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Step by Step Guide on How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Key Tips on How to Write an Argumentative Essay Step by Step

An argumentative essay is a type of essay that displays evidences and proofs to support the arguments of an idea. Let’s take an example: “Smoking must be banned in countries like India.” This essay needs to be supported by the required evidences and proofs. You will have to explore the benefits and advantages of banning smoking in India. It should be kept in mind that if you are taking one side of an issue, you will have to ratify the contrary side too. The main bedrock of an argumentative essay is that all the opinions provided should be accompanied by accurate facts and proofs.

In order to know how to write an argumentative essay step by step, there are various footsteps that need to be followed. Take a look:

How to write an argumentative essay step by step

1. Introduction- A good essay starter will be to resume the essay with a good hook of the essay. Also, the hook can be in the form of a famous quote or saying by a famous personality. In other words, it should have a good opening statement. We can take examples of lawyers at the time of fighting for a case; how they put forth their arguments at hand, tell about the background in a meaningful and a logical way. After deciding about the hook, the thesis statement should be formulated. This is the essence of an essay. Apparently, it shows your stand and belief that what stand you are taking. The stand can be against the arguments of the reader. For example- if the tutor assigns you a topic, you can make a thesis on it “The U.S must be restructured as it is currently not capable of avoiding wars”. Make sure the rest of your essay explains and includes all the relevant facts and evidences related to your thesis statement. Also, the introduction should not include all the arguments and analysis but should only mentioning the main facts.

2. Thesis statement- In the thesis statement, it is very pertinent to discuss the significant idea and stand for the essay you are taking under discussion. It is called as the road map for the paper; in other words, it can be said that what the reader can expect from the whole essay to make a thesis statement is very complex thinking process. Once the thinking is done then you will be collecting the claims and statistics top to support your arguments. Deliberately, it will help in deriving the ‘working thesis’ before you.

3. Body paragraphs- A substantial body paragraph always includes the ideas that will bolster your thesis statement. It will also enhance your quality of arguments, but if you are not clear how to craft the body paragraph, try the following steps:

a. Include a topic sentence- Building a topic sentence will strengthen the thesis of your essay thereby increasing the coherence of the whole essay. Also, think of putting a keyword in the sentences. Be subtle rather than using heavy words. Do remember that the sentences and words should establish a relationship with each other.

b. Explaining the topic sentences- It is crucial to add the description of the topic sentences in order to enhance the relevancy of your facts and ideas.

c. Giving the proof- The proofs and evidences should be provided to support your claims made in the paragraph. The evidences can be statistics, figures, quotations, or general IQ examples. Reasons and causes asserted for your arguments should be properly defined.

d. Insert a closing sentence- Enter the closing sentence to reassert the argument as a whole.

4. Advertence and references- References and adverts regarding the “Bibliography” and the works cited or references which means you will have to list all the resource material that you have consulted while preparing your essay.

5. Write a strong conclusion of the essay- An appealing conclusion can give the most immediate and prompt response from the writer. The conclusion must be logical and should create an authentic expression to the reader of the essay. The new information should never be added to the conclusion paragraph.

Now we will see how to plan a draft of a convincing essay.There are a few steps that need to be considered to formulate the compelling draft for a persuasive essay.

1. Having a clear view about the purpose of the essay- Knowing about the main purpose and objective of an argumentative essay is very important as on it the whole essay meaning would be based on. If you are a beginner of how to write an argumentative essay step by step, you will have to be sure that you have the needed arguments and support proofs to write an argumentative essay.

2. Always chose a topic that is based on the current issue- There should be some points to be kept in mind while choosing an argumentative essay topic. Make sure it is related to the latest issue or headlines or it should be interesting enough for the reader. Moreover, you should find a topic that interests you. You would be able to express more excellent views for an interesting topic.

3. Structure of the essay- Everything depends on the structure like the introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, conclusion and supportive arguments, and proofs. Each and everything should be in proper format and structure. Only then the objective and purpose of the essay would be clear and understandable to the reader.

4. Information allocated in the essay should be reliable- If you really want to get good grades for the content you have written in the essay, you will have to gather the knowledge and facts from the reliable sources. For example-books, journals, magazines etc.

All the given tips must be kept in mind as it solves the query of, “How to write an argumentative essay step by step”. This further helps the students to know the steps involved and work accordingly.

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