All-Inclusive Back to school tips for parents, teachers and children

Posted on: 11 Apr,20

As rightly said by Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world”. To empower the students of the world with this authoritative tool, combined efforts of the parents and the teachers are required to be put into action. Along with the enlightening and inclusive home learning sessions by the parents, roles of schools in shaping the bright future of the students is unquestionable. Further schools from ages have been considered to be the stepping stones for ensuring the conventional growth of a student’s mind.

It is certainly owing to the unfiltered and accountable approach that these school teachers have towards the students, that they are easily able to render high quality services. Also, due to the unprecedented love that teachers shower on the students and the quality time they give, a bond gets developed between the students and the school authorities.

This very bond is often missed by both the children and the teachers, when they are away from each other, which is primarily witnessed in the form of long summer breaks. However, in the present scenario, with outbreak of the pandemic disease- Coronavirus, students of the world are forced to sit at home and study through the online platform. To add to the adversity of the situation, the global lockdown is simply unmeasurable and the only thing that can be done today to safeguard the people from this deadly situation is to stay at home. Therefore, students along with all the employees from across the globe are being advised to sit at home and work respectively.

In fact, even after the situation gets under control, it would be quite tough for the parents to immediately send their children to school. This would further put extra burden on the shoulders of the school administration and the parents to ensure the governance of the situation well. Though, it would be tough for both the defining ends to ensure a smooth processing of the daily routine, still with the ensured and strict conclusive measures, schools and parents can ascertain steady functioning in the school premises.

#31 must steps to safeguard children from being Corona infected when they join back school

    For parents

  • Care begins at home, so the parents have to ensure that the children are well aware about the critical situations around. For this adoption of the following steps can be of great help.

    31 must steps to safeguard children from being Corona infected when they join back school
    • Do not send the child to school if he is unwell- mild fever is even not acceptable

    • Make them wear masks and keep a bottle of sanitizer in their pockets

    • They should also carry 2 extra masks in their bag, in case one gets dirty

    • They should be taught not to touch their face frequently. If it is very necessary, they should wash/ sanitize their hands first and then touch the face or the mask.

    • Their water bottles should be filled with lukewarm water and a habit of drinking plenty of water should be inculcated in them.

    • Children of all age groups should be made aware of the current problematic situations and they should be educated about the precautions of coronavirus

    • Healthy tiffins should be packed for all age group children

    • They should not be allowed to eat junk food from outside

    • The nails of the children should be properly cut and they should be taught to wash their hands for 20 seconds before eating anything.

    • Parents should make sure that their children remove the school uniform as soon as they come from school and wear a new set of uniform everyday while going back to school.

    31 must steps to safeguard children from being Corona infected when they join back school
  • For teachers and schools

    It is surely going to be challenging for the schools to ensure a normal working scenario when the premises get reopened for the normal classes. In such a demanding situation, a number of factors have to be kept in mind by the school administration and the teachers to ensure the safety and the well being of the students. An entailing mention of the precautionary measures to be taken by the administration, once the students reach the school, is given below:

    • In case a child exhibits signs of fever/ cough/ cold, he should be immediately sent back to home.

    • Frequent temperature checks should be done at school.

    • The school premises should facilitate the presence of a fully trained medical team, which is capable enough to handle critical situations.

    • Medicines and masks should be kept handy at schools.

    • School assemblies should not be practised for some time now, no group meetings should be held.

  • 31 must steps to safeguard children from being Corona infected when they join back school
    • Children should be taught to keep distance from other students in the school.

    • The sitting arrangement should be distanced accordingly.

    • There should be bell reminders to drink water.

    • Teachers should make a mandate for every child to carry their water bottle to school and it should have lukewarm water.

    • The phenomenon of sharing tiffins, water or even stationaries should be banned to practise for sometime.

    • Teachers should remind every student of using sanitizers and hand wash after every 2 hours and must before eating any food item.

    • Food should be fed warm to each student and they should be taught the habit of solo eating till the threat ends.

