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Explanation of Precis writing with examples

Isabelle Taylor | 02 Feb,2021

A characteristic analysis of Precis writing with examples

Writing in any form is challenging unless you actually possess the ability to communicate absolutely through the power of your words. In other words, writing is an art, attaining proficiency in which is quite tough. You not only need highly creative skills, but also should concentrate thoroughly to be able to produce a highly effective piece of writing. Also, there are a number of writing types, which have their respective style and structure, with respect to their purpose.

Additionally, being a student, you are given a number of assignment tasks as a part of your college routine. Though, there are many pros and cons of homework, still homework has always proven to be a fruitful exercise. The tasks given test your intelligence and your ability to portray your thoughts with the help of words. In this blog we are going to detail one such writing, which you get to write a number of times, as a part of your college assignment. It is Precis writing, which independently as well as collectively with other writing and presentation assignments, form an important part of your college assignment curriculum.

What is precis writing?

As the name says, Precis writing is written in a precise form. It is the summary or the gist of any writing passage. You are given this writing assignment as a part of your course, by your teacher to analyse your calibre for short and crisp writing.

A precis writing is supposed to convey the summary of the passage in concern with the use of minimal words. It should in a whole, communicate all the important points of the passage in a much simpler and easier way. The motive of Precis writing is to introduce the reader with the idea of the passage by disseminating the information in a short form.

Generally, students like you confuse Precis writing with paraphrasing, but originally it is different from the latter. In paraphrasing, you are supposed to cover all the points of the document. However, in precis writing, you are just required to include the important points of the passage and then present it in the form of a summary. The rules of Precis writing are generally same for all countries, but in case you find any differnce, you can contact Assignment Help India or Assignment Help Australia, depending on your region.

What are Precis writing rules?

A Precis writing is certainly one of the most demanding tasks that require a considerable time investment from your side. You need to possess strong comprehension skills as well as the ability to relate and present thighs well, to excel in the activity of Precis writing.

Here are some simple rules, following which you can ace in the practise of this writing

  • Understand the theme of the passage

    The first and the most important thing is to thoroughly read and comprehend the purpose of the passage. By understanding the theme, you get to clearly perceive the important points, which further help you in writing crisp and short summary of the passage.

  • No copying from the passage

    In Precis writing, you need to carefully mould the structure of a sentence, by keeping the essence of the points alive. Remember, you cannot copy the same sentences, you must always rewrite them in an efficient way.

  • Carry clarity and conciseness

    One imperative point that you should always keep into consideration is that a Precis writing has to be very clear. Undoubtedly, you have to write short, but the meaning of the passage should not change. Also, it should at no point change the context of the passage.

Carry clarity and conciseness
  • A reflection of your intelligence

    The Precis write- up should at every point demonstrate the writing skills you possess. From the language of the writing to appropriate usage of words, every single step should exhibit high perfection and excellence. This along with helping you form a positive impression on your teacher, also helps you earn a self refection. This further allows you to get higher scores in your college assignment.

  • Be original

    While writing, you should always ensure that you write every sentence by yourself. No retention of the important phrases or sentences should be done from the original passage, which directs that every sentence should be created in your own words.

  • Use of indirect speech

    A Precis writing is done by analysing the point of view of a third person, so it can not employ the use of direct speech. It has to be effectively done by using the indirect speech and presenting the other person’s view in your summary.

  • Use facts and statistics

    The numbers and the facts help to maintain the credibility of the text. It also helps to increase the quality of your writing and even builds the interest of the reader in your topic of writing. Therefore, you must not miss out the facts and numbers while writing the Precis.

  • An analysis of the various sections

    It is by carefully analysing the various sections of the essay, that you can successfully evaluate the importance of its respective parts. Further, you can efficaciously mention the crucial points of the passage, only if you have read it thoroughly and have identified the areas which carry high proportional value.

  • A interpretation of the original passage

    Being a Precis writer, you are ought to conclude the passage with your own understanding of the essay. Many students try to comment on the writer’s perspective, but here you are actually required to conclude the passage, by giving it a meaningful conclusion from your point of view.

