Guiding tour for teachers to outshine the art of classroom management

A teacher is believed to possess variable characteristics, which allows him to suit himself according to the diverse needs of the students learnings. These qualities are imperative to be showcased by a teacher so as to make his strong impression among the students. At the same time, it is not easy to be accepted by the each student as it requires the adoption of certainly hard measures and calculative time to make a place for self by a teacher, in the midst of some like-minded individuals. Further, managing them sympathetically is again a challenging task, which puts a teacher in a baffled state. All the above mentioned scenarios are definitely tough to attain perfection at. Therefore, this blog is designed to propose solutions for each of the difficulties that a teacher faces while accomplishing the aim of classroom management.

Moving further, each factor detailed can be taken as the stage, which is mandatory for the teachers to accomplish excellence at. It is with the help of such definitive steps, that a teacher is easily able to establish an authenticated dignity for self. This further allows the teachers to embrace a positive outlook for each aspect that is associated with the smooth execution of his objective in academic engagement.

Additionally, the descriptive entailing of each stage can prove to be highly useful for the teachers to maintain a balance in their professional life and demonstrate a fair behavioral compliance with individual students in the class.

#Embark with the appropriate attire

The outlook or the presentation of a teacher plays a significant role in imposing a positive impression on the students. The very first look of the teacher, the personality which he carries with himself when he comes to the class, makes a strong impact on the students’ mind and they make a corresponding image. This is why it is very important for a teacher to present himself positively in front of the class. It needs to be done in a very effective manner, by making sure that he does not look weird or gives a sudden shock to the students. Additionally, the high schools or the institutions are the professional places, which have a particular code of conduct, which is supposed to be followed there. Moreover, by following the below mentioned protocols, one can be assured of forming a decisive influence over the students.

Embark with the appropriate attire
  • Carry a contagious smile

    This is the most imperative ornament, which is required to be worn by a teacher. A smiling face in any profession is not only valued but also highly preferred. It is owing to the positivity transmitted that a teacher can easily ask students to pay attention in the class. Moreover, the students love to receive smiles from their teachers as they consider this as a sign of motivation coming straight from their mentors. Thus, the teachers must make sure to carry a positive smile on their faces, which is counted as one of the majors in the classroom management skills.

  • Wear formals

    This is the ultimate need of any professional place, as formals help to create a uniform environment in the official arena. For a teacher, the clothes may vary according to the gender and the city in concern. Many teachers prefer to wear their cultural outfit, while some are supposed to follow the dress code, which is followed at many world institutes, at present times. One very important thing to note is that the duty of a teacher is for long hours, so one should always prefer to wear comfortable clothes. Such clothes would not only offer ease to the teacher, but also allow him to deliver the lecture smoothly, without giving much attention to the inconvenience of the clothes.

  • Do not wear glittery accessories

    Teachers are the guiding mentors for the students, therefore it is crucial for them to portray a sober attire in front of their audience. One significant aspect of the simple dressing is wearing non- glittery accessories. Undoubtedly accessories help a woman and man look appealing, but there is a level to which a professional can deck himself up, especially in teaching. Therefore, a teacher should always adorn himself with the right kind of accessories to suit the place and the occasion.

  • Hair should be properly tied

    Moving to the hair, it is not much a problem for the male teachers to gel up their hair properly but in case of female teachers, it does pose a challenge to manage their hair appropriately. This is because, open or mismanaged hair can be a true distraction for the students, which is why, the teachers must always keep their hair tied in a proper manner. Also, if the hair is open, then the teacher must make sure that the strands should not cover her face and must not disrupt the teaching flow in-between.

  • No to dark makeup

    Further, a teacher or an instructor should always restrict himself to the tone of soft makeup, while coming to the workplace. Moreover, a teacher is known for the attire he carries, as he is always believed to carry a distinctively positive image, which is generally admired by his students. Additionally, make-up is considered to be the symbolic characteristic of a teacher, which should always be kept minimal. Therefore, a soft and polite makeup is always appealing and appreciated by the onlookers.

  • Heels should be soft and less pointed

    The annoying noise of the heels is always uninvited by the people around. It not only grabs the insignificant attention but also distracts the students away from their tasks. Therefore, the teachers should always make it a point to wear flats or less pointed heels. Additionally, the comfort of the feet must be kept as the top priority along with taking care of the peace of the students and other teachers.

After adorning a presentable attire, next is the turn of the approach with which a teacher deals with his students.

#Have a permissible attitude-

The attitude of a teacher accounts majorly for his image that is perceived by his students. It is highly imperative for a teacher to exhibit a legitimate behavior towards his students. This very behavior enables the teacher to earn much of the required respect and attention from his students. Also, if a teacher has a negative attitude and does not talk to his pupil in an impartial manner, then he fails to leave a lasting impression on his students. Additionally, students do not tend to regard such teachers in a positive mannerism. Thus, a teacher must walk down the path of a soft and generous being, which can be done by keeping in mind, few measures mentioned below.

