Advantages and Disadvantages of UK Education System

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There are some clear advantages to study in UK. However, some of the disadvantages are also there and the media would not want to advertise it like this either. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of UK education system are described below in details.

Advantages of Studying in UK

Professional Study Environment

Student travels to another country because they want to study. Of course, except for the fact that they decide to leave their country of origin, this is because they could not receive the necessary equipment or resources. Since the United Kingdom has some of the top-ranked universities in the world, students will discover everything they need there when it comes to offices, research, sports etc.

Students Graduate Fast

Instead of obtaining a degree from most of the universities in the world that last approximately four years or more, a university in England can offer a degree after three years or less. The courses are increasingly complex and it can accumulate learning much faster than in a US school. Students will get their rank much faster and they can start earning their own payment. It can also be a disadvantage depending on how students look at it.

Strict Education System

Because the teachers are very strict with students, students cannot leave their activities. It mainly focuses on the subject and really needs to learn, which is why British instructional frameworks reproduce such a large number of geniuses.

Quality of education

Many countries may want to implement the British instructional framework because of its quality, which is considered as the best in the world. British universities are systematically examined by the QAA to study models of teaching, learning, and research to ensure that all the benchmarks are met.

Unique culture

The unparalleled diversity of social life in the UK allows for multicultural environment, meeting individual universal positions and developing a range of skills that are important to be part of today's global workforce.

Work during the study and work after the investigation.

In addition to study, student can work on a job that requires little maintenance, at a basic level or agreement, and create important skills to add into their CV. University can help students to be placed after the exam.

Disadvantages of UK educational System

You must decide goals at the beginning

An education in the UK mainly focuses on the students that they know exactly what they want to become part of the way to high school so students can have a basis. This is the opposite of American students, who can change their domains two times in college and still cannot influence it.

Very little time to learn

Early graduation has also discussed in advantage phase, however it can also be one of the disadvantages of UK education system. Because students spend three years thinking about what others do in four or five, students do not have enough space to let this information go deeper.


It is the fact that some of the students do not rest or eat during the exam period because they are too stressed, and that part is important. While in Britain there is less time to get a degree, there is more stress, because students have to sink all the studies in their mind in less time than usual.