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Human Resource Practices Of Woolworth


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Woolworth's HR and Recruitment guide


Woolworths is leading retail company in Australia that was incorporated in 1924 with its headquarter in Australia. Woolworths has opened around 981 supermarkets since its establishment. Also, the company has developed its online retail store i.e. Woolworths online to provide online buying facility to its customers. The online supermarket stores of Woolworths provide click and collect option to customers which helps customers to save their time in selecting items by visiting the retail store. In addition to this, Woolworths regularly brings lot of innovations to keep its customers and employees satisfied with the company operations.

Article Summary

This article is about Woolworth organization, which is a retail organization of Australia. In this article, the main focus is to define the human resource practices of Woolworths. Along with this, the roles and duties of human resource are also discussed in this article. The article provides the recruitment guide for Woolworths and some useful recommendations are also given in context of HR practices.

Woolworths human resource practices

Human resource practices play a key role in influencing the successful running of business organizations. Woolworths has effectively maintained its HRM practices to keep its employees motivated in the organization. Also, there is a separate HR department in Woolworths that helps in regulating training programs at Woolworths and also aides in the promotion to its staff members. Following are some of the HRM policies and strategies of Woolworths:

  • Recruitment and selection:

    Woolworths recruits the best talent in organization to ensure that each operational activity is performed in best manner. Also, Woolworths ensures that fairness is maintained in each recruitment processes. The company hires employees on the basis of their skills and competencies than their looks or personality. Further, Woolworths also provides online advertisement for its job vacancies to provide equal job opportunity to each candidate. Thus, it has been identified that Woolworths follows anti-discrimination laws and various equal employment opportunity laws to recruit the best and skilled staff at the workplace.

  • Merit-based recruitment:

    Woolworths also recruits its staff members on merit basis i.e. on the basis of performance ability and skill base of a number of candidates.

  • Equal opportunities

    The company is known to provide equal opportunities to all the genders. It does not stick to the traditional women gender roles. In fact, Woolworth tries to provide exposure to women employees so that they can experiemnt with their calibre. 

  • Record keeping and confidentiality:

    Woolworths also maintains records of its staff members for future use. The company also ensures that all the records of employees are kept confidential. Thus, it has been identified that Woolworths maintains privacy of its employee’s data.

  • Job management and employee selection:

    Woolworths provides all details of its employee selection under the “Job management” section. Also, most of the communication in Woolworths takes place through online communication channels. This helps in maintaining the frequent flow of information in an organization (Our recruitment process, 2019). Adding on, the company also keeps a close look at the organsiational behaviour, which includes both the group and employee's performance. This is done to ensure that there is no communication gap left between the two. 

  • Induction and Training:

    Woolworths also provide training to its staff members at frequent intervals to increase their skill base and to increase their working efficiency. Induction is also provided by Woolworths to its new employees to provide them information about the working processes of organization and to increase their knowledge on the ways of working (Adams, Nyuur, Ellis & Debrah, 2017).

  • Managing performance of staff members:

    Woolworths has adopted various initiatives to manage the performance of its staff members. Regular performance analysis of employees helps in reducing gaps in employee performance. Also, compensation to employees is provided on the basis of their performance in an organization which helps Woolworths to enhance the performance outcomes of its staff members. Further, the talent management systems of Woolworths help in improving the performance of employees in organization.

  • Employee benefits:

    Woolworths also provides number of benefits to its staff members such as paid sick leaves, pension plans, life insurance, disability insurance, flexible working schedules, paid holidays etc. to its staff members (Woolworths Benefits & Perks, 2019).

Woolworths employee engagement:

Woolworths also engage its employees in various decision-making activities. Woolworths aims at creating motivation among its staff members by engaging them in various decision-making activities. The main aim of Woolworth in engaging employees in various decision-making activities is to retain the talented staff members in the organization. Employee engagement activities of Woolworths also helps in improving knowledge sharing in an organization which further helps in effective decision making at the workplace.