Have a permissible attitude
  • Always be soft to the students

    An intrinsic quality of a teacher which defines his ultimate personality is his softness in attitude and social behavior, which he practices towards his students and other colleagues. Also, it is only when a teacher is soft and polite, then the students feel comfortable to approach him for any problem. Adding on, the warmth in the teacher’s voice, keeps his students connected to him and his pupils are never afraid to communicate even the scariest of the news to him. This additionally helps the teacher to keep himself aware of all the latest happenings in and around the campus area.

  • Have a welcoming nature

    Along with possessing a soft attitude, it is mandatory for a teacher to have a welcoming nature. It can begin by greeting back students, answering them with a smiling face, responding to their enquiries and opening doors for small- time interactive sessions in- between the class. This facilitates a relaxing breather for the students as they get a chance to make themselves pally with the teacher and other classmates. Additionally, such small sessions can be highly fruitful to engage students’ intelligence in a productive direction and resume their interest in the class.

  • Teacher must make himself available for students-

    Moving on, it is a must for a teacher to make himself approachable for the students. This can be done by adopting an admissible personality by the teacher. He must keep his doors of intelligence open to be shared with the potential and impending students coming with the requests of clarification of some doubts. Even if the teacher is super busy, he must not step back from allowing himself to listen to the requests of his students and should always lend his shoulder to resolve their difficulties. This way, the teacher can fortify the trust of his students.

  • Support his answers with valid explanation

    Further the teacher must make sure he is always capable to quench the thirst of his students and match their expectations in a much positive manner. Also, it is the prime duty of a teacher to solve the doubts of his students and ascertain that they do not face any gap in the explanation and the understanding process. Additionally, to ensure the fact that each student is able to comprehend the lesson easily, the teacher must support his lessons with examples. It is due to the meticulous justification of the topic in concern, that the student is easily able to discern the concepts effectively.

  • Must never be partial

    One of the defining characteristics of a teacher is his honesty and unbiased behavior, which is mandatory to be adopted by him throughout his teaching journey. It is only when a teacher is unprejudiced, then his students tend to entrust their confidence in him and have full faith in his teachings. Also, a teacher can easily create a balanced atmosphere in the class by being neutral and never blending his personal interests with professional behavior.

  • Patience is a virtue

    Good things take time to nurture. The same is the case with positivity, good etiquettes, and results, which are tough to generate. However, it can be because of the continuous positive efforts of the teachers, that he can turn his students into obedient and earnest human beings. Though not everything that a teacher aims for can be achieved instantly, but with the constant and rigorous efforts of the teachers, a student can turn out to be a docile and reflective person. Thus, the patience of the teacher and his zealous attitude can prove to be highly fruitful for the future of the students.

  • Voice for the right, practice what he preaches

    Other than all the aspects that define the corrective attitude of a teacher, his ability to practice what he preaches establishes his strong image in front of his students. Therefore, a teacher must have the right attitude and possess the resolute perspective to portray a strong behavioral image in front of the students. Additionally, a teacher is always believed to be the role model for the students, so if he doesn’t exhibit the right attitude, then his students are certainly not going to follow his teachings.

Moving further, to the next section of various teaching styles. The following brief is an attempt to make teachers familiar about different formats which are practised in the field of teaching.

#Choose the appropriate teaching style

Teaching is an art and every teacher has its own style of disseminating the knowledge to the students. It is because of his personal approach to teaching, that he is able to form cordial relationships with his students. Also, these personal teaching styles allow the teachers to build an honoured image among the students. Further, throughout his career, he is known by his respective lecture delivering style, which actually becomes his trademark for life. Further the adaptation of a particular teaching style is must for a teacher, to be able to induce a learning and two- way communication process in the classroom.

Choose the appropriate teaching style

To define the various teaching styles in detail, following is the descriptive explanation of each style and how these teaching styles help the teachers to develop a positive rapport among the students and catch their attention throughout.

  • The Authority style

    Popularly known as the lecture style, this format of teaching is adopted by most senior lecturers, where they keep on delivering long lectures to the students and the students are supposed to note down the important points mentioned. Though, it is highly preferred that the students take regular notes of the points told by the teachers, but some students just absorb the entire information given by their teachers in an oral format. Such style is practiced by the subject teachers of history, psychology, sociology, political science and literature fields.

    Moreover, this style is generally practiced by the teachers, when there is a comparatively larger group of students and the content of the lecture revolves around the facts and figures only. Although it is good for senior and higher secondary students, it can prove to be a sleepy session for the students who have very little interest in the lecture as there is no provision for interaction in between the class.

  • The demonstrator or Coach style

    This is the style that is exhibited by the teachers dealing with a larger group of students. Here the lecture is supplemented with multimedia presentations. Though the lecture is long and tiring, the use of technical tools make it interesting and grabs the enthusiasm of the students.

