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Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Homework

The teachers assign homework to the students as they believe that homework will help the students to recollect the topics that were covered in the class. Many parents and mentors support the practice of giving homework and believe that homework is to bridge the gap between learning at school and at home. Those who are not in favour of this practice think that students are given extra work to complete.

Following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of homework

Advantages of homework

1.    Children develop time management and study skills
When homework is assigned to the students, students are able to manage their time and make effective study plans. These skills are very useful during school time and also in the near future, especially at the workplace. By completing the homework on time in your daily routine, it will become a habit. And thus, it will surely have a positive impact on your future life as you develop the habit of completing important tasks on time.

2.    Students stay focused
Homework helps the students to stay focused on studies. If no work is given to the students for home, there are chances that students will waste a lot of their time being idle. Without homework, they won’t have the pressure of work, thus, all the time goes off in playing games or watching television.

3.    Homework encourages the discipline of practice
One side, students find it boring to sit back daily and complete their homework, and on the other hand, it emphasizes the practice of discipline. In order to sharpen up your skills, it is important to do the same on a regular basis. By regularly working and completing the homework, the concepts of the subject become clear.

4.    Homework creates a communication network
Teachers are unaware of the lives of the students at home and the parents are unaware of their lives at school. That means homework is a bridge that opens lines of communication between school, teachers, and students. by this, everyone is able to know each other in a better way. The teachers are able to understand the needs of the students more efficiently. Parents are able to know about the strengths and weaknesses of their children.

Disadvantages of Homework

1.    Encourages sedentary lifestyle
As the students get long home assignments, thus, they require an equal amount of time to complete. With a sedentary lifestyle, there are chances that the students may suffer from obesity. The students won’t get involved in any sort of outside activities and will further not stay physically fit.

2.    Homework may encourage cheating on multiple levels
There are chances that the students may cheat on some levels while completing their homework. This is possible by taking help from the internet resources and finding answers to the homework. The students are cheating themselves, as, instead of practising their work they are actually copying it from the sources available on the web.

3.    Homework becomes a burden for the young students
Maximum time of a students’ day is spent at school, where, various curricular and extracurricular activities are carried out. This makes the students tired. After coming back home, they have difficult math problems to complete, and long sentences to learn, which is actually a tedious task. thus, students are loaded with so much of work that becomes a burden for them.

Thus, in order to complete the homework on time and also to enjoy the outdoor activities, play games and watch television, students should have a proper plan for themselves. Hence, Homework Planner is the best choice. This will help the students to plan their daily routine’s task and work accordingly.

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