Woolworths HR roles and duties:

The human resource managers of Woolworths help in recruiting and staffing the best talent in organization. The main role of HR department of Woolworths is to maintain discipline and positive work culture in organization. For this, it has adopted positive elements of culture to ensure the maintainence of a disciplined work environment. HR department is also responsible to improve employee relations in the organization through the provision of best compensation packages and also through the provision of various training programs to employees. Following is the list of various roles and responsibilities of HR department of Woolworths:

  • Management functions:

    Each departmental head is responsible to perform various management functions in order to improve the functioning of its department. The head of the HR department is also responsible to undertake various management functions such as planning, directing, organizing and controlling. The Planning function of the HR manager includes the planning of various actions such as compensation packages, training and career development programs, employee empowerment policies, induction and resignation policies of employees. Organizing function of the HR manager of Woolworths include development of various facilities to be provided to employees such as organizing training or safety programs for employees. HR manager is also responsible to direct its staff members about various policies and practices in organization. HR manager at Woolworths is also responsible to direct the staff members about various tasks and roles in organization. The main focus of HR manager is to increase the performance of its staff members. Further, all the facilities and functionalities developed for employees are controlled by the HR manager.

  • Recruitment, selection and orientation:

    HR manager plays key role in recruiting, selecting, inducting staff members in organization. The HR manager is also responsible to induce the new staff members about the working and policies of organization. Woolworths HR manager is also responsible to provide detail on the job description and job roles of staff members hired in organization.

  • Maintaining good working conditions:

    HR manager at Woolworths ensures that employees are provided with good working conditions. Woolworths ensures safety of employees and community by providing injury free work operations and by maintaining sustainability in organization. Along with this, the health and safety policies of Woolworths helps in preventing employees from various injuries and illness (Woolworths, 2019).

  • Employee relations:

    Woolworths also aims at maintaining effective relations with employees in the organization through provision of various work facilities and through effective training programs to employees. This helps in developing strong relations with employees in the organization which further helps in strengthening employee motivation and satisfaction with various work policies (Bhattacharyya, 2017).

  • Performance and talent management practices:

    Woolworths helps in improving the performance of employees at the company through various performance management practices. Further, the HR manager at this retail company is also responsible for various talent management practices. Employees skills and talent is strengthened through regular training programs and through various career development opportunities.

  • Development of human resource policies:

    HR manager of Woolworths is also responsible to develop various HR policies to improve the working of employees in organization. Woolworths also develop various team work policies for employees. Along with this, HR manager is also responsible to develop code of conduct for the organization. The code of conduct for Woolworths include provisions to avoid harassment and unlawful discrimination in organization. HR department of company also ensures that conflicts or violence do not take place in organization ("Code of Conduct", 2019).

  • Rewards and incentives:

    Developing rewards and incentives policies for employees is also one of the important duty of HR manager in the organization. Woolworths ensures that fair rewards are provided to employees in the organization to motivate the employees to provide effective services to customers in organization.

Woolworths recruitment guide:

Woolworths provides online recruitment facility to number of candidates looking for employment. Online recruitment facility by Woolworths helps in complying with equal employment opportunity laws in the organization. Woolworths also ensures that employees are not discriminated on any basis during the recruitment process. Further, Woolworths recruit its employees on the basis of merit and ensures that best employees is selected in organization. Also, Woolworths protects all the employee’s data gathered during the recruitment processes by maintaining confidentiality of data.

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Despite the effective recruitment processes, Woolworths should take various measures to improve the employee motivation and satisfaction in organization. Following are some of the recommendations devised for HR activities at Woolworths:

  • Woolworths should regularly review the performance of employees and must develop differential reward systems for high and low performing employees in organization. 360-degree performance management feedback system should also be adopted at Woolworths. Along with this, Woolworths should regularly highlight the high performing employees to motivate other staff as well.
  • Open discussion and communication session should also be organized in organization to gain feedback of employees regarding various work practices and to develop measures to improve lagging areas.
  • Performance objectives and expected performance outcomes for employees should also be set up to provide employees with the detail on their expected performance level.
  • Woolworths should also regularly monitor the HR metrics i.e. cost per hiring and turnover rates of employees to analyze the employment trends at workplace.

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What is human resource practices in the workplace?


The human resource practices in the workplace are practices adopted by the organization to lead and manage the organization staff. The main HR practices in the workplace include training of staff, recruitment and selection, motivation, recognition of employee benefits, employee incentives, etc.

What are HR principles and practices?


HRM is driven by various principles and practices which include processes to treat employees with justice, rewarding employees on basis of their handwork, ensuring worker health and safety, promoting job security, Team Spirit, Principle of an Incentive, fair remuneration, etc.

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The steps that can be followed to identify Human resources include assessing the human resource capacity, forecasting HR requirements, supply forecasting, identifying HR gaps and integrating HR practices with the overall strategy.