A state wise study of Australia University rankings

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The ability to educate and train himself in the best possible environment and at world class training centers, is supposed to be the greatest achievement of any student today. Also, with the growth in opportunities these days, the number of applicants at colleges are also constantly increasing. This creates a highly competitive zone for the students, where winning a seat for themselves in the top most Universities is nothing less than a dream come true.

In such cutthroat scenario, Australia is one country which specializes in facilitating its students with endless opportunities in the field of education. According to UNs Human Development Index, Australia stands second highest in the Education scale. Also, it is the largest education provider to international students. The various Universities and the colleges of Australia have been trusted by students from years long and it has undoubtedly become a second home for many foreign students, who look for quality education.

There are many factors, which define the success of Universities in Australia, but the main assets, which prove to be highly beneficial to the students for their current as well as future growth are, the education and employability standards of the University. These again, are the two arenas, where Australian Universities rank in the top list among the top Universities of the world.

To simplify the search, about universities in Australia providing best graduate salaries, high quality education and high employability rate, following is the state wise bifurcation of top universities of the respective states of Australia.The lists have been formulated after a deep research on four scales-world graduate employability, national graduate salary, national employability percentage, and national University ranking. For calculating the top universities, marks on a scale of 10 were given for each parameter, as described in the Appendix of the article. The combined evaluation of these parameters has helped in producing the following explicit state-wise segmented list of top Australian Universities.

State-wise segmented list of topAustralian Universities

New south wales university

One of the most developed states of Australia, New South Wales is home to a number of top Universities of Australia. It is located on the East Coast of the country and has Sydney as its Capital. The Department of Education is responsible for maintaining the standards of education in the state. Also, it provides quality education to about 3,90,000 students out of which 78,000 students are from foreign lands. Though, all the Universities of New South Wales offer world class education, but here is the list of top 9 universities in New South Wales, which provide best education and placement opportunities to students

Top Universities in New South WalesMarksPosition
University of New South WalesUniversity of New South Wales36.931
University of SydneyUniversity of Sydney36.542
University of technology,SydneyUniversity of technology,Sydney33.863
Macquarie UniversityMacquarie University33.344
University of New CastleUniversity of New Castle33.135
The University of WollongongThe University of Wollongong31.716
Southern Cross UniversitySouthern Cross University26.597
Australian Catholic UniversityAustralian Catholic University26.568
Western Sydney UniversityWestern Sydney University25.649
The rankings on the list have been evaluated as per the steps mentioned in the appendix
  • University of New South Wales

    Ranked 28th in the world for Employability status, the University of New South Wales is the 4th leading University in Australia in all major terms of teaching practices, student orientation and research activities. The average graduate salary of the students of University of New South Wales is $100,000 and its full time employment percentage is 89.30%. Along with establishing its strong name in the education industry, the University has also registered its name in Group of Eight Australia and contributes majorly towards improving the economic standards of the World.

    Also, the University of New South Wales, caters education in almost all the undergraduate fields and offer varied Post Graduate Research Programs to students from across the Globe.

  • University of Sydney

    Top 3rd University in Australia, University of Sydney is ranked on the 4th position in the graduate employability index globally, as defined by the QS World rankings. Also, over the years it has earned the status of world class University by regularly registering itself in the top 50 Universities of the Globe. The courses offered in the University ranges from Arts and Social Sciences to Health sciences, Business to Health, Engineering to Medicine and Health. Moreover, it has three separate University Schools in the field of Architecture Design and Planning, Music and Law.

    Being a world class University, it believes in inculcating active learning strategies and leadership values in the students. These skills get well penetrated in the industry, with University of Sydney producing 87.4 full time average employment percentage and its students drawing a usual salary of $78, 300. To make the career prospects even brighter for the students, the University of Sydney organizes many internship and placement programs for them. These programs are designed as per the education stage and field of the student.

