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Boost Juice Marketing

Boost Juice Bars is an Australian fruit juice and smoothie’s outlet established in March 2000 having headquarters in Chad stone Melbourne. The founder of the company is Janine Allis. The founder has conceived the idea of this business during the American trip by considering the need for juices in America. The company was started locally but now has expanded its operations on international grounds and in 467 locations. The company focuses on building the brand by performing social responsibility towards the environment. The company has 500 stores in 13 countries over the world.

Marketing is a core activity in business operations. The business strategies of the company are affected by the marketing strategy of the company. The marketing of the company starts before any other activity as the company has to research the market to find out the needs and demands of the market which will provide the basis for the other operations of the business. The main objective of the business is to provide customer satisfaction which can maximize the profits of the company. Customer satisfaction can be achieved if the company has knowledge about the demands of the customer. Thus, the main focus is on the customer. This will increase the sales of the company by enhancing the brand image of the company in the market. Thus, the need for marketing has arisen in this modern global business world. You can seek essay help from professionals to get assistance for writing marketing strategies.

The main marketing basis of Boost juice bars

It is its natural health servings such as Juice, smoothies, protein and energy drinks. 

The marketing of Boost Juice Bars company considers the need of updating the description of the company; which is written by the developers in a technical manner to create a buzz in the market to influence the existing customers as well as attract the potential customers. 

The company wants to flow the new mobile phone app with the partnership of app maker. The app will create more impact on the market and will be more economical for the company due to less operating cost and better returns. This has also built a great brand image.

Environment based marketing:

The company is promoting it's business on the environment parameters. The environment-friendly brand has adopted various practices, as in 2013, the company has started providing the servings in paper cups replacing the use of Styrofoam. The replacement has been done because of the following reasons:

• The paper cups are more environment-friendly than Styrofoam.
• The surface of the paper cups is friendlier to hold and touch.
• The cup is reusable in the store.

Marketing mix of the company: 

Marketing mix is the marketing strategies of the company related to different factors of the company which impacts the marketing of company such as product, place, price, and promotion. The mix adopted by the company is as follows:

Product: Boost Juice has planned to cure the major issue in public, i.e. obesity due to unhealthy food and drinks, Australian people are facing the overweight problem. To improve the eating habits of people, the company is supplying healthy drinks with a proper mix of healthy ingredients to make fruit and vegetable juices which are specially manufactured to cure certain diseases. The juices of the company are blended with yogurt, which is the specialty of the company. Even they have many opportunities to add more product range, which can maintain their product brand and returns such as sandwiches, pastries, and hot drinks.

Price: The company has adopted the price skimming strategy. Thus, the company is charging premium prices for the quality products they are serving to their customers. The price range set by the company is differential depending upon the customer. 

Place: Currently, Boost juice company is providing their services over a wide geographical area by covering the local markets through providing Franchise of company, the wide distribution channel supplying the products in supermarkets. The company’s extensive supply makes them enable to start more than 200 retail outlets in just seven years of establishment of the company. 

Promotion: the company is attracting customers through the brand building by focusing on the health issues of the public so that customers can relate to the company. The famous campaign of Boost Juice is “Squeezing what you love” ensuring providing great taste with health, in different flavors of your choice. The company mainly plans its campaigns to impact juxtaposed effect on the customers as well as potential customers. To maintain the relation and retain the customers, the company takes feedback of the customer through email. Retaining the customer is more beneficial than creating a new one.

The weakness of the company

The main weakness faced by the company is the huge cost. The company is incurring on its marketing and promotions to maintain their brand image. Even in the product range of the company, they are dealing with perishable products. Thus, the company has to ensure the safety and validity of the product, and it requires high maintenance and wastages. So, the company has divided its product range depending upon the season. In summers, it supplies juices only. Whereas, in winters, there is the supply of hot drinks such as coffee and tea only which may not suit all their customers. For more information about the weakness for writing an assignment, you can get assignment help Melbourne.


Boost Juice company, an Australian company is providing a wide range of healthy products to cure the health issues of the public to build a healthy nation. The company has the main strength of its brand image among its customers by providing high-quality products and supply at the wider geographical area. Thus, the extensive distribution channel they have. The only weakness is to maintain the cost by controlling wastages. The customers require the supply of hot as well as cold drinks all the time. So, the company has to find a strategy to maintain their supply.

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