    • The practise of wearing masks should be strictly practiced- teachers should teach children to wear masks properly- before and after eating the food and how and where to place them while eating food.

    • The classrooms should be properly ventilated.

    • Classrooms, desks, surroundings and every equipment should be frequently sanitized

    • Schools should motivate parents to use their own conveyance to send children to school for sometime now.

    • Every teacher and working staff should ensure zero signs of illness before coming to school.

    31 must steps to safeguard children from being Corona infected when they join back school
    • No foreign element should be allowed to enter the classroom or the school premises with signs of cold/ cough/ fever/ bodyache.

    • The school canteen should be closed for sometime all around the globe

    • Teachers should inculcate healthy eating habits in children and introduce them to immunity booster food items

    • No group playing activities should be allowed. To ensure relaxation of student’s minds, the teachers can act as a moderator in many cases and ensure entertainment and relief.

The current situation is truly tragic and every single person of all ages has to take really good care to make sure that he does not get caught by the ill effects of the pandemic. Along with the health tips, you as a student also need to give due attention to your studies. Therefore to help you strike a positive balance between your education and home, some useful tips for studying are mentioned in the next section.

7 must study tips to practise everyday in this Global lockdown!

Education is an ongoing process and nothing can stop it. The schools and colleges of today have proven the quote right by successfully introducing the system of online teaching to students around the world. Almost every school and college today is legitimately making the absolute use of technology by teaching its children through the medium of the internet. This has been done to ensure that no one, whether it's you- the student, your teacher or even the parent feels burdened when the school reopens. The process has been organised in a way that regular classes are going on, according to the same time table, with the only difference in the medium of teaching i.e. through the internet.

In fact, you must have observed that the notes and lesson detailings provided by the teachers are so explanatory in nature that you are able to understand things now in an even faster way. So, when your teachers are moving every inch to make learning easy for you, then you should also not leave any stone unturned to reciprocate the efforts done by them. To help you achieve the same, here are 7 study tips, you should religiously follow this global lockdown.

7 must study tips to practise everyday in this Global lockdown!
  • Start early

    The first and the most important thing is to get up early and practise your daily morning routine of bathing and remembering your almighty. Also, you must remember that online classes do not imply that you do not take it seriously. In fact, you are ought to perform each task with high efficiency so that you can pay regard to your teachers, for the hard work they are putting in. Additionally, you must revise the lessons of the previous day before the class starts, so that you are clear about the concepts.

  • Attend each and every online class

    Attendance is a must for every online class, irrespective of the nature of the subject being taught. Furthermore, being at home does not give you the freedom to miss out the subject classes that are not liked by you. As a matter of fact, you should try to make best use of the opportunity and hone your interest and skills in the respective subjects so that you outshine in the exams to come.

  • Make sure you make notes

    Making notes is certainly an important act, whenever you are being taught by your teaching. Sameways, online classes are no exception, therefore, you should make proper notes of the topics being taught to you. Undoubtedly, the teachers do share impressions of lessons schooled, but making notes by self allows you to understand the things easily and more quickly.

  • Take advantage of doubts sessions

    Every subject teacher, whether online or offline, gives you the opportunity to ask questions. These are the doubt sessions, which help you work upon your weaker areas. Thus, you must make accurate use of the extra time that your teacher alots you with by asking intelligent and useful questions.

  • Make a realistic time table

    Now, to enable yourself to actively participate in the question answer session, it is imperative for you to study adequately. This directs that you must do your homework properly and should revise each and every chapter that is given by your teacher. Further, this can be achieved only if you make a properly balanced time table. Additionally, the study routine devised by you should not only be for name sake, it should be practically executable. To make your timetable constructive and possible to be followed, you must add healthy breaks into it and assure that you stay positive throughout the day.