  • University of technology,Sydney

    An inclusive University, University of Technology has around 40,000 students enrolled in the vast spread numbers of 130 Undergraduate and 210 Post graduate courses. The cultivation technique of the various fields of education is aligned with the global practice- oriented learning approach, which hones the students for their future alliances at the world level.

    Moreover, it has been ranked 64th in the world for graduate employability and has an average 85.30 Full time employment percentage. Moving on, the mean graduate salary drawn by the students of University of technology Sydney, is $83,300. The University stands on the 9th position in the top universities of Australia and has also been rated as the highest performing universities in terms of research and academic programs run by them.

  • Macquarie University

    Located in New South Wales of Australia, the Macquarie University is renowned for its highly productive average graduate salary of $95,000 offered to its students by the industry. Also, it's full-time employment average percentage is 88.40, which is one of the major credentials that students look for, before applying for admission to any university.

    The university ranks at number 13 among the top national Universities and implements its three-stage process- Educate, Enable and Empower, to shape the skills of its students as per the requirements of the respective industries.

    The courses available at the university ranges from the undergraduate to degree to diploma, research courses, double degrees, foundation and intensive programs in the various fields of education. Further, there are many programs offered by the university under the Career and Placement Program, which aim to train both international and Australian students with the expertise to gain excellence in their respective career goals.

  • University of Newcastle

    A University pioneering the field of Research and Innovation, the University of Newcastle tops the charts with 91.3 (highest percentage) full time employment percentage in Australia. The university has partnered with entities across the Globe and its students are known to get offered an average graduate salary of $90,000.

    It ranks 10th on the national platform and its researches are well searched and cited internationally. The University of New Castle believes in moving constantly towards its vision of achieving excellence in every sphere of research and education. Also, its high quality education practices and world renowned educators, are the two main foundations behind its ever growing and exemplary institutional structure.

  • University of Wollongong

    With an optimistic approach and a promise towards positivity, the University of Wollongong has a great graduate average salary turnout of $88,900 for its students. Moreover, the general full time employment percentage of the university is as high as 88.20%, which is one of the main reasons of increasing enrollments of students in the Wollongong University.

    Furthermore, along being one of the most respected universities of new South wales, the university has bagged the position of 11th number at the national level. Additionally, crediting on its out of the box thinking approach, the university has been listed on the top 20 modern universities across the Globe.

  • Southern Cross University

    `Located at the Lismore and Coffs Harbour in New South Wales, Southern Cross University is ranked among the top 50 national Universities of Australia. The courses offered at University ranges from Arts and social sciences to health sciences, Digital media and technology to Engineering and Science, Marine and environmental science to nursing and midwifery and many more.

    With an average full time employment of 87.40 %, the university is also famous for shaping its students skills right, to grab a usual graduate salary of $91,200. Adding to the above facts, the Southern Cross University has been publishing many researches done collectively by its young minds and experienced educators, which are accessed largely at the Global level.

  • Australian Catholic University

    Exercising on its vision of providing valuable employment, Australian Catholic University produces an average of 84.70 full term employment percentage. These brilliant researchers and students are further known to grab an average graduate salary of $86,000 from the global market.

    Ranking in top 50 top universities, nationally, Australian Catholic University has slowly become one of the most preferred choices of the students not only from regional surroundings but also from countries around the world.

  • Western Sydney University

    With an average outcome of 77.50% in full time employment for its students, the Western Sydney University is focused to provide placement and learning centric experience to its students. For this, university has formed a placements hub, which work exclusively on the employability status and requirements of the students and work on the management and maintenance of complimentary resources and data. It also keeps a close alliance with the students, to understand their needs and prospering demands of the relative employment industries of the world.

    Also, the university has made a mark for itself in the list of top 9 Universities of New South Wales by providing an average graduate salary of $71,400 to its students. The Western Sydney University, thus make sure that all the students in the undergraduate, post graduate, honors, masters, degrees, doctoral and research programs are finely tuned with the latest developments in the varied industries.


