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Introduction - Company & Human Resource

Introduction to Woolworths supermarket - Woolworths Supermarket has emerged as the largest supermarket chain operating in the Australia domain. With significant operation across 995 stores, the organization has a strong reliance on 115,000 team members that performs various operations at distribution centers, supermarket stores, convenience outlets, and other locations. As Woolworths is one of the most prominent and innovative retailers in the entire industry, it possesses a strong understanding regarding different exact needs and demands of customers. In addition, as there is a strong reliance on over 115,000 employees who work at various locations. For the purpose of most effectively managing all employees, efficient Human Resource Management is required. Such aspects will aid in assisting the organization to engage, train, manage and retain valuable employees for a longer period of time.

Article Summary

This article talks about Woolworths and HR practices used in the organization. Some training related requirements at Woolworths are also discussed in this article, which would help the organization to enhance the HR practices appropriately. The discussion regarding training programs that are used in Woolworths is also given in this article.


Human Resource Management (HRM) could be understood as the primary process of recruiting, inducting employees, selecting, imparting training and enhancing skills, and developing necessary policies for retaining various employees (Burke, Allisey & Noblet, 2013). HRM involves a wide range of functions such as planning, directing, organizing, and controlling. Entire domain is multidisciplinary subject and includes a number of potential parameters such as communication, management, economics, and sociology. It mainly refers to optimal management of skilled workforce which is essential for maintaining fluidity in a workplace environment. With the help of appropriate policies, procedures, rules, and regulations, HRM allows the convenient management of different potential human resources in an organization. In addition, appropriate guidance will certainly aid in engaging potential employees and retaining them for an extended period of time to obtain numerous positive benefits. Thus, it could be well understood that HRM is an inseparable component of an organization because of the fact that it aids in managing various employee and staff members in a streamlined manner. Lets gauge into Woolworths Human Resource practices from training point of view.

Training Needs at Woolworths

As the largest private-sector employer of Australia and New Zealand, Woolworths is strictly committed to foster a highly challenging, rewarding, and safe work environment for various employees. As retailing is human resource intensive business, the organization has to rely heavily on overall skills, competencies, and expertise of wide range of employees who serve millions of customer routinely. For Woolworths, recognizing and nurturing skilled employees at every level of the organization is a primary priority. The organization need to train various new employees in such a manner that they are comfortable working at various levels in a seamless manner. One of the major training needs for the entire organization is to hire potential employees through an effective procedure and train them in such a manner that they would be able to conveniently work at various levels of the organization with ease and grace (Opatha, 2009).

Further, a one-time training program will not be highly effective in the long run because various parameters tend to change dynamically with the passage of time. Employees of Woolworths cannot serve the organization with a similar set of skills and competencies in the long run. It would be highly essential to iteratively initiate and execute training programs that will aid in optimally assessing and enhancing key skills of various employees. Continuous programs for all-round development will certainly aid in skills enhancement which will be beneficial for the organization as team members will be able to better accomplish assigned responsibilities.

Further, training needs at Woolworths also considerably include parameters of coaching and mentoring because strongly motivated and dedicated employees will be able to attain various objectives in an efficient manner. With the help of effective mentoring program, employees could be better coordinated and synchronized with each other (Richard & Johnson, 2001). Thus, it could be understood that overall training needs of Woolworths are multi-faceted and highly effective programs are required to cater all core requirements.

Training Programs at Woolworths

Training program undertaken by different employees are Woolworths are multi-faceted that focuses on the development of a wide range of skills and competencies. By developing employees on multiple attributes, the organization aims to enhance its potential ability to work on different organizational behaviours and levels with the same efficiency in various operations. There are a number of aspects which are kept in consideration while initiating and executing various training programs for different employees at Woolworths.

There are three major components of Woolworth’s training program, each of which has a differentiated overall objective. In the first place, the organization has a strong belief that the employees will be able to gather significant knowledge while working in a real environment. For this purpose, most of the training and learning activities for various employees are progressed in a real-dynamic environment (Roehling et al., 2005). This allows trainees to have a clear and concise idea regarding actual working environment so that they can better adapt with it in a feasible manner.

Further, another major component for the training program is continuous coaching and mentoring under which orientation sessions and motivational sessions are organized for various employees. Such sessions aids in enhancing dedication and motivation of various employees towards their respective domain. These programs provide introduction to Woolworths Supermarkets and other alliances of the Woolworths company. These also focus on providing the utmost support to the different employees so that they can optimally deal with various issues and challenges that are being faced by them at the workplace. Senior authorities provide the necessary guidance that allows them to exert expertise in their respective field of work. Such processes also help in enhancing overall innovation amongst different employees which will be a vital component for all-round development.

Above all, continuous development programs are also initiated by Woolworths that focuses on training different employees at regular intervals of time. This significantly helps in enhancing key skills and competencies of different employees and allows them to exert expertise in their work (Richard & Johnson, 2001) and helps in enhancing the value chain of Woolworths. Thus, it could be understood that the training programs have a sole focus on enhancing overall skill set and allowing employees to undergo a process of continuous all-round development. Need this kind of analysis for assignments of Top Australian Universities, then Go for our Assignment Help service and get high grades. 

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How are the human resource policies at Woolworths?

Woolworths is a well established company, which takes proper care of its employees. It ensures to meet the training needs of employees so that it keeps on refining the expertise of its employees on a timely basis.

What are the training programs practised at Woolworths?

Woolworths follows a multifaceted approach to train its employees. It further focuses on the various areas in which its employees can grow positively to develop their skills and competencies.

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