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Introduction of Boost Juice

The Boost Juice bar is a retail organization of fruit and vegetable juices and was founded by Janine Allis in March 2000. The company was formed in Australia and now operates in different countries across the world. The first store of Boost Juice Bar was opened in Adelaide. In this store, Janine examined the taste and preference of the consumers. She also identifies the different logistics and trends in the market. In 2006, Boost Juice ceased their operations in New Zealand when the Franchiser was put into liquidation. In the year 2010, the company signed a franchise agreement for India.  The company sells fresh and healthy products to their customers. Due to an increase in the operations of the company, it has hired a huge number of employees in staff. Boost Juice established more than 350 stores across the globe in 17 countries. It generally targets teenage people who are more conscious. It provides a variety of juices ranging from smoothies to bars for satisfying the needs of the customers. It also provides different energy and protein drinks, smoothies, snacks and other drinks that are made from fruit and vegetables. The range of juices includes different flavors such as wild berry juice, mint condition, immunity juice, veggie garden, energizer juice and two & five juice. The company is at the growing at attaining a good amount of revenue.    

Marketing mix of Boost Juice

The marketing mix is the fundamental concept of a marketing plan where all the methods are systematically applied for increasing the sales of the product. The marketing mix of Boost juice is explained in the form of – Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence.

1. Product – Boost juice provides high-quality fruit juice, smoothies, and juice bars. The company develops the product according to the taste of its consumers.  It always focuses on the quality of the products. It avoids artificial flavors, preservatives, and unnatural products. The product of the company named smoothies is filled with natural ingredients. Super smoothies of the company add various boosters in order to provide maximized benefits to the customers. The company customized its products in different locations for fulfilling the needs of the customers. The categories of products are discussed as –

• Boost Kid Essentials
• Boost high protein powder
• Boost calorie smart
• Boost  original
• Boost Choco nut
• Boost Choco éclair
• Boost plus
• Boost simply complete
• Boost glucose control

2. Price – Boost implements the competitive pricing policy for the purpose of penetrating the market in the regional and rural areas. It implements an adequate pricing policy to satisfy the demand of the customers. There are various competitors i.e. Pepsi and Coke in the health drink market and thus the company cannot charge a high price to customers. Boost Juice enhances Volume pricing policy which means that pricing strategies are made according to the quantities of products. Example – 1 kg packing of Boost costs lesser than the 2 kg packing of boost. With high competition, the company offers free gifts and discount for increasing the sales of the products.      

3. Place – For expanding the Boost juice operations, the company adopts the strategy of Franchising. In franchising, the company chooses the experienced and prominent market player who have intensive knowledge of the local market. Apart from Franchising, the company focuses on the brands and maintains the integrity of the organization. The company also acknowledges that different customers in different areas have different customs, values, tastes, purchasing power and habits. It also acknowledges that its promotional strategy in the foreign market is different from the local marketing strategies according to the needs of the customers.     

4. Promotion – The company adopts the Above the line and Below the line promotional strategy for promoting their product. In above the line promotional strategy, it includes the promotion of the products through television, radio and any other social media campaigns. On the other hand, below the line includes the promotion of the products through Websites, email marketing, customer service, and media coverage.

5. People – People refers to the employees, founders and other culture of the company. According to the “love life” philosophy, the company gives an exceptional experience to their customers. The attractive stores of Boost juice company with vibrant colors provide an exceptional experience to the customers. It also focuses on to provide exceptional services to their customers.      

6. Process – Process of any company refers to complaints, service delivery and response time of the company. The company offers exceptional customer services except for the service quality and the complaints of the customers are resolved quickly by the firm.

7. Physical evidence – Physical evidence includes the recommendations, user stories and general buzz around the organization. To share the stories of the customers, the company has its own website and it implements other social media campaigns. By tapping the current social trends, it also tries to create buzz.

With 7 p’s of the marketing mix, it becomes easy to evaluate the strategies of boost juice organization. For assignment help USA for Woolworths, boost juice, etc, you can get assistance from highly-qualified writers having degrees in the same field.

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