Standing second in both the population and economic status of Australia, Victoria is home to influential employment sectors such as finance, insurance and Information Technology. The fast growth of service industry in Victoria, is the reason that contributes majorly to the large number of employment opportunities available in the state. Also, it is one of the most beautiful states of Australia, which attracts a considerable count of tourists and add to the growth in business opportunities of Victoria.

One major sector that has been flourishing at a fast pace in Victoria, is Education. Additionally, the enormous educational opportunities available in the schools and colleges of Victoria, collectively make it possible for the state to grow multi-dimensionally. From the varying Universities functioning in the state, following is the list of top 7 Universities of Victoria:

Top Universities in VictoriaMarksPosition
University of MelbourneUniversity of Melbourne36.11
Monash UniversityMonash University33.052
RMIT UniversityRMIT University31.053
Deakin UniversityDeakin University28.424
La Trobe UniversityLa Trobe University27.875
Swinburne University of TechnologySwinburne University of Technology27.86
Victoria UniversityVictoria University24.227
The rankings on the list have been evaluated as per the steps mentioned in the appendix
  • University of Melbourne

    The university of Melbourne stands on number 32 in the world’s the QS Graduate Employability 2020 and on number 6 in the world employability 2019. It is also the top most University in Australia in terms of serving maximum number of international students and ranks on number 2 in the overall national ranking of universities. It has around 100 research centers and institutes, which together work in instilling innovation and leadership skills in each of its students.

    The university has approximately more than 52,000 students studying in its undergraduate and higher degree courses. Out of the total, the percentage of international students is 42% from around 130 countries. The university is constantly working to create brighter future prospects for all these students which is evident from its average full term employment percentage, that is, 87%.

    The University of Melbourne, offers many placement programs under the varied graduate and post graduate courses taught to its students. These programs are directed to train students for their future ventures with the leading organizations of the world.

  • Monash University

    Monash University believes in making a change in the thinking ability of the students and thereby enabling them to create a positive change in their lives as well as in the lives of people they come in contact with. The courses designed at Monash University ranges from undergraduate to post graduate and research to professional development degrees.

    Also, the university is ranked 59th in the world according to the Qs World employability rankings 2019 and it enjoys the 6th rank at national level. Moreover, the leaders across the world prefer hiring from the Monash University as they are well aware of the high standards of education and services delivered to the students of various disciplines. This preference is noticeable from the 82.50 median full term employability percentage of its students, who grab an average graduate salary of $78,300.

    It is also a member of Group of Eight and is the only university which has acquired the status of triple crown international business certification in the field of Business and Economics

  • RMIT University

    A renowned institution in Victoria with an image of building progressive employer- student relationships, RMIT University is one among the many popular Universities of Australia. In the recent years, the University has shown great progress and has moved up in the ladder of success and reached among the top 100 global Universities as per the QS Graduate Employability Rankings.

    The university is known to offer great number of placements to its students and the same can be proven with the facts that it has 80.50% of average full time employability and its median graduate salary drawn by the students is, $70,000. Also, the university ranks in the 13th number as per the national rankings of Australia 2019.

  • Deakin University

    Deakin University believes in forming direct relationships with the employers and thereby exploring various opportunities for the University students. The university trains its students with the required skill set to specialize in their respective areas of study. This is effectively done with the help of experienced teachers and trainers who themselves withhold a significant industry experience. Further, the employment opportunities provided by Deakin University to its students are also impressive as its average percentage of full term employment is 84.20 and average graduate salary that its students get is $80,000.

    Adding on, it has a freelancing hub, in which the students are made to perform real assignments on freelance basis from the actual clients. This activity is an expansion of graduate employment drive and it is exclusively designed to give more practical exposure to its students.

  • La Trobe University

    One of the best young Universities of the world, La Trobe University is ranked among the top 300 world Universities as per the world employability rankings. Also, on the same scale, the University ranks on the 14th Number in Australia and 4th in Victoria, according to the 2018-19 Graduate Employability rankings. Moreover, the university is a well- established name in the employer’s list due to its quality standards of education and top research methodologies. The students of La Trobe University have been witnessed to get $74,500 average graduate salary while the average full time employment percentage is 84.20.