  • Size should be one third of the original passage

    third of the original passage, along with maintaining the individuality of the passage.

All these rules can definitely help you in writing a seamless Precis writing for your passage and help you get good marks for your college assignment. Also, you should make it a point that the very significance of the passage should not be lost, while you draft its Precis. In case you are stuck while writng your Precis, then you can always contact our instant assignment help services. We, at Assignment help 4 me, are readily available to help you complete your college assignments. 

What is Precis writing format?

Once you are clear with the rules of the precis writing, now is the time for you to understand the format, by following which you can effortlessly complete your assignment. Before that, always remember, Precis writing is based on the facts and figures you have gathered from a certain passage, so it is highly crucial for you to read the passage thoroughly. It is only by reading it with proper concentration, that you can easily make your mind aware of the facts mentioned in the passage.

  • As discussed, the very first step of Precis writing is to form a clear understanding of the passage. It is after forming a clear view of the subject, you actually get to know the idea behind the passage.

  • While reading the content, make sure you highlight the important points of the passage. It will help you in keeping track of the important information that needs to be written in your Precis. Also, you should omit the information, which you feel is not important for your Precis.

  • Further, you need to remember that logical ordering is highly important when it comes to precis writing. Additionally, the right ordering helps in making things much clearer to your audience and they tend to understand your take in a processed way.

  • If you have some names to be mentioned in your Precis, remember, they should be with the designations, as it helps to increase the credibility of the content. In case, the designations are not mentioned in the passage, you can write the first name.

  • Moving on, the word count of the passage should be taken into account, because one- third of the same has to be written in Precis. Therefore, a prior word count is also beneficial for you.

  • Now, prepare the draft of your Precis by jotting all the important points together. Do remember to maintain the flow of your writing and you should not miss any important information, you have collected while reading the passage.

  • Before finally submitting your Precis, make sure you review all the details carefully. Also, you must do a thorough check of your grammatical and structural errors. Furthermore, one thing not to miss is to mention the total count in a bracket after the end point of your Precis.

Precis writing examples with answers

Now, is the time of practical execution of all the lessons, we have learnt above. This section will detail out the examples of passages, you get in your college assignments and the examples of Precis writing out of the same.

Passage 1- Unsinkable Ship

Passage 1- Unsinkable Ship

Important points

  • Passenger and Car Ferry Estonia sank in the Baltic

  • Boat was well designed, had sufficient lifeboats, inspected properly

  • It sank just few hours after its voyage

  • 912 died, whereas only 139 survived

  • Women, children and elderly people died and majorly men survived

Precis-The deadly voyage

The unexpected Passenger and Car Ferry Estonia sank in the Baltic, only a few hours after its voyage. Its sinking remains an unsolved puzzle even today as the boat was well designed, carried adequate lifeboats and was inspected carefully before its journey. Another mystery is that out of 139 survivors, most were men, whereas a majority of women, children and elderly died, of total 912 deaths.

Passage 2- Dolphins

Passage 2- Dolphins

Important points

  • Dolphins are known for their friendly gestures

  • Dolphins community is more complex to understand

  • Their probability of communicating without words is high

  • They might even be more intelligent than men

  • The only superiority that humans possess is the power to kill dolphins easily

Dolphins- the compassionate beings

The friendliness of dolphins have always been believed to be superior to that of humans. They are even supposed to be more intelligent and superior than mankind, but lack behind due to their weak physical strength. Further, their benevolent character can be witnessed in their communication process and gestures they showcase towards other dependable members of the community


What is precis writing?

Precis writing involves writing the summary of paragraph or comprehension under study. In the summary, you have to include all the important points and facts related to the paragraph in a creative and crystal clear manner.

How do you write a precis?

There are some simple steps to write a precis. First of all, you have to read the paragraph or comprehension carefully. Also, while reading you have to take notes of all the important points, facts and evidence used by the author. Then, you have to creatively summarize the paragraph or comprehension in your own words using the important points, facts and evidence collected.

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