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How to Write an Argumentative Essay AP Lang for 9 Marks

How to Write An Argumentative Essay AP Lang

 What does AP English Language and composition mean? AP English Language and composition is a course planned for the students to teach them critical thinking and reading skills. It is actually a test that is conducted for testing the reasoning abilities and rhetorical skills of the students. The key strategy is to focus on logical and critical thinking analysis of students.Teachers provide students with multiple opportunities to explore reading skills, synthesis, argument and rhetorical analysis with the use of multiple advanced approaches of hands-on, instruction, and interactive lessons.

  The test is divided into two parts.

1. For the first section students are provided with the time of an hour. They are asked to answer multiple-choice questions. Students have to use their rhetorical skills and approaches of series of non-fiction passage.
2. For the second sections, students get 2 hours for writing three essays and 15 minutes at the beginning of the reading. To write each essay, every student gets 40 minutes as an average. It is the choice of the student on which essay he/she wants to spend more time.

AP Language Argumentative essay is one of the three essays.Students often question, how to write an argumentative essay ap Lang?

The most important step is to identify the requirements of prompts.Students who have the ability to identify the keywords in the prompt easily and determine their task are able to write an argumentative essay successfully.

To write an argumentative essay, students should know certain terms first.

How to write an argumentative essay ap Lang

1.Claim- Claim present in the prompt should be altered by the students for writing an argumentative essay in perfect form. Students should clearly understand what an argument actually is and also know how to construct arguments to answer the prompt of the question successfully.

2.Arguments- Arguments are presented in order to provide clarification to the readers about both sides of the issue. Students have to decide their side to take a position for the issue. Arguments are presented to question and answer that why is it important to agree on the writer’s side and why the counterargument should be supported. Evidence is provided in support of every argument.

3.Support and refute- Support means to keep up a side of an issue and refute means to prove something wrong or invalidate.

4.Evidence- Evidence is proof, confirmation, and authentication that is provided for keeping an opinion up. Some students confuse evidence and examples. Evidence is authentic and real findings, on the other hand, examples may be just imagination or self-created illustrations.

How to write an argumentative essay ap Lang?

Learning arguing effectively is a very useful and valuable skill. To write an argumentative essay ap Lang successfully, students need to read meticulously, plan carefully and focus on writing clearly and concisely. From beginning to the end writer have to stick to a clear position in the essay. 

following are a few ap Lang argument essay tips

Start with planning: Plan your essay carefully starting with looking for keywords in the prompt. To determine the task first you have to know the keywords that may include words like, support, refute or qualify. Determine the central argument of the source and then begin with the thought process.

Find evidence in order to support the central arguments. You need to find sources that focus on providing evidence supporting your side of opinion. Try to develop a unique argument that fulfills all the requirements and answers completely to the prompt of the essay. You can craft an argument in the form of a question and then evaluate the main points and summarize valuable information for central arguments.

Craft an impactful thesis statement to illustrate your argument. It should be clear and crisp to be understandable by the audience. You can choose to map your ideas on a paper and create an outline for your essay with the flow chart of your thoughts and ideas. Make sure that you have sufficient evidence to support your arguments and refute counter-arguments.

Focus on writing: Create an interesting introduction that explains the importance of the topic. The introduction should be interesting and must depict to the readers what to expect from your argumentative essay. Connect the evidence that you will provide in your everybody paragraph. You have to create a transition among very paragraph of the essay. Write a conclusion that connects with the thesis statement. Make sure that your conclusion is written with a different interpretation of the thesis statement.

To prepare yourself for the overall test go through the below given ap Lang argument essay tips.

1. To answer the questions throughout the essay, you need to read the paper thoroughly.

2. To get pretty good grades you must practice the previous test questions of college board.

3. Make sure that you develop a writing style which fits the criteria your college or university board looks for.

What does the rubric of argumentative essay say and mean for score 9?

If you earn a score of 9 for the essay that means you meet the criteria for an 8. Moreover, you have an especially sophisticated and particularly strong argument. By having an impressive control on the language and strong writing score 9 is earned by students. And a 0 score indicates that the response of student is off-topic and no valuable information is provided. Only the prompts are repeated and no attempt is made to respond to the prompt impactfully. It indicated a blank response and maybe nothing is written in the paper.

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