    Additionally, the university has been ranked first by the employers, in the state of Victoria and fifth across the country in terms of implanting foundation skills in its students. Due to all the enlisted credentials, the university has bagged the 5th position in the top universities of Victoria.

  • Swinburne University of Technology

    A university with an expertise to balance adventure and lectures in a balanced way, Swinburne University of Technology ranks 21 among the top universities of Australia. The university has also formed a place for itself among the top 400 universities of the world at the world employability scaling.

    The Swinburne University of Technology offers courses in all fields of education and excels its students with the skills of innovation and creativity in each of its educational field. This can be supported by the facts that the university has an average employability percentage of 83% and $85,000 is its average graduate salary that its students draw from the professional market.

  • Victoria University

    Ranking among the top 30 universities of Australia, Victoria University is facilitated with all the top amenities along with best education system. Also, it has campuses across the suburbs of Melbourne, all of which are determined to provide quality education to thousands of its students from in and out the country.

    The university firmly believes in empowering its students with placements and job opportunities and therefore its usual full term employment percentage is 77.20% and its average graduate salary that its students get offered from world industry is $65,000.


A host of thousands of marine species in its extensively spread water bodies, Queensland is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Australia. Its beautiful scenery and beaches withholds the attention of the visitor for long, thus making it quite serene and enjoyable to spend luscious time with friends or self. Apart from being a tourist state, the magnificent part of Australia is also home to many renowned Universities of the world. The state offers hundreds of courses to over thousands of students studying in the varied Universities of Queensland. Following is the list of top 8 Universities of Queensland:

Top Universities in QueenslandMarksPosition
University of QueenslandUniversity of Queensland34.161
Queensland University of TechnologyQueensland University of Technology33.112
James Cook UniversityJames Cook University30.173
Central Queensland UniversityCentral Queensland University28.624
Griffith UniversityGriffith University28.425
University of Southern QueenslandUniversity of Southern Queensland26.526
Bond UniversityBond University25.397
University of Sunshine CoastUniversity of Sunshine Coast23.88
The rankings on the list have been evaluated as per the steps mentioned in the appendix
  • University of Queensland

    A university with a global outlook, University of Queensland is equipped with more than hundred courses catering to around 50, 000 students across the globe. The University keeps on introducing various strategies and frameworks to stay at pace with the changing technologies and needs of the modern world. Also, at every step of its education programs, it accustoms its students with the latest technological developments and techniques to help them compete with the ever moving ambitious scenario. Gratefully, all of its efforts have proven to be fruitful with university producing outcomes of an average 81.6% and $80,000 in full term employability and graduate salary, respectively.

    The university ranks in 5th position among the top universities of Australia and these statistics help the students of the university of Queensland to grab a job for themselves.

  • Queensland University of Technology

    Ranked among the top 150 Universities as per the 2019 QS World Employability Rankings, Queensland University of Technology has been moving up in the ladder with each passing year. This is major because of the continuous developments in the University and production of highly skilled and trained students for the placement process. Also, the university’s efforts in learning and teaching have been recognized and awarded with many trophies at the national level. Moreover, the university has carved great statistics for the future of its students by setting exemplary figures of 88.10% in average full term employment and an average of $93,000 graduate salary for its students.

    The University additionally keeps on reforming its placement programs to help students learn the skill of balancing education and work. Its Unihub is also directed to help the students get placements and move a step further towards their achievement of the ultimate job in the real world.

  • James Cook University

    A renowned name among the employers of Australia, James Cook University has over the years bagged its position on the top number, in terms of providing full time employment (average 88.80%) to its post graduate students. Even, the after-work experience of the employers with the students of James Cook University is also highly satisfactory due to which it is ranked among the top 3 universities in Australia for Employer Satisfaction.

