The Secret of How to Conclude an Argumentative Essay


An argumentative essay is a write up which details two different point of views on a certain topic. Here both the arguments on the topic are presented by a single writer and he is supposed to give descriptive explanations of both the sides. The essay is written after a detailed research on the given topic. The research procedure generally involves primary and secondary research. In case the writer gets to perform the primary research then the points get supported by live examples and truthful stories of life. This way, the write-up becomes a very strong price of presentation and gains accolades from readers around the world. Though, most of the writers are easily able to present the two point of views in an impressive way but they generally face difficulties in forming an argumentative essay conclusion. In case, the argumentative essay in question is the assignment of a student, then the student can himself become the writer and follow the respective steps.

Structure of an argumentative essay can be formed as

  • Thesis statement
  • Essay Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs- 2 or 3 paras containing argument from both the sides with genuine examples
  • Argumentative essay conclusion

In all the above-mentioned sections, it is highly important to maintain the quality of writing by providing valuable facts and figures to support the argument. However, it is not a cake walk to write an argumentative essay but most importantly, the conclusion has to be drafted with a lot of concentration as it requires the restructuring of the same points as mentioned in the thesis with the same ostentation but in a different way. The following paragraph will entail how to write the conclusion of the essay.

To answer the question how to conclude argumentative essay, following things should be kept in mind:

First and foremost, it needs to be understood that the argumentative essay conclusion is not only the brief summary of the essay, it is also the ultimate completion of the write- up. The conclusion should provide the much required evidence and relative summary of the main paragraphs of the essay.

  • First, the writer needs to decide which idea holds the true value of the entire essay.
  • Secondly, he should write the most important point on the top and then followed by the less valuable ones. Also, the conclusion can be made more effective by asking a question directing to further research on the mentioned topic.
  • Thirdly, the writer must ensure that there should be no mention of any new point at the end of an argumentative essay.

How to write a conclusion the beginning words

Generally, writers are confused with usage of right words that should be used in the beginning of the conclusion of the argumentative essay. Following are a few of the words that fit perfectly in the beginning of the answer to the question- how to close an argumentative essay.

  • To conclude
  • Therefore
  • As said
  • In nutshell
  • Resultantly
  • Finally
  • Lastly
  • Consequently

Following are few of the ways that can be used to write an argumentative essay conclusion for college:


It can include restated thesis. The student does not simply need to repeat words but use the important keywords and rearrangement of the thesis statement can be done. Paraphrasing is also a great technique to avoid repetition of words.

Summary in brief

This is quite simple. The student just has to rethink the main ideas of the essay and have to present the combination in a presentable manner.


Here the deal for the student is to make readers believe his perspective. The evidence or the same have already been given by him in the body. The conclusion marks the reassurance of the same points in different words. So the student has to again mention the most significant points to give weight to his opinions and beliefs.

The above mentioned points can become your easy guide to write a valuable conclusion for the argumentative essay.