How to Write an AP Lang Argumentative Essay?
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How to Write an AP Lang Argumentative Essay?

What does AP English Language and composition mean?

AP English Language and composition is a course planned for the students to teach them critical thinking and reading skills. It is actually a test that is conducted for testing the reasoning abilities and rhetorical skills of the students. The key strategy is to focus on logical and critical thinking ability of the students. The AP English language and composition course is designed to align the reading and writing abilities of the students with the diversities around. In this course, the students are made to learn the various requirements of the audiences and deepen their understanding with respect to rhetorical functions of language. The students are provided with hand-on experiences of the writing types and the language styles which can be adopted to make an impressive statement among the various kinds of target audience.

This article is meant to brief about one essay of the second part of the AP English language and composition test, i.e., How to write an argumentative essay AP language. Also, the AP English Language and composition test is divided into two parts.

  • For the first section students are provided with the time of an hour. They are asked to answer multiple-choice questions. Students have to use their rhetorical skills and approaches to a series of nonfiction passages.
  • For the second sections, students get 2 hours for writing three essays and 15 minutes at the beginning of the reading. To write each essay, every student gets 40 minutes as an average. It is the choice of the student on which essay he/she wants to spend more time.

AP language argument essay

AP Language Argumentative essay is one of the three essays that the students are asked to write in the second part of the test. Due to the difficulties faced in presenting various arguments in the AP language argument essay, students seek help on this topic.

The most important step is to understand the purpose of the essay and highlight the key factors in concern. Students who have the ability to identify the keywords in the prompt easily, can readily determine their task and are able to write an argumentative essay successfully.

Following is the step by step explanation of the writing process of AP language argument essay

  • The first step is to understand the question in concern. The very nature of the AP language argument essay is that they are highly confusing. The student needs to search for the keywords and look for the hidden question. Though, this is a little tough to accomplish but once this step is achieved, the rest of the procedure keeps on getting easier with each step passing down the lane.
  • The second step is to form an opinion about the topic in question. Now again, if the student fails to perform at the first step, then it becomes quite tough for him to move further. Therefore, more a student practices on such questions, the easier it gets for him to decode the cues mentioned in the argumentative essay question. After understanding the question in detail, students can automatically think of an opinion, thereby taking a stand on the respective argument.
  • Third step is to form a decent thesis statement for the AP language argument essay. This statement should present the student’s idea in a straightforward and simple manner.
  • The fourth step for the student is to present arguments supporting his point of statement. This is the step, which checks creativity and critical thinking ability the student possesses.
  • The fifth step for a student while writing an AP language argument essay is to support the arguments in the previous point with evidence. This should be done with the help of facts and figures, which positively reinforce the arguments in concern.
  • Conclusion forms the sixth part of the argumentative essay. Here the student needs to assertively restate his point of view mentioned in the thesis.

Following the above mentioned steps, a student can easily write an effective AP language argument essay and score great in the test. However, the key to practice more should never be forgotten while preparing for competitive exams.

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What are the 5 parts of an argumentative essay?

The 5 parts of an argumentative essay are- Introductory paragraph, Well-structured thesis, Body paragraphs, Counter Arguments and Persuasive Conclusion.

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