    Due to such a high profile image of the university, its students also grab an average graduate salary of $93,700. These numbers have enabled the university to make a mark for itself in the top 20 universities of Australia. Also, it is because of the practical learning and the research oriented approach that the students of James Cook University are given so much value on a global scale.

  • Central Queensland University

    The university has been ranked among the top 2% of the universities across the globe as per the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and is among top 30 national universities of Australia. The university’s contribution in the tertiary sector is well recognized due to which it witnesses great number of enrollments from different countries of the world.

    Moreover, the university has been rated as the top most for providing best startup salaries to its students. To support the fact, an average graduate salary that its students get is $99,100 and it usually provides full-time placements to about 87.1% of its students.

  • Griffith University

    Universities across the Globe are determined to provide best educational services to its registered students. Griffith University targets not only quality education but also strives to discipline its students with the latest employability standards and demands from all over the world. The constant efforts of the university have enabled it to produce 86.90% of average full time employment for its students on a median graduate salary of $77,300 nationally.

    The university ranks 329 in the QS World Employability Rankings and ranks on number 19th in the Australian National ranking. Further to this, the university believes in self- analyzing the students first, before sending their applications for placement. Therefore, under their fit for placement, strategy, the accreditation is first given by the university itself to its students and then they are directed towards the possible placement programs or the available vacancies.

  • University of Southern Queensland

    The university truly believes in the power of networking and motivates its students to stay connected with the industry and grab the opportunities as they come. With a high full term employment percentage of 87.50, the University of Southern Queensland is quite popular among the students. The alumni and the current student’s testimonials are proof that the university caters its students with high class education and facilities. Also, the average graduate salary package of its students is $85,000, which attributes as the second most important reason for the rising enrollments in the university.

    The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and post graduate courses to students from in and across the national borders.

  • Bond University

    Ranked among the top most universities of Australia by the employers, for providing great minds for work, Bond University poses a great example of excellence in the field of academic study and research. The University, for over five years has constantly achieved 5 star ratings in the fields of teaching, employability inclusiveness, facility, internationalization and social responsibility. It has registered a name for itself in the top Universities of Queensland by facilitating 78.50% full term employment to its students. Moreover, these students have been recorded to get an average graduate salary of $65,400 by their employers.

    Also, theBond University extends great support to its students for helping them grab placements opportunities at various fields of work across the globe. Along with being listed in the top 30 Universities of Australia, the University has also got its name enlisted in the QS top 400 world employability list.

  • University of Sunshine Coast

    Located in the Sunshine coast of Queensland, USC is a public University which was formed in 1996 as a college and was later given the status of University in 1999. The university, though not being a very old entity, has still bagged position in the top 35 universities of Australia. This achievement is solely because of the practical work experience that the university gives to its students. Also, it helps the students to connect with their respective professional communities and networks, and help them grow in their career.

    With a satisfying full term average employment of 76.50% of its students who get an average graduate salary of $71,500, the university of Sunshine Coast is moving up the ladder of success with each passing year.

Western Australia

Along with offering a wide variety of adventurous opportunities in the form of mountains, sea shores, forests and flowers, outback exploration, Western Australia also serves with bellyful delicacies from its vast culture and lifestyle. Not only the sceneries of Western Australia attract the tourists but its education system is equally flourishing because of the presence of some world class universities in the state. Following is the list of top 4 universities of Western Australia, where one can aim for a progressive career after becoming a part of their education culture:

Top Universities in Western AustraliaMarksPosition
The University of Western AustraliaThe University of Western Australia31.651
Curtin UniversityCurtin University30.982
Murdoch UniversityMurdoch University25.723
Edith Cowan UniversityEdith Cowan University24.924
The rankings on the list have been evaluated as per the steps mentioned in the appendix
  • The University of Western Australia

    Established as the first university of the state in 1911, the University of Western Australia rank among the top 150 universities as per the Global Employability rankings. Also, it is at the seventh position in the Australia’s top universities list, due to which it is the most preferred university of the state.

