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Australian Hardware Ltd. is one of the leading hardware providers of Australia. Australian Hardware or Percy’s Home Goods was founded in the year 1921 in George St Sydney. It The company turned out to be a public company in the year 1982. Initially they provided furniture for small houses. Their growth increased rapidly from a single store to four stores. The main success of the company came in the year when it was able to float on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Since the foundation of the company, Greenwright family has reserved the interest of the company. The company, at present, is led by the grandson of Percy Greenwright, Holden Greenwright who is holding the position of CEO.

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The rate of expansion of the company

The company has been expanding at a constant rate of 2-3 stores per year. With this technique, it has reached the level of opening 138 stores throughout the Australian continent.

Expanding a company is not that easy task. It requires huge amount of efforts to bring the company towards success. And Australian Hardware Ltd. made the plans that were required for their growth.

What are the products that you can get at Australian Hardware Ltd?

It deals with all kinds of customers; these are general and trade customers. The list of the products and the services which is available at the platform is extensive. The items mentioned in the list are-

  • Garden equipment
  • Outdoor
  • Houseware
  • Tools
  • Timber
  • Hardware
  • Paint

One of the most extraordinary services which the company offers to the customers is the assurance of finding a product of choice when reaching the platform. It has been made possible with the help of the availability of the different models and brand names wherever possible.

Next is the expert advice. You can get the sales staff’s suggestion while buying the products or the services.

Business Premises

All the major cities and the larger regional centers of the Australian continent have the stores of Australian Hardware Ltd. The reason for the growth of the public company is its business strategy. It focuses on the areas which are growing at a fast rate and then choose them for next subsidiary. The parameters of judging the growth of an area are its population, and the residential building growth as well as the demand for the products and the services in which the company deals with. These factors are considered by the company for the expansion of their stores and building a new one.

Who manages the company?

As discussed above, Greenwright family is the caretaker of the company. Holden Greenwright holds the most important position of the company, chair of the board of directors.

The rest of the individuals of the company who hold high-position are as follows-

  • David Mifsud
  • Mary Chu
  • Isaac Khouri
  • Oliver Greenwright
  • Susan Greenwright

How does the company recruit?

Online and trade magazines are the sources where the company deploy its recruitment options. It advertises in these sources and looks for talented aspirants. The candidates look for to get well paid jobs in this fast-growing venture.

How well-trained the employees of the company are?

There are multiple training options which are available at the platform. The company believes in creating well-equipped employees to provide the best services and products to the customers. The following are the staff skills and abilities which are provided in the form of training after joining the company.

  • Community sensitivity training
  • Sales training
  • Technical training in product areas
  • Environmental training
  • Managerial and leadership training
  • Health and safety training

Moreover, the existing staff is also trained periodically

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