  • Make best use of technology

    Technology has done wonders and one of the biggest advantages is what all of us are witnessing right now- the online classes. It is evidently because of the high pace development of technology that every student like you is able to study from home and that too with the same efficacy and readiness. Adding on, this very technology should be brought into practise for helping you learn even better or clarifying out the confusion when you are in a state of doubt. Thus, by making appropriate use of technical advancements you can easily fine tune your skills and learn judiciously.

  • Strike a balance

    This global lockdown has unquestionably brought tough times for you as well as for your parents. Therefore, along with being a good student you also need to stand true on the responsibilities of an obedient child. For this, you must serve a helping hand to your parents in the home chores and managing other tasks. This would not only lower down their burden of daily activities but also improve your relations with them. Additionally, you can succeed in this very motive only when you structure a time table which is truly achievable and balanced in nature.

Thus, by following the above mentioned steps, you can easily accustom yourself with the basic routine of online studying as well as balancing the home life, until this lockdown ends.

Connector: Now, the next section of the blog concentrates on the usual vacations that you get every year- the summer vacations. Also, the forthcoming sections strive to provide you guidance on each and every part that is relatable to you, your teachers and parents with respect to summer vacations. From guiding you through the summer vacation routines to tips that your parents and teachers must follow during and after the vacations, this blog takes you all on an enlightening journey.

Back to school tips- before and after the summer vacations end

This is with respect to the happy days, when after long summer breaks children join back their schools. The elation of meeting friends along with the sadness of leaving the home, fills their mind with mixed feelings. Also, this blend of emotions gets tough to be handled by the parents and the teachers, who are ought to take care of the mood swings of the children.

Additionally, a lot of right orientation is required from both the ends to be able to administer the participation and morale of the students. In order to handle the situation right, execution of positive steps has to be ensured days before the summer holidays actually get over and students get back to school. Following is the detailed mention of the imperative steps that should be taken note of, for preparing the children to join the school back. The first part of this section is meant exclusively for students, wherein we introduce you to 5 tips, with the help of which you can stay happily connected with your course books and boost your morale to achieve high during the summer vacation period.

To provide detailed insight, this and the section after has been divided into two parts, for parents- which describes the steps that should be taken by the parents to prepare the mind of the children to rejoin the school after the long summer break. This has to be done to assure the fact that when the actual time begins, the children do not show any tantrum, or do not hesitate to join back the school. In addition to this, the motivational steps to be taken after the joining of the school are also written to ensure the perfect parent- child coordination. The second part talks about the preparations which are to be done by the teachers and the school administration to ensure that the students feel comfortable and welcomed, when they show up to their schools and classrooms. Again in the second part, a section for the steps to be taken by the school management to ensure the proper functioning in school premises is mentioned.

#5 daily study tips- How can you best utilise the vacation period?

Summer vacations are the time period, when your mind is totally free from tensions and you are in a relaxed state. All you want to do during this time is to disburden your mind from stress and give yourself a makeover of daily routine. In fact the prime thing that tops your preference list to sleep till late in the morning or even till noon. This is undoubtedly because of your exhaustion from getting up early for school or college every morning. Thus, you have your fixed schedule for summer vacations, where sleeping and playing are highly crucial for you. However, along with giving due importance to rest, you should not forget that ignoring education can make you bear great losses in your career. This can even range from your loss in concentration to your ability to understand or memorize things faster. Therefore, following are a few study tips, which can help you shake your hands with education as well as rejuvenation in the vacation time.

5 daily study tips- How can you best utilise the vacation period
  • Plan your days well

    It is important for you to plan out things efficiently. In fact, it is by the virtue of proper planning that you can enroute yourself on the successful path of accomplishing the right education. Thus, it is absolutely a necessity for you to structure a workable and balanced study plan. You must design the time table keeping in mind your conveniences and factors that help you motivate towards your goal of studying well. Also, it is because of the right time table, you can effectively invest your energy in learning and at the same time balancing out time for the hobbies, you love getting indulged into.