    Even, the university enjoys a strong reputation among the employers of the country as usually 81.50% students of the university gets full term employment with an average graduate salary of $75,000. This can be attributed to the three domestic and international partnerships that the university has formed networks with. These three partnerships are with Group of eight, Worldwide universities network and Matariki, which have proven as a great benefit to the students of the University.

  • Curtin University

    Ranked among the top 1% Universities of the world, Curtin University offers a number of flagship courses, which are directed to induce power and creativity in the students. It is also the largest university of western Australia, due to which it is regarded as the most popular university among the students.

    The innovative and global approach of the Curtin University has enabled it to enlist itself in the top 15 universities of Australia. Moreover, it has developed strong networks with the industries of the country and world, due to which it offers high percentage of placements and work opportunities to its students. Its average full-time employment percentage is 83,30 and the graduate salary offered to these students is $86,500 (average).

  • Murdoch University’s

    A university empowered with high research expertise, the Murdoch University’s academic researches are highly cited in the industry. These researches are the combined efforts of the students as well as the experienced educators, who leave no stone unturned to produce quality and meaningful results for the globe.

    The Murdoch University is listed among the top 30 universities of Australia and its partnerships with the industry and community helps its students to bag great opportunities at work. The results of its placement drives are well established as on an average 73.70% of its students get full time employment with an average graduate salary of $83,500.

  • Edith Cowan University

    In spite of being a young university, Edith Cowan University is climbing up the achievement ladder at a fast pace and is already home to around 6000 international students. The university has a history of 13 years of successful teaching and innovation, for which it has been constantly getting 5 stars over the years.

    Also, it stands among the top 40 universities of Australia and produces great results in terms of providing full-time employment (average 79.10%) and graduate salary (average $80,000) to its post graduate students.

South Australia

Being the fifth largest state by population, South Australia is home to some of the country’s best beaches and food outlets. It is located in the southern central part of Australia and has Adelaide as its capital. Along with other sectors, the state makes sure that due importance is given to the education field, because of which it has got few of the most reputed universities of the world. Following is the list of the top 3 Universities of South Australia:

Top Universities of South AustraliaMarksPosition
The University of AdelaideThe University of Adelaide30.111
University of South AustraliaUniversity of South Australia28.672
Flinders UniversityFlinders University27.843
The rankings on the list have been evaluated as per the steps mentioned in the appendix
  • University of Adelaide

    Ranked as the best 8th university of Australia, University of Adelaide is among the top 1% universities of the Globe. The university is also listed in the top 200 universities of the world in accordance with QS world employability standards.

    The university of Adelaide is a 143-year-old university and its students are able to encash its powerful reputation very well in the form of job placements and internships in the markets around the world. The university has been known to provide full-time employment to an average 87.2% of its students and help them get an average graduate salary of $72,000. This is surely one of the basic deciding factors, because of which many national and international students seek admission to this university.

  • University of South Australia

    Known as the Australia’s university of enterprise, theUniversity of South Australia is one of the best young universities of the world. With the student enrollments reaching up to 34,000, the university caters to almost 6000 international students. Also, it is ranked on number 16, in the list of top universities in Australia.

    With 500 international collaboration and 89 partner institutions, the university is expanding its wings rapidly. It is because of these achievements that even being at such young age, the university is able to provide 81.70% (average) of full time employment and $85,000 (average) graduate salary to its students.

  • Flinders University

    A university offering highest full-time employment (average 87.2%) to its students in south Australia, Flinders University transcends an experience of 50 years in the field of teaching and research. The university has over the years developed a strong place in the international community and allows its students to build their chain of network on the same platforms.

    Along with sharing the expertise and inculcating the values of innovation and exploration, the university also helps its students to gain experience with the help of technological advancements. Also, the students of the university have been known to grab an average package of $81,200 as their graduate salary.


An isolated island state bestowed with beauty and cultural practices, Tasmania has a number of spots for adventure and rejuvenation. Art galleries, national parks, mountains, food varieties are few of the attraction of the state. Along with entertainment and adventure, Tasmania is also determined to provide quality education to its citizens and students around the Globe. Its University of Tasmania boasts world class standards and educational courses to its students. Following is a brief about the university.

