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The Secret of How to Conclude an Argumentative Essay

Preparation of the Conclusion and End of Argumentative Essay 

An argumentative essay means an essay based on arguments between two parties. Generally, it involves two parties and the refutation done by both to weaken opposite party’s arguments. It is a kind of debatable essay. There is a structure of the essay which can be followed to derive the required format of the essay. The following structure can be followed-

• Essay Introduction
• Body Paragraphs The argument from both the sides with genuine examples
• Essay conclusion

It has been seen that the quality of an essay whether it is argumentative, problematic, discussion-based, cause and effect, the effectiveness of an essay mostly depends upon the quality of the introduction and thesis statement and the meaningful conclusion. Here we will discuss how to write the conclusion of the essay.

For the essay conclusion following things have to be kept in mind:

Mainly, it has to be understood that it is not only the brief summary of the essay and the ultimate conclusion but it should provide the required evidence and related summary of the main paragraphs of the essay. These things are important to be kept in mind-

1. Firstly, decide which idea holds the true value of the essay.
2. Secondly, write the most important point on the top and then the less valuable ones the conclusion can be made attractive by asking a question.

How do you start your Conclusion ? You need to know the various starters of an argumentative essay conclusion:

Are you wondering, What words can I use to start a conclusion?

Argumentative essay conclusion sentence starters-

  • To conclude
  • Therefore
  • As said
  • In nutshell
  • Resultantly
  • Finally
  • Lastly
  • Consequently 

 How to end an argumentative essay at various academic levels

Structure of the essay conclusion of the essay should not be complex and complicated and also it may include the most powerful sentences and striking sentences. The main thing you have to do is to restate your thesis statement and conclude all the main thoughts.We will now discuss in elaborate how to conclude an argumentative essay on different levels:

 how to write the conclusion of the essay


  1. High school level
  2. College level
  3. University level

 We will discuss these three levels individually. Lets first start with how to end an argumentative essay at high school level-

There are certain points that can be considered while concluding an argumentative essay on middle school and high school level. The first and foremost thing in how to conclude an argumentative essay at high school level is to breakdown the essay into parts, avoid summaries and zing readers with a tricky conclusion. And last but not least, a framing which means students have to refer their hook in their conclusion. Example of writing a conclusion of the argumentative essay can be seen as under –

For example, students have to write an essay conclusion on buying or leasing a vehicle

What students can write about the thesis is whether they think that buying is more benignant or leasing a vehicle is more beneficial to the customers. This will be the thesis statement of the students of the opinion they hold. The thesis should be briefly explained in the conclusion of the essay. Then students have to summaries the basic ideologies of the whole essay that means the ideas which are more significant should be briefly explained in the conclusive part of the essay. After that the students can also provide solutions and suggestions for the same. In this way, they can get to know how to conclude an argumentative essay on the school level.

Now turning to the college level, writing the argumentative essay conclusion can be complex and complicated because it can include the vast topics about the current scenario. These can be the prevailing issues in the countries and what should be done for the same. These are the kind of essays the students at the college level have to confront with. For that, they will have to follow the desired guidelines-

1. Concentrating the big picture: It is about arguing about what you believe in and the chances of its possibilities. For example- if a conclusion has to be written in case of framing out a new policy say smoking should be banned or not. The arguments that would be made by the student should be realistic and there should be chances of its adaptability and the implications should also be kept in mind that how would it affect the reader.

2. Hypotheticals can be presented: Hypothetical means real-life examples that can be provided to support and justify your arguments. The real-life examples can be taken into account also show what will happen if the reader adopts your beliefs.

3. Call to action: This means that how you will convince the reader to follow your ideas. The way of inspiring him to agree with your arguments.

4. Provide appeals: This is also crucial in how to conclude an argumentative essay at a college level by giving appeals to the reader’s feelings, values, beliefs, logic.

Now we will discuss how to end an argumentative essay at University level.

In order to know how to conclude an argumentative essay, the following three parts can help you effectively for the same.

1. Answer – It can include restated thesis. Do not simply repeat word to word but use the important keywords and rearranging can be done. Paraphrasing is also a great technique to avoid repetition of words.

2. Summary in brief- This is quite simple. You just have to rethink about the main ideas of the essay and have to relate them with each other by using various connectors and linkers.

3. Significance- Basically it's all about how to make others believe your perspective. So the students have to mention the significant points to give weight to your opinions and beliefs.

All the above-mentioned points will definitely help you know as to how to end an argumentative essay successfully in order to come out with a good essay. Thus, keep all these points in mind while you write and conclude your argumentative essay.

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