5 P’s of Boost juice marketing

Winning over the market is never easy when a person has to start from the scratch but hard work and determination is the solution to every problem in the world. Same is the case history of boost Juice company, which today is the most preferred juice company in Australia. However, winning much gained popularity and accolades from the world around was just not an easy journey for the founders of Boost Juice company- Janine and Jeff Allis. Their journey started in the year 2000 when the couple opened a retail counter of fresh juice bars in Australia. The boost juice company commenced its journey after the founder Janine Allis realized the growing human need and demand of staying healthy. The first boost juice store opened in Adelaide, South Australia, which embarked on the rewarding journey of the entrepreneurs- Janine Allis and Jeff Allis. Their concept of fresh juice and smoothies came out to be the perfect answer to a healthy living. Their juices provided a combination of freshness, delicacy and natural diet.

Most importantly, the popularity of the Boost Juice company was not instant, it took them three long years to yield profits from their business. These earnings were capitalized when the company adopted various juice marketing techniques. Today, the company has more than 270 stores internationally in various parts of Asia, South Africa, India and Europe. To penetrate its business deeper into the roots of various countries, the company has followed various boost juice marketing strategies, which have helped the brand reach the heights of success.

What might look like an empire today, is surely a result of slow and persistent juice marketing and application of fresh ideas that the company has implemented at each step of its success ladder. Along with various other marketing strategies, Boost juice company instills the following 5P’s in its marketing campaigns. Also, each campaign has proven to have strengthened the customer- company relationships and brought more trust and popularity from the boost juice consumers from across the world.

5 P’s of Boost Juice marketing


Product is the kind of every brand, so is the case with the Boost juice company. The juice company offers a varied range of juices and smoothies to its customers, all of which are highly liked and appreciated by the people around. All the products offered at the Boost juice stores are natural and contain great health value. The drinks and smoothies are not only delicious but extend great support to its consumers to maintain a strong and strict healthy diet. Moreover, the aim of each product developed by the company is to provide instant freshness and energy to the people who consume the boost juices and smoothies.

One very important thing that makes Boost juice company an exemplary figure for other such organizations is that the company does not use any added preservatives in the making of its products and each flavor added to the products comes from the natural ingredients added to them.


Boost Juice marketing strategies has made sure that the products of the company reach a wide range of consumers. To make this possible, the company has opened Boost juice stores in various parts of Asia, Europe, South Africa and India. It even has a franchise in the United Kingdom, which further expands the reach of the boost juice company. Due to the large expansion of the brand, a person can easily find suitable answers, if he searches for, ‘Boost juice near me’, on Google.


The third successful ‘P’ of Boost Juice marketing is the People it is associated with. The boost company ensures a quality environment for its internal and external public. Almost every individual employed by the company owns a great experience and knowledge of the respective industry, which reflects positively in the quality production of the services offered to the clients of the juice company.


The company makes sure that the price of its products is reachable and accessible by the common man. Therefore, it follows a low price strategy and caters high quality juices and smoothies to its clientele. This low price boost juice marketing strategy makes it possible for the company to multiply its reach among the target audience.


Through its wide network, the company leaves no stone unturned to ensure that it spreads the word of popularity among all strata of people. It adopts the right promotional strategies to fit in and reach its target audience. Also, with the help of Online, broadcast and print media, the juice company ensures that it expands the reach of boost juice stores around the world. This is perfectly done by connecting and reaching more and more people on a daily basis.

The above mentioned 5Ps of boost juice marketing, not only helps the brand in expanding its reach but also helps the boost juice stores to gain recognition in the areas of its approach.

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How successful is Boost Juice?

Boost Juice is a very successful company today. It’s natural, fresh vegetable and fruit products are the secret behind its massive success. They are super healthy, contain no preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. It is because of all these qualities of its products that Boost Juice has become Australia's favorite juice and smoothie bar.

What is the purpose of Boost Juice?

The purpose of Boost Juice is to make healthy living, fun and tasty for people. The company is passionate about helping its customers get 100% fruit juices and smoothies which contain no preservatives and artificial flavors.

Who are Boost Juice competitors?

The Top 3 competitors of Boost Juice are- Starbucks, Pulp juice and SPC.

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