  • University of Tasmania

    Believing in the concept of live and learn, the University of Tasmania has opened up the gates of the entire island for its students to research and learn. Due to its excessive reach capability and closeness to nature, the students are able to take hands-on- experience, at the various campuses of the university.

    Also, the university is ranked among the top 20 universities of Australia and because of its different and creative style of teaching, its students are quite valued by the industry professionals. Therefore, on an average 91.60% of the students at the University of Tasmania get full-time employment with an average graduate salary package of $83,700.

Australian Capital Territory

Home to Canberra, the capital city of Australia and some surrounding places, ACT is a highly developed and self- governing territory of Australia. It has only one city, Canberra which hosts a number of important monuments, galleries, and lakes. In terms of education, the city is highly preferred by the students from across the world as it has few of the best universities of the Globe. Following is a brief description top 2 universities of Australian Capital Territory:

Top Universities of Australian Capital TerritoryMarksPosition
Australian National UniversityAustralian National University34.511
University of CanberraUniversity of Canberra26.62
The rankings on the list have been evaluated as per the steps mentioned in the appendix
  • Australian National University

    Enjoying the status of Australia’s best university, Australian National University is situated in the capital region of the country. Along with high standards of education and facilitating quality life to its students, the university boasts top rankings in almost every field of achievement, globally.

    According to the 2018 statistics, the university had approximately 25,500 students and almost 50% of its students got registered under the post graduate programs. It is also highly respected among the global employers, therefore its students get an average graduate salary of $76,000 and an average full-time employment percentage of 89.10.

  • University of Canberra

    One of the leading institutes of the world, University of Canberra has been functioning on a youthfully dynamic and determined approach from its very inception. The university has gradually marked its place among the top universities of the world and has become the prime spot for degree attainment for many students around the world. The students of the university have been getting great graduate salary packages around the country with an average of $78,000 per year.

    Also, the university tops the charts in providing full-time employability to its students (average 88.80%). These facts categorize the university as a powerful entity and provide its students the opportunity to outgrow their career with perfection.

Northern territory of Australia

Known for its vast Outback desert landscapes, Northern territory of Australia is sparsely populated. It is the third-largest federal division of Australia and is home to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, the UNESCO world heritage and many other rock formations that are iconic and rare. The state also has sufficient educational institutions, which proudly support the education requirements of its regional, national and international students. However, it has only one university- the Charles Darwin University, which is based at Darwin, the capital city.

  • Charles Darwin University

    Listed among the top 30 universities of Australia, Charles Darwin University provides average full-time employment to 88.30% of its students with an average graduate salary of $87,700. Moreover, the university is well-known among the students of Australia and many students across the borders enroll here, to take advantage of the global education system and advance learning procedures, carried out at the university spaces.

    Also, it is one of Australia's Dual sector universities, which is equally popular in the online space in providing educational courses to students worldwide.


The lists above have been formulated on the basis of four parameters- Global employability rankings, national rankings, national graduate salary, and national full-time employability. All the above scales have been first segmented state-wise and then scaled on a mark of 10 as given below. After the calculative results, the state-wise lists of Australia’s top Universities have been generated.

World employability ranking

  • University under 10 ranking=10
  • University from 11-50 = 9
  • Universities from 51-100= 8
  • Universities from 101-150=7
  • Universities from 151-300= 6
  • Universities from 301-500= 5
  • Universities 501 above= 4

Top Universities nationally

  • Universities from 1-3 =10
  • Universities from 4-10- 9
  • Universities from 11-15-8
  • Universities from 16-20- 7
  • Universities from 21-30- 6

Percentages and salary packages for the other two have been taken from gooduniversitiesguide.com.au, after which their analysis was merged with the above two scales. The figures were then arranged from high to low, to generate the above-mentioned lists.

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