  • Keep your weaker areas on high priority

    Adding on, while formulating the time table, you must give high importance to your weaker areas. As you know that summer vacation is a golden opportunity and if you employ it in the appropriate manner then you surely get yourself away from the difficulties you face while studying in school. Always remember, it is by making the rightful use of the time given, that you can rise to greatest heights in your career.

  • Make sure you practise reading and writing

    Reading and writing are not only basics of everyday life but they are the very sources through which you can improvise your ideation process. Moreover, innovation and creativity are the essentials of education today, so if you sharpen these two skills, then you can certainly hone your acumen right.

  • Take online tests

    The world of technology has exceptionally reformed all of our lives and in many ways it has become the ultimate tool to test our competencies. To help you judge your abilities, there are a number of online tests available, which not only guide you through your flaws but also tell you ways through which you can overcome them. Thus, online tests can be a resourceful way through which you can help yourself get introduced to your imperfections. Further, these shortcomings can be excellently dealt during the long break of summer vacations.

  • Visit libraries

    This can be one of the most productive ways of utilizing your summer vacations as you do not get the time to visit libraries otherwise. It is only when you have summer vacations that you can bring out the best version of yourself by spending quality time with books. Also, in libraries, you get a variety of books of all subjects and spheres, so by spending your time in various libraries you can earn yourself some great knowledgeable rewards. These accolades can be truly helpful for you to pave a smooth path for your educational journey.

Thus, the above tips for study can be implemented as a daily routine in your summer vacations and you can thereby make yourself a pro in your course, while spending quality time with your course and motivational books.

#Tips to gear up for school even before the summer vacations end

How can parents ensure a smooth transition of children’s mind from vacations to study mode?

The joining of the hands of both parents and children is a must to introduce a feeling of happiness in the children’s mind when they hear the word ‘School’. For this, parents have to follow certain measures which render a positive outlook of the schools to the children. These steps are defined to assure the fact that children do not feel alienated when they go back to their schools.

31 must steps to safeguard children from being Corona infected when they join back school 31 must steps to safeguard children from being Corona infected when they join back school

Schools are the learning grounds for the children, where they get introduced to formal learning. This is the pace which showcases the true meanings of seriousness and responsibility to the children and students learn to adopt the same characteristics as a part of their daily life. It is only with the well- designed and properly executed training sessions of the schools, that children learn to value education and know the true meanings of life and various societal factors. They, along with getting introduced to the innumerous demands of life, also get prepared for the challenges they might face as a part of their life journey.

This is the reason, summer vacations in addition to giving innumerable opportunities to the parents, also provide wide space for the teachers and schools to prepare for the coming sessions. It is therefore, they need to gear up and prepare the school arena with excellence and distinction. Further to achieve the same, following points need to be worked upon by the school administration.

With the accomplishment of all the above mentioned steps, it gets quite easy for the schools to handle the developing needs of the students as well as approves the students to accommodate themselves in the relatively new environment of the schools.

Moving, the blog will talk about the steps that the school and parents should ensure, when the school session begins.

#Steps to ensure when the school session begins, after the summer vacations

It would not be wrong to say that the challenge actually begins when the schools sessions commences and students start attending the classes. A series of calculative steps have to be taken into consideration by the parents and children to ensure a smooth accountability with the school resources and the tools.

Steps to ensure when the school session begins, after the summer vacations

#How can teachers and schools reassure the absolute purpose of schooling

The children become the responsibility of the teachers and the school administration, once they enter the school bus. Therefore, careful steps need to be executed by the management from the very starting point, so that the students feel safe as well as connected with the school environment. This becomes even bigger a task, when teachers have to redirect the attention of the students from their playful mood of summer vacations to the serious learning sessions of school.

Health care industry

Thus, the mind of the child has to be shaped in conformity with the demand of the prevailing situation. Further, it is definitely with the helpful environment both at the home and school, that a student can reaffirm his vision of gaining efficiency in whichever task he performs.

If you have any other ideas, which can help parents and teachers develop a positive and learning environment for children at home and schools, respectively, then do write to us at or comment in the section below.

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