Step by Step Guide on How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Step by Step Guide on How to Write an Argumentative Essay

How to Write an Argumentative Essay- the Step by Step process

An argumentative essay is a type of essay which is meant to provide an argumentative display of two opposing sides on a given topic. This type of write up is required to be supported with evidence and proof to credit the ideologies mentioned in the essay. For example, an argumentative essay on the topic- ‘Smoking must be banned in countries like India’, needs to be written with required statistics and proofs which state that smoking is fatal for the health of human beings. The student will have to research the advantages and disadvantages of banning smoking in India. It should be kept in mind that though, thesis statement will support one side of the idea, the argumentative essay is written to highlight both views of the topic. The main bedrock of an argumentative essay is that all the opinions provided are presented with accurate facts and proofs.

Following answer the question, How to write an argumentative essay step by step

How to start an argumentative essay

A good start of an argumentative essay should begin with a good introduction about the topic. The beginning statement can revolve around a famous quote or saying by a famous personality. In other words, it should have a good opening statement. The essence of the essay should be kept alive from the very beginning of the essay and maintained throughout its length.

Also, the first paragraph of the essay should provide a brief background about the topic, so as to introduce the reader with the facts of the subject in concern. It should also throw light on some intriguing information, so as to catch the attention of the reader. Additionally, the introduction should not entail all the points of the article, it should only give the idea, what the argumentative essay is about.

Thesis statement

This is the most crucial part of the argumentative essay. In the thesis statement, it is highly pertinent to discuss the significant idea and stand for the essay, which the student is going to take under discussion. It gives a road map to the argumentative essay outline or in other words, it highlights the idea that the reader can expect from the whole essay.

In the process of writing, considerable time should be invested in ideating the thesis statement, taking into account the complexity involved in drafting the same. Also, the thesis statement of an argumentative essay is highly important as it forms the center point of the entire essay, around which the write- up revolves. The research work for the evidence should also be done, side by side as it helps the student to state a strong thesis statement from the beginning only.

Body paragraphs

There should be around 2-3 body paragraphs highlighting the points of both side arguments. Generally, one strong point should be mentioned in paragraph, supported by its sub points and the evidence to support the content. It also helps to enhance the quality of arguments, and helps the reader to form a better understanding of the view- points mentioned by the writer. Also, to add more convenience to the writing procedure, the student can write down the ideas in a rough draft as a result of brainstorming activity. This assures the student of not losing any valuable point, he must have thought during the conceptualization part.

Following is the structure that should be followed while drafting each paragraph of the argumentative essay.

  • Include a topic sentence Topic sentence is the line which talks about the main point of the paragraph. Building a topic sentence will help the student to strengthen the base of his essay and give a clear message to the reader, what the paragraph is going to talk about. Also, it should be very simple and straightforward works and must appropriately present the idea right in front of the readers.
  • Explaining the topic sentences Here comes the sub- points or the supporting lines, which explains the topic sentence in a descriptive manner. These points are highly important to be mentioned in a connective way, so that the reader does not feel lost or misguided in any way. Moreover, the mention of facts and proofs are critical for the creation of a trustworthy argumentative essay, as they help the writer to gain confidence of the reader.
  • Giving the proof The proofs and evidence should be provided to support the claims made in the paragraph. The evidence can be statistics, figures, quotations, or general IQ examples. The credential presented should be properly defined and written in a cohesive manner to give a continuity to the write up.
  • Insert a closing sentence This is optional, the student can either present a paragraph with a defining conclusion or can give an example as mentioned in the above point.

Write a strong conclusion of the argumentative essay

The answer to the question of how to write an argumentative essay step by step, is incomplete without the mention of a concluding paragraph. A conclusion mirrored from the thesis statement is actually apt for giving an assertive look to the writer's viewpoint in an argumentative essay. Additionally, the conclusion must be logical and should create an authentic expression on the mind of the reader. Furthermore, it should always be taken care that while writing a conclusion for an argumentative essay, no new information should be added to the concluding paragraph.

Writing the references

This lists the mention of the references or the sources used for writing down the argumentative essay. It acts as an additional proof of the information mentioned in the whole argumentative essay and again certifies the facts written in it.

Thus, by following the above stated descriptive points, a student can easily draft his argumentative essay with a distinctive impact on the readers of the essay.

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