Articles on Research and Case Studies on Management & IT

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Database & Centralised, Decentralised and distributed systems

Database in its basic terminology is the collection of data which is managed by a database management system. A DBMS can be described as a powerful software or a tool which eases out a lot of work for a database administrator. In this all the data can be easily manipulated and managed. Thus, enhancing the performance of the system by a generous margin. This is the reason why DB...


A brief on CAPM, Its Advantages and Disadvantages

This meticulous article elucidates on the concept of Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is linked to the relationship between investments in security and expected returns from the investments. The article further highlights the various advantages and disadvantages pertaining to the incorporation of the Capital Asset Pricing Model.


6 different types of capital

The main focus of this article is on discussing the capital in business where capital refers to the financial assets. The article also provides the detailed knowledge regarding different types of capital such as financial capital, human capital, social capital, intellectual capital., reputational capital etc., which are very important to understand by the business organizations...


Marketing Analysis of Australian Hardware

The main agenda of this article is to enlighten the readers about various business aspects related to Australian Hardware. The article aims to discuss the history and business strategies followed by the company- Australian Hardware. The company was established to provide quality products to the customers in the country and it has various stores in Australia. Further, a discussi...


Steps to evaluate self with Johari Window

This article sheds light on the concept of Johari Window which is known to be a powerful tool for self-awareness and analysis of an individual’s traits and qualities. This model helps an individual self-evaluate his or her strengths, weaknesses and behavioral traits. This post delves deep into the modus operandi of utilization of Johari Window for enhancing the sense of s...


Woolworths 7 Ps of marketing mix and strategy analysis

The given study will represent various elements of marketing mix in any organisation by taking the example of Woolworths. A detailed discussion on market mix shows that it has seven major dimensions such as Products, place, price, promotion etc. and explanation of same provided the view on strategies adopted by the company for providing their products to the customers in a most...


Human Resource Practices Of Woolworth

This article is about Woolworths Group, which is the largest retail organization in Australia. In this article, the main focus is to define the human resource practices of Woolworths. Along with this, the roles and duties of human resources are also discussed in this article. The article provides the recruitment guide for Woolworths and some useful recommendations are also give...


Training needs and training programs at Woolworths Limited

This article talks about Woolworths and HR practices used in the organization. Some training related requirements at Woolworths are also discussed in this article, which would help the organization to enhance the HR practices appropriately. The discussion regarding training programs that are used in Woolworths is also given in this article.


PORTER'S FIVE FORCES MODEL analysis (Woolworths strategic changes)

The above analysis provides that every business needs to do industry analysis in order to know its current position and the future scenario. There are various tools of industry analysis but Five force model is most famous as it explains the competitive advantage and disadvantage to the companies by analyzing five factors related to industry. Further, the five force analysis of...


Importance and Description of PESTLE Analysis of Woolworths

PEST analysis is a measurement tool for evaluating markets for business or its products at a given time frame. PEST is an acronym for Political, Economic, Social, and Technological. They are important factors for business and have to be analyzed for better business decisions. Here, we would be talking about all these factors considered by Woolworths Limited and its subsidiaries...

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