adopts an eco-friendly strategy, Above the line & Below the line strategy, a premium pricing strategy, and B2B & B2C strategy. The positioning analysis is discussed in terms of its two competitors i.e. Premier textiles and Merino wool clothing. The last section of this report states the sustainable marketing principles. These principles are- fair share business model, innovative model, partnership, and green technology. The report also discussed some recommendations in order to improve the sustainable marketing principles.

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