    Additionally, here the teacher plays the role of a demonstrator who displays the information to the students by aiding the content with activities and demonstrations.

    A teacher can easily use this method to exhibit high standards of teaching for the subjects like Mathematics and Science, wherein students can be explained the concepts of the complicated subjects with the help of images and presentations. On the other hand, the demonstrator style is not very useful in meeting the individualistic demands of the students.

  • The Facilitator style

    This is one of the most needed teaching styles of today, where the teacher is believed to initiate critical thinking skills in the students. Also, known as the activity style, here the teacher promotes self -learning tricks and makes his students take the path of self- actualization. Moreover, this particular format is highly important to be followed with the students of today, as creativity has gone way down in the students of today. It is by following such practices of teaching, the instructors can ensure the development of creativity in their students.

    This technique of teaching can be highly fruitful, while undertaking intriguing subjects including science, language, engineering and mathematics. However, it gets really challenging for the teacher to carry out the respective style, as the management of students under this teaching style is practically tough.

  • The Delegator of Group Style

    This is the style which is best suited for the actualization of group discussions, creative writings or laboratory experiments. Here the teacher makes use of inquiry based learning and students tend to gain knowledge from the very discussion and even get motivated to process their own experiments or writings. Further these setups can be truly beneficial for the students, as they learn from each other and even get introduced with the skill of working in a team. Additionally, the students also get equipped with the art of working for a common goal and how efficiently they can work towards giving their contribution in the success of the concerned project.

  • The hybrid or the blended style

    This is the style, where the teacher accommodates his teaching style as per the requirements of his students. Also, here the aim of the teacher is to serve the needs of the student and to make him learn the concept in the best possible way. On the other hand, in the pursuit of delivering the right education to the students in the absolute way, it gets tough for one single teacher to manage a considerably high number of students in the class.

Of all the teaching styles discussed, it gets quite tough for the teachers to choose the best one. Therefore, the following section entails the best style that is most advisable to exercise.

#Which teaching style should be practiced?

Now, the question arises, which teaching style should be practiced by teachers, to suit the personalized needs of the students. To answer this question fairly, it is important to serve the learning requirements of each student. Also, it is the sole purpose of every teacher to match the individualistic intelligence of the students, so that they are able to understand and learn the concepts thoroughly.

A very simple and functional approach to this challenging question is to use a mix of teaching styles, as and when required. Additionally, it is not feasible for a teacher to practice every single technique during his teaching sessions, but an intelligent mix of the techniques can help the teacher to maintain a learning equilibrium in the class. Moreover, it is with the experimentation of the positive aspects of each teaching style, that a teacher can easily facilitate an atmosphere which is healthy as well as knowledge driven. To be able to exercise such an influential work culture, a teacher can indoctrinate the following adaptable factors in his teaching methods

Which teaching style should be practiced?
  • Be the craftsman

    A teacher is the first formal educator that a student comes across, so he acts as the potter who actually shapes the mind of the student. Therefore, a teacher is entrusted with the responsibility of modeling the career of the student in the direction that boosts his caliber. For this the teacher should make sure that he recognizes the potential of his students and guides them in the respective manner. Additionally, the teachers should make it a point to always facilitate learning to his students in a style that is well accepted and implicitly understood by the students.

  • Inclusive methods- make the children participate

    To be able to introduce students with the learnings of education, it is imperative for the teachers to use inclusive methods of teaching, which motivate children to participate in the lessons. Also, it is when the students work on things with their hands, they are able to easily grab things and for a comparatively longer period of time. These methods include the techniques of the Facilitator or the Delegator teaching styles, wherein the teacher can use various activities or the group communication methods to make children participate in the classroom sessions.

  • Build an authoritative style

    This along with the above mentioned factors is truly crucial for a teacher to make the best use of his teaching capabilities and make a stronger impact among his students. Further to be able to instruct correctly and make children listen attentively, it is important for the teacher to have an authoritative stature. Additionally, this kind of image among the students, helps the teachers to exhibit power and poise at the same time.

  • Let bilateral communication rule

    In addition to all the above mentioned factors, the present world of education demands a bilateral fashion of communication between the teacher and the student. It is owing to this facilitation that students are easily able to communicate their doubts and beliefs to the teachers and the teachers can further give their clarifications back to the students. With the help of this two-way communication, it gets easier for the students to clear their hesitations and lay down a conclusive path for their optimistic growth.

    Thus by making a productive amalgam of the above mentioned aspects, it gets uncomplicated for the teachers to preach in the right manner, along with gaining the absolute attention of the students.

Along with the suitable teaching style, a teacher has to bolster her facts and argument with demonstrative teaching aids. Thus, to provide a comprehensive account of the modern teaching tools, the following section is descriptively based on teaching aids.

