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The program of the software which runs on the operating system’s top is called the application software. The creation of every application software is done for the performance of the list of the specific task for the user. The usage of the direct interface of the computer system is allowed for the application software.

In the page layout of the MS Word, the application software is what the user observes. The users can begin the use of the certain properties in the application software and the operating system. It is one of the software which makes the application of the page layout for the interaction of the monitor display, hard drive, RAM, and the rest of the computer.


1. Identification of the prominent features to be used in the business programs
2. It describes the user interface and the characteristics
3. Key features of the multimedia programs and user graphics
4. Discusses web application
5. The application software is available for describing the learning aids

Four categories of the application software

1. Business
Ex- Spreadsheet, Word Processing, Note Taking, Database, Personal Information Manager, Enterprise Computing, Accounting, Document Management, Presentation, Business Software for Phones, Project Management etc.

2. Graphics and Multimedia
Ex- Desktop Applications, Computer-Aided Design, Paint/Image Editing, Video and Audio Editing, Multimedia Authoring, Web Page Authoring etc.

3. Home/Personal/Educational
Ex- Entertainment, Software Suite, Personal Finance, Tax Preparation, Reference and Educational, Desktop Publishing, Photo Editing and Photo Management, Video and Audio Editing, and many more.

For the better comprehension of the topic, read what is a software and system software.

Software Applications

1. General-purpose
2. Special-Purpose

Windows, toolbars, help menus are the features in the software applications.

Common Features

The rectangular area which contains the program, document, and the messages. It is not the windows of Microsoft’s operating systems. Those are the programs. The application programs and the operating systems are used for displaying the information as well as requesting the output. We can open more than one window on our computer system at the same time instant. You can resize, move and close all the windows you have opened on the screen.

Menus are a part of almost all the software packages for the command presentation. They are displayed on the menu bar and at the screen’s top.

Web-Based Applications

ASP is the name of the server which is available on the web for providing access to the programs. Application Service Provider is the full form of the server, and the spreadsheets and word processor are the examples of the web-based applications. The working becomes after the registration of the program with an ASP. Rather than using the hard disk for the application access, use the web. Running the programs and the data accessing with the help of the web is allowed.


We have special software for web access through the computer, and that software is called a browser. It connects to the websites and displays the web pages.

Features of Browsers

The location and the addresses are to be specified for connecting the other resources with the browser. These are called the website addresses, or the other name is URLs (Uniform Resource Locator). HTML is the name of the language which the document contains in the file which is sent to the computer by the browser.

Word Processors

Word Processing is used for the creation of the text-based documents. The examples are the letters, memos and reports. It is the file which have the most flexible software tools and that are used widely.

Features of Word Processor

It helps in the improvement of the quality of the document. It looks for the spelling errors, and we can add-on some grammar checking tools to identify the grammatical mistakes in the document. The most common errors are punctuation, capitalization, subject-verb agreement. The best and the widely used feature is the availability of the provided synonyms, antonyms. Search and find components in the document aid in locating a particular word, the phrase in the document.

Word wrap is the basic feature which the word processor offers to the users. It automatically moves to the next line when the line in which we are writing is full.


It is a program which organizes, numeric graph data, analyzes the data. The financial budgets, reports are the best examples. Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 and Corel Quattro Pro use spreadsheets.


The workbook is used for the storage of the data and information. It is a book which contains more than one related worksheets. The spreadsheet, or worksheet, or the sheet is a grid of rectangular rows and columns. Cells are used for entering the information.

When we change numbers in the spreadsheet, there is an automatic recalculation of the formulas. Substituting the values in the cell and observing the effect on the other related cells is called as what-if analysis.

Software Suits

The group of application programs is a software suite. In easy language, it is the collection of the individual applications which are bundled together. These are sold in the form of groups. It cost less than the same bought in a suite separately. The most famous software suite is Microsoft Suite. The recent is the Microsoft Office XP, containing Access, PowerPoint, Word, Excel.

Integrated Packages

The all-in-one application programs are the integrated software. It is a single platform used for providing the functionality of a database manager, spreadsheet, word processor, and more.