Articles on Research and Case Studies on Management & IT

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Management Information Systems and its types

Management Information Systems is certainly an important aspect for the righteous growth of an organisation. It helps the company adopt the right methodologies and stay updated with respect to technology. Also each type of MIS has different uses. Further there are few challenges also, which MIS users face. This article describes them all, the advantages, types, challenges and e...


Walmart organisational structure and chart

This article is about Walmart organizational chart, which helps to gather the useful information regarding the organization and its overall structure. On the basis of prior information about the organizational structure, hierarchy analysis of the organization is also elaborated in the article. The overall organizational structure of Walmart is clearly elaborated in the article...


Meeting, its types and Purposes

In every business organization, meetings are held to take major decisions but these meetings are not held as per the business but as per strict regulations and laws. The given report discussed that meetings are a process to interact with other to have uniform solution of a problem. There are many types of meetings which may be formal or informal and an organization held meeting...


Total Quality Management & TQM Analysis of Apple Inc

Apple is one of the most popular brands of the world when it comes to consumer electronics, verticals of computer software, and a host of online services. This well-researched article lays emphasis on a total quality management analysis of Apple taking into account the background, vision, and mission of the company. Furthermore, the quality management analysis of Apple in this...


A complete introduction to communication protocols

The increasing need of a safe and secure data transmission has given rise to the importance to understand communication protocols. Moreover, the proper identification of the type and rules, allows the user or an organisation to generate even better results. Also, the right understanding is important due to the variation in the types of communication protocols. This article prov...


Networked Organisation- Its importance

HRM (Human Resource Management) refers to the management of people working in an organization. It plays an essential role in an organization to hire the required resources for an organization. In addition, networked business is defined as a commercial interconnected system of individuals in an organization. This article provides information regarding different challenges and im...


Kmart supply chain analysis

This article elaborates the concept of supply chain analysis for Kmart, which is a famous retail organization in Australia. The supply chain model used by the organization is also elaborated, including other important information such as design and order administration, sourcing and manufacturing, suppliers of Kmart, retailing, distribution, merchandising etc. The main risks th...


Business Strategic Analysis of Coles

This article puts forth the findings and inferences of a meticulous and detailed strategic analysis of Coles, one of the largest and oldest supermarket retail chains in Australia. Along with Woolworths, Coles is a part of the duopoly that is present in Australia’s supermarket retail industry. This article presents an account of Coles’ history, its operations, busine...


Coca Cola external environment analysis through PESTLE tool.

The article talks about Coca- Cola, which is a carbonated soft drink company founded in 1886. The environmental analysis is done in this article with the use of PESTLE analysis with which different environmental factors are discussed, including political factors, economic factors, social factors, technological factors, legal factors, and environmental factors.


British Airways aim, objectives & stakeholders Analysis

This article talks about British Airways in which complete information regarding its business is given. Along with this, the information regarding the aim and objective of British Airways is also discussed in a clear manner. The article also includes stakeholder analysis in which information regarding stakeholder and their impact on the organization is elaborated. At the end of...

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