#Use the correct teaching aids

A teacher is that functional element of the education system, which requires utmost creativity and influential power to make a realistic difference in the life of the students. It is because of the determining competence of the teachers, that they are evidently able to bring innovative change in the students thinking and ideology. With this certain characteristic, the teachers ignite the change of positivity among the students and they get motivated to indulge themselves into the task of polishing their skill.

However, teaching is not that simple as it looks. It requires the support of various tools and aids, which can collectively help the teachers to instruct students in the required manner. These tools are highly necessary for the teachers to attract the concentration of students and make them learn things in a faster way. Moreover, this very dependency is also essential to have productive results from the lessons that are taught to the students in the schools and colleges. To list a few of the teaching aids, which help teachers to make students learn effectively, a comprehensive outlook of few trustworthy tools is mentioned below.

Use the correct teaching aids
  • Fancy enlightenment through experimental change

    A student can be benefited in the appropriate manner, if he gets to experiment the knowledge that is imparted in the classrooms. It is through the experiments that he gets to learn the right information and in the practical way. This technique certainly aids to the development of high observation and practical orientation in the students as they get to act in the same way they have been taught. This can be truly beneficial in the technical subjects including science, mathematics and engineering. Additionally, when a student gets to see the results of the theories in a certainly constructive way, he retains the learnings in his mind for a longer period. This practical engagement of the students enables the teachers to process the educational transmission in an easier and effective way.

  • Certify breeding of ingenuity

    This teaching aid of creative involvement of students can be truly productive as it helps the students to adopt the teachings in their own creative manners. This can be done by asking students to use their originality and creativity to answer certain questions and then coming out with ways, which can ease out the learning process. It can further take the form of group work or class communication, where each student participates in an active manner and contributes towards the clarification of concepts in concern.

  • Impose students’ rule

    This again is a highly creative way that demands more of student’s involvement and thus commands total discipline in the class. In such a practice, the responsibility gets on the shoulders of the students, due to which they take the sessions very seriously and make sure that each step is taken with high precision. Additionally, when the students are given the task to present the lessons in the class, then it becomes a scene of automated management, where students go in the situation of self- control.

    Moreover, the activity of imposing student’s rule, can bring great relief for the teachers, as they can actually judge the student’s caliber and how easily they are able to make an interface with the other classmates and students. Further, it gives a self- realization to the students that management of the class is not an easy task and they make it sure to self- manage for the future sessions of the class.

  • Implantation of smart class system

    This has certainly been a very definite way for the teachers of today to build a system of interaction and provide an ease in the learning methodology of the students. It is with the help of this system, that students can easily see and understand various complex concepts in the matter of a few minutes. Also, the varied components of the smart system, including the smart board, projector, mouse and speakers, together help the teachers to give instructions to the students in a very effective manner.

    Along with this the teacher also needs to use the smart teaching techniques, which act as a great support in the transmission of the right education to the students in the most affluent and authentic way.

  • 3D printing and virtual reality

    Though technology has been one of the prime companions of quality education delivery in recent times, the newest developments of 3D Printing and Virtual reality have proven to be the progressive ways to impart practical education to students. The implication of such tools, help the students to develop a visionary approach and learn the practicalities of education in a much relative manner. In addition to this, these high- tech tools aid the students' experience and give a direct boost to their confidence. Also, it gives more power to their imaginary wings to fly and dream for things which are more creative and highly original.

    In fact, teaching aids like these build a challenging yet inquisitive atmosphere in the class, where teachers along with the students are highly involved in the learning process.

  • Right body language

    An unprecedented approach that is highly productive for every teacher, is the perfectly balanced utilization of his body language. This is undoubtedly the most influential teaching aid, which is truly fruitful for any teacher around the world. Moreover, it is the use of powerful body language by a teacher that a student can easily develop a bond with him and thus comprehend the lesson. The inclusion of right  and powerful body language in the teaching style, can certainly fortify the effectiveness of education that is imparted by the teacher.

    In addition to this, the proper and controlled hand movements, taking timely trolls in the classroom, making decisive eye contacts with the students, keeping a constant smile on the face and dressing up right, contribute majorly towards building a positive environment in the class. Further, the work pressure on the teachers is a common factor that is seen in the current education system, which can be dealt easily by practicing power pose. For this, the teacher can first practice the power pose, then enter the class after regaining the confidence and resuming the teaching activity with a stress free mind.

  • Let fun be the official indulgence

    Fun activities can assuredly be the engaging way to catch the attention of the students and make them learn even more efficiently. Further, it is with such exercises, that a student is able to associate himself more closely with the peers and mentors around. Adding on, these activities streamline an atmosphere of connectivity within the education institution. This even leads to making the process of learning more constructive and actionable.

    This very type includes the activity of play and learn, which can be carried out in the form of various games named as Charades, puzzles, draw swords, Pictionary, quiz games, and many more. These games help the students to get indulged in the classroom and the teaching environment with more focus and concentration. Additionally, participating in these fun activities helps the teachers with stress management.

    Thus, making use of these teaching aids, can be highly beneficial for the students as well as the teachers, who carry out the learning and teaching process in an adequate and a potential way. Moreover, inculcating these mechanisms in routine teaching practices can substantiate prevalence of strong communication bonds between the students and the teachers.

Moving on, the following part of the blog post is a detailed mention of the tips, following which a teacher can ascertain discipline and positive flow of communication in his class.

#Ensuring the practice of positive class management

Saying further, the techniques of teaching are certainly advantageous but these do require active support of the students to help it bring the desired results. Moreover, the penetration of the successful results of the creative measures taken, is only possible if the students in the room are devotedly aimed to concentrate on the lessons taught in the class. For this, in addition to the adoption of creative teaching aids, the teacher also first needs to manage the class properly. Therefore, to help the teachers master the art of effective classroom management, few tips for the same are given below:

Misbehavior is the few of the biggest challenges that a teacher faces in his classroom teaching sessions. To be able to combat this problem, in a smooth manner, a teacher has to be active in the class and must portray an authoritative behavior to be able to control the class. Thus, to help a teacher handle the misbehavior of the students, the following tips of discipline management strategies, can be quite useful.

>Ensuring the practise of positive class management
  • Engage their minds according to the time table:

    To be able to engage the students in an organized manner, it is important for them to be a part of strict guided structure. Thus, by binding their minds in the scheduled time slots, a teacher helps the students to direct their minds towards the focused directions. This further makes them work advantageously in the very matter of learning collectively in the class. Additionally, this time management can include separate time divisions for the fun activities, engagement of students and lecture disseminations, which balances out the student’s presence and learning procedure in the class.

  • Interactive lectures:

    If the teacher gives credible space to the students to put their views in front and even think upon the topic being discussed, then it automatically, shifts the endeavor of the mind to constructive thoughts. It further saves the students from showcasing disruptive behavior including mischievous cropping of ideas in the mind and thus creating a mess in the class. In fact, these lectures are truly helpful to engage the students' minds in a positive way and transform the non- active students into super active and creative individuals.

  • Design the classroom:

    For a teacher to administer the classroom in an effective way, it is important to have a learning environment along with a well- managed and structured class system. It is with the aid of the surrounding elements, that a teacher can easily manage the gaps between the lecture process. This can include a situation, where the teacher is switching from one chapter to another. In such a scenario, to make students busy, the teacher can employ the use of the smartboard and play a video or just display the notes on the board and command the students to note down the same. In addition to this, there can be many other ways which might include a student briefing the concepts just discussed, or initiating a conversation between the students. These ways, a teacher can encourage the students to work actively in the class and make them more centralized towards the focus of the lesson being discussed.

  • A fair behavior works out for everyone

    One very prominent tool of gaining trust and consideration from the students is to have a fair behavior towards everyone, shedding the eye of racism. If the teacher practices an equal approach towards every single student in the class, then the students hold a similar and integrated view towards the teacher. This also motivates the teacher to stay connected with the students and even make a constant effort towards maintaining decorum in the class. Many-a-times, such teachers are valued highly and respected much, due to which they make it a habit to treat every student in the same mannerism. Further it develops a sense of responsibility among the children and they are ought to behave perfectly in the class.

  • Have clear cut rules

    This further rules out the set criterion for the working system of the class management and makes sure that constant discipline prevails in the class. These determined forces enable the teachers and students to follow a uniformed style of working. Moreover, a universal system of rules is a prerequisite, which brings everyone on the same platform and makes the students believe that they are an equally important part of the class. Such kind of corrective measures are imperative for the teachers to be implemented in the classrooms, so that the students do not misbehave in the class.

Along with the management of disruptive student behavior, it is quite tough to tackle the chaotic characteristic of a noisy class. This kind of an atmosphere imposes greater challenges on the teachers as they are in a situation, which is mandatory to be handled, that too in a calm way. Therefore, the teachers need to master the art of supervising the children, which needs to be done by manipulating their mind in the appropriate manner. Further, following is the list of factors, which can help a teacher take control of the noisy situation in a classroom.

guiding blog
  • Ramming of the dice

    This is one of the most traditional ways that have been followed in the schools, where the teacher rams the table with a duster or a dice. This instantly catches the attention of the students and they take it as a signal to keep themselves quiet.

  • Personally point out the student

    It can be done by making the naughtiest children stand up in the class and turning out the entire focus on their side. Also, these methods suddenly make the children turn down their volume and they start concentrating on the class.

  • Giving them incentives

    This method can be taken as a point to lure the students in a positive way. With the help of these methods, the teacher can give various perks to the students in case they together work towards the attainment of a calm atmosphere.

  • Rewarding the most attentive students

    Further, the teacher can opt for playing the game of awarding the most silent student for the maximum time period. He can give them a badge of the monitor or the most disciplined person.

  • Directing their focus to the smartboard

    It can be done when the class is making uncontrollable noise, then by suddenly playing a story or a short movie on the smart board, their attention can be directed to some learning oriented task. Thus, the teacher can simply make the students shut their loud noise by plugging into a technological device.

  • Asking the naughtiest student to control the classroom

    This has been one of the trickiest tricks of the teachers, where the teachers give the charge of the class in the hands of the most misbehaved student. This suddenly focuses the attention of all the students on that particular student and he along with his friend makes everyone maintain silence in the class.

  • Use an authoritative body language

    This is definitely required in every classroom community, where the teacher is required to take charge of the situation and make students understand his importance in the class. In addition to the very requirement, the students are also required to understand that the teacher is the governing authority of the class and that they should obey every single word conveyed by the teacher.

In addition to above highly responsible duties, there are few unspoken and unmentioned commitments of a teacher, which are described in the below mentioned part.

#Ancillary duties of a Teacher

In addition to the above mentioned points, there are some fundamental duties of a teacher, which are required for him to effectuate during his association with the students of his institution. Few of the imperative ones have been discussed below in brief.

Ancillary duties of a teacher
  • Introducing them to the outer world

    Introducing them to the outer world

    As discussed in the very beginning of the article, children are like the earthen pots, whose mindset can be molded in the direction of the teacher’s wish. In other words, it can also be said that a teacher is the very first person, who introduces the external world to the child. So, in this concerning sense, a teacher withholds a great responsibility of introducing a child to the various negative and positive elements around the world. Further, a teacher needs to prepare his students to handle and treat any foreign element around him. For this, few under scribed measures can be preached to the students:

    • Maintain distance from unknown people
    • Do not leave the school premises without informing the school authorities
    • Always step outside from the school with a credible person
    • Never accept anything edible from an outsider or a person unknown.
    • Do not share personal details with strangers
    • Do not increase intimacy with outsiders or visitors
    • Always share important information with parents and teachers
    • Never lie to peers and parents
    • If someone tries to overpower, then the student must immediately inform the teacher or the parent.
    • Always be vigilant about things happening around
  • instill social accountability in students

    instill social accountability in students

    This is further a highly imperative skillset that should be embraced by the students, in the very beginning of their career. Thus, the children in very primitive years of their life, should be entailed about the various habits that they should instill in their lifestyle and adopt a certainly positive behavior towards the external factors. Of the very mannerisms, social emotional learning has come out to be the need of the hour.

    With students getting more attached to their personal technological and materialistic things, it is high time that they should be taught about the importance of softness and humanity in their routine dealings. Thus, a below mentioned schedule of the student’s day can be really helpful for the children to get introduced to the practicalities of the world.

    • Inculcate a culture of meeting and greeting every child with a hug. This very step should be initiated by the teacher himself, by greeting every child in a class with a warm gesture and further all the children should hug their partners, before starting the day.

    • Develop a culture of class management by self. Here each student should self- monitor and carefully perform the task of remaining silent for the time period being asked by the teacher.

    • Make children have lunch together. This would delineate a feeling of togetherness in the students of the class and develop a sense of belongingness in them.

    • Instill the habit of share and care in the children. It can be done while having their fruit break or lunch break together. Further students can also be taught the golden rules of sharing and caring by making them donate their old books and clothes to the underprivileged children of the society.

    • Make them do group work, thereby making them learn the tactics of team work.

    • Take them close to nature- The sense of social and emotional responsibility can be earnestly developed in the children by making them accountable towards the natural surroundings.

    • Give them the values of maintaining cleanliness in their surroundings. This is an additional point to the generation of the feeling of responsibility towards nature and the environment.

    • Make them learn the importance of peace and how they can simply resolve the biggest of the issues with a simple and sweet smile.

    • Implant the magic words in their very human nature. This can be done if and only if the teacher himself makes the use of the four magic words in his daily practice. These include- sorry, thank you, please and excuse me.

    • Make the students play role cards- This can be an efficient way to make children learn and realize the tough task duties of the important professions of the world, by enacting the scenarios by themselves.

  • Make their mind grow in a futuristic direction

    Make their mind grow in a futuristic direction

    Further to the responsibilities of making a child aware of the outer world and making him understand the intricacies of the rising need to identify and understand social emotional intelligence, another extensively essential factor that is important for a teacher is to see that a student adopts a futuristic approach. This is certainly decisive for the student to identify and move further in his future, which can be done appropriately under the guidance of the influential teachers. To be able to develop these skills in the mind of the student, an instructor must embrace a motivating style of teaching. It can be certainly done by making sure of the adaption of the conclusive steps by the teacher

    • Identify the creative bend of the child:

      The teacher must always be on the hunt for identifying the students’ inherent interest. It is only by investing their time in knowing about the students’ creative bend, that the teachers can successfully exhibit their role as a mentor.

    • Identify the creative bend of the child:

      The teacher must always be on the hunt for identifying the students’ inherent interest. It is only by investing their time in knowing about the students’ creative bend, that the teachers can successfully exhibit their role as a mentor.

    • Guide them in the respective direction:

      Once a teacher recognizes the hidden potential of the student, he must take the charge of guiding him in the respective direction. This can be done by letting the student know about various ways he can give wings to his talent.

    • Give their innovation proper space to flourish:

      Teachers can use motivation as a constant driving force to lead their students into the zone that makes them think out of the box. This can be achieved by appreciating all the efforts they put into exhibiting their creativity. It is only in the presence of an encouraging environment, that the students get proper space to flourish

    • Make them indulge in the relative activities:

      Teachers can give a boost to the students’ creativity by making them indulge in activities which correspond to their interest. For this, it is essential for the teachers to have an in-depth understanding of the students’ talent. This can be done by establishing a strong sense of connection with the students.

    • Adopt target teaching methods:

      It is must for every teacher, to employ innovative teaching strategies and techniques, which are in accordance with the deciphering needs of different types of students.This implies that the teachers have to be on a constant look for the betterment of their methods of teaching.

  • Becoming the mentor of the students

    Becoming the mentor of the student

    Moving forth, it is an added duty of a teacher to act as a guiding trainer for his students. Therefore, the following 5 steps, provide a brief insight of the process to become a mentor to students.

    • Have a warm introduction:

      Many studies have shown that students are drawn towards the teachers who have a warm and cordial nature. This makes it a must for every teacher to commence the class, with a warm interaction every day. The teacher may showcase his warmth by asking his students about how they spent the rest of their day, after going back home. Asking such questions, not only helps the teachers in capturing their students’ attention but it also helps them to establish a strong connection with the students

    • Have a bilateral conversation:

      Having a two- way communication is the key for teachers to create a deep impact on the students' minds. Once the teacher invites suggestions from the students, they start participating actively in the discussions and thus, listen to the teacher with utmost attentiveness. This provides the teachers with an opportunity to convey valuable messages to the students in an influential manner. It is only when the students find themselves to be an important part of the discussion that they pay a heed to the teacher’s advice.

    • Have a bilateral conversation:

      Having a two- way communication is the key for teachers to create a deep impact on the students' minds. Once the teacher invites suggestions from the students, they start participating actively in the discussions and thus, listen to the teacher with utmost attentiveness. This provides the teachers with an opportunity to convey valuable messages to the students in an influential manner. It is only when the students find themselves to be an important part of the discussion that they pay a heed to the teacher’s advice.

    • Listen to their problems:

      One of the most effective ways to fulfill your purpose as a mentor, is to listen to the problems which the students are going through. The pupils often feel a sense of discomfort while disclosing their troubles to the teachers. It is the responsibility of a good mentor to make the students feel a sense of connection, which fosters them to share their problems and concerns. It is by sharing their own life experiences that the teachers can make the students achieve a state of comfort in interacting with them.

    • Always provide workable solutions:

      Students can believe the words of their teachers only when they see them as being practical in nature. Therefore, the teachers must make it a point to offer workable solutions to the problems of their students. This can be done by carefully analyzing the situation and then providing credible sources of information. Moreover, providing practical answers reflects the teachers’ interest in rendering help to their students. This helps the teachers to earn confidence from their students. This ultimately leads to the teachers becoming the go to persons for their students, under all circumstances

    • Earn their trust:

      It has been well said that ‘Children hear everything you say and they mimic everything you do’. Thus, in order to leave a lasting impact on the students, it is necessary for the teachers to practice what they preach. Teachers lose the significance of their teachings when they do not exemplify them in front of their students. Moreover, it is by validating their words through their actions, that the teachers can earn the valuable trust of their students. Once a teacher gains the faith of his students, he ultimately turns into a treasured mentor for them.

Further to the tips for rightfully accomplishing the additional duties of a teacher, next is the resource section, which lists down the auxiliary sources which can be helpful for a teacher for proper class management.

# Resource section

This section serves as the additional information for the teachers, as it contains the list of 10 best blogs, wherein teachers can take guidance from.

  • The Cornerstone for teachers:

    The Cornerstone for teachers, is a powerful blend of many valuable resources such as books, blogs and podcasts. It completely fulfills its intended purpose of shaping a positive mindset for teachers, so that they can enjoy their work even more. The blogs posted by the ‘Cornerstone for Teachers’, provide insights into diverse topics ranging from motivating young learners to smart lunching ideas for teachers. One major feature of this website is that there is an availability of a podcast for every blog. Therefore, if a teacher doesn’t have sufficient time to read the blog, he can download the podcast and plug in to words of motivation and wisdom, by Angela Watson who happens to be a prominent instructional coach and owner of this website.

  • We Are Teachers:

    This website is an all in one platform, which provides the teachers an access to plenty of treasured resources such as Classroom ideas, career advice and blogs which revolve around the life of teachers. Further, the content of every blog post is highly intriguing and keeps the readers engrossed. The teachers can get valuable takeaways from the blog posts, which can prevent them from feeling burnt out with the struggles of teaching. Moreover, there are free printables available on the website in the form of worksheets, posters and crafts. The teachers can download them and put them up at a reading spot which draws the attention of students.

  • Ed Helper:

    Math teachers are definitely the ones who struggle to make classroom learning interesting for their students. With a vision to eradicate all these difficulties from the lives of mathematics teachers, ‘Ed Helper’ extends innovative teaching tools and fun filled mathematics worksheets which can make students fall in love with math classes. Along with this, there is also a provision for the teachers to design their own free puzzles and worksheets, using the tools which are available on the website. The teachers can easily download the generated worksheets and then use them while teaching in the class.

  • SMART Exchange:

    SMART Exchange offers interactive resources in the form of document files, activities and online lessons, which the teachers can use as a medium to achieve an increased student engagement in their class. Interesting graphics, detailed information and exciting quizzes are some prominent features which enhance the effectiveness of these resources. This website also provides the teachers with an opportunity to share informative blogs, articles and other resources with each other. This way, the teachers can make a valuable contribution to their community by sharing their experiences, teaching practices and classroom management techniques among themselves

  • TeachHub:

    Teach Hub presents a collection of educational news, blog posts and hot topics which cover every aspect of a teacher’s life. The content of these resources provides the teachers with an access to innovative teaching strategies, classroom games and tips for their professional development. Along with this, many articles also deal with refreshing subjects such as vacation ideas, holiday breaks and must watch movies for every teacher. This adds to the uniqueness of this website. Furthermore, the teachers can also visit this website, for taking insights into creation of interesting lesson plans which can add life to their classroom lessons

  • is a very informative website which acts as a one stop solution for every teacher, who aspires to reach heights of success in his career by attaining higher educational degrees. It serves as a guide for introducing the teachers to various online educational programs through which they can enhance their knowledge about their respective fields of study. Not only this, but Teach dot com also enables the teachers to polish their teaching skills with the help of impressive teaching methods and learning styles. It has been very well said that continuous improvement is the key to ensure long term success. Therefore, this website can help the teachers to improvise their teaching skills and fulfill their aim to excel in their profession

  • Have Fun Teaching:

    Have Fun Teaching is a popular website which has captivated the hearts of a huge population of teachers. This is because this website contains different sections for teachers who teach students of different classes ranging from kindergarten to higher grades. These sections encompass interesting lesson plans, quizzes and sample problems for the students. Additionally, there is also a blogging section available on this website, which offers extremely knowledgeable and recreational blogs for the teachers of today. What makes these blog posts special is that they focus more on helping teachers to keep their students motivated and preserve their creativity.

  • Corkboard Connections:

    Corkboard Connections is a website which is much loved by the teachers. The reason behind this website being showered with so much love is that it offers valuable resources to teachers of every subject such as language, mathematics and science. All these resources are so designed that they significantly contribute in helping the teachers ignite a passion for teaching their students. Moreover, this website also features intriguing blogs which provide teachers with insights into efficient teaching strategies, managing students in a class and on staying motivated as a teacher.

  • Cult of Pedagogy:

    Cult of Pedagogy renders enormous help to the teachers in growing better in their profession through insightful blogs, podcasts and videos. This website serves as a medium for educating educators about education technology, assessment strategies, and classroom management through highly descriptive videos. Animated characters and interesting graphics keep the viewers engrossed. Additionally, this website also makes a provision for an online store from where the teachers can buy effective classroom materials, books and courses. This is a distinctive feature which gives this website a unique recognition.

  • Minds in Bloom:

    Minds in bloom is home to a diverse genre of blogs on classroom engagement, creativity in class and art. The teachers can select a genre of their choice and commence with the reading of influential blogs which have the potential to enhance their teaching capabilities to a great extent. Every blog post acts as a gateway for the teachers to learn new tricks and techniques to enhance the engrossment of students in their class.

All the above mentioned characteristics, stages and steps to be practised and adopted by a teacher, are the sure shot ways to embrace effective classroom management as a daily practice. These can be readily used by teachers of all levels, to maintain a state of equilibrium and contentment in their teaching profession.

A teacher is unquestionably the biggest asset of our society, therefore the above blog is a measure to help him achieve his set goals. If you think any other point should be added to the above sections, then please write to us at or comment below

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Frequently asked questions

  • Classroom management refers to the different techniques and practices which help teachers enhance student engagement in class. When students are well engaged in the classroom, they are attentive, receptive and exhibit a keen interest in learning.

  • A teacher can teach well only if the students are properly engaged in learning. Otherwise, if they are engrossed in creating noise and mischief, effective teaching cannot take place. So, classroom management is extremely important for the teachers.

  • There are different classroom management strategies which the teachers can utilize in class. Portraying an influential body language, using a blended style of teaching, utilizing technological tools and gamification are some examples.

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