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Details about Woolworth's company and operations

This article provides the information regarding Woolworth supermarket located in Australia. The article provides different types of information regarding Woolworth such as company background, current operations, ownership and facts. In addition to this, the future strategy of the organization is also elaborated in the article that will help company in achieving all the business...


Morale types and factors that affect Employee morale

ContentsWhat is morale?Group and individual moraleHigh and low moraleMotivation related to moraleProductivity related to moraleHere are some factors that affect the morale of the employees:OrganizationType of workSatisfaction level of the employeesSupervision level at workSelf-conception of the employees...


International Business and factors that impact it

This article talks about the concept of international business and operational definition of multinationals in the same sphere. Further the factors affecting the international business are discussed with the example of an MNC called Woolworths International. The external factors affecting the international business of the respective company are explained using various analysis...


Five entry mode strategies of International market

In this article, the discussion regarding international market entry strategy is done. The article provides detailed knowledge regarding international market entry strategy is given. In addition to this, different modes of entry such as direct exporting, licensing, franchising, partnering and joint venture are also described in this article along with the advantages of selectin...


Control Management- its limitations and Profect features

Every organisation is run with a set of rules and regulations, which helps it keep moving with a definite pace. Alongside some control measures are also required to keep a check on the execution of the respective rules. These control measures are carried out in a highly systematic manner, which comes under the term of control management. Further organisations around the world a...


Application Software, its purpose, examples, types and difference

The content of the article focuses on Application Software which is a type of software program that is designed to perform a specific task. The primary motive of an Application Software is to provide convenience to its users for carrying out their specific task. These computer programs are also known as end-user programs because they are primarily developed for assisting users...


Learn how to be a CEO and along with its advantages and disadvantages.

This article is helpful to learn about methods and techniques that how to be a CEO. Along with this, several advantages and disadvantages of being CEO is also elaborated in this article. This article is very helpful for understanding the roles and responsibilities of CEO in the organization. Some steps are also highlighted in this article that could help CEO in becoming success...


Importance of Reward System in HRM

In every business organisation, Hr is an important function so that they can satisfy the customers by fulfilling their needs. there may be many ways through which they provide satisfaction to the customers and reward system is one of such ways. Reward system in an organisation is a set of procedures through which the management control the behaviour of employees at work. This s...


Study on Object Oriented Programming

This article defines the concept of OOPs. This write up carries out a discussion on the importance and aim of using OOPs, as a programming language. It includes various concepts such as abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and many more. Moreover, OOPs concepts in Java mainly work by letting the programmers create different components, which could be re- used i...


Compensation Management, its importance and relation with HRM

The present article talks about the concept of compensation management in human resource management. There is detailed discussion on the term compensation in generic and HR management. The compensation management not only includes management of the basic pay of employees but also includes management of various other components of compensation management